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  1. Thanks for that. Local bodyshop says £1k to repair, so I really need to get a value for sale "as-is" and balance that against a sale price when repaired.
  2. Hi, A bit of help/advice, please. Lost my T Sport on sheet ice a few days ago, and wondering if it's worth repairing. It's a late 2001 registration, in little more than fair to reasonable condition for its' year. Owned it for nearly 2 years, and it's been very reliable. Everything works. Approx 123k mileage; a few minor dents and scratches. I'd appreciate advice as follows: Q1: what would it be worth in a private sale once repaired ? Q2: what might it fetch as a non-runner ? Accident damage is limited to front nearside, needing a front valance, wing, headlight, fog/driving lamp. Bonnet, radiator grille and nearside door are fine. Drove it home afterwards (gently) and seems fine mechanically. Thanks.
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