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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday bags!

  2. The rear left window motor is more than sufficient owing to the gearing that holds the window. the rear window is heavier there is no denying that, however the gearing increase on the rear window when compared to the rear door is proportionate to the wieght increase, significant. I replaced my rear window motor with the rear door motor 6 years ago and it hasn't missed a beat. I live, work and play in an extremely dusty environment, I open and shut my rear window no less than 15 times a day, every day. if it fails tommorow I would do the same again.
  3. Once you have the codes posts them as someone is bound to know which one is which and how to get rid. once you do have those codes disconnect the battery or in my case batteries to rest computer.
  4. right, so here is what you do. find the OBD(on board diagnostic) plug, on my 94 it is in the engine bay on the left hand side of car next to the air filter. it is grey in colour, and a little bigger than a match box. take the cover off and look inside, it should depict the E1 and TE1 ports(2-3mm in size). get a piece of wireand connect the two ports, go into the car, turn the key onto accessory, the O/D and/or engine check light will begin to flash. it will flash slowly the faster, count the slow flashes and then the fast it denotes a numbered code. you may get several codes. watch the clip on
  5. Most auto shops sell a pocket, in NZ we have Repco and Supercheap. failing your local truty supplier search automotive audio specialists and see if they stock them
  6. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zn_0iw1_dY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuZVdypb5m4&list=PLQa-oKCaFoI6Fcwj5IOn-ph-MlX9-6nin&index=2
  7. Yota NZ said it is either the AT temp sensor fault or and ECU fault
  8. just jumped the E1 and TE1 pins on OBD and got a fault code 42 and 38. I know about the 42 but can't find what 38 is. on another note, search youtube for Matt Watson ultimate fishing hilux Willie Apiata VC ultimate hunting hilux
  9. I feel your pain, I love my 1kz and ongoing maintenance fills more and more spare time. I would start with the stalk the button is on and ensure that the insulation on the wires is sound. I wouldn't mind betting that some wiring has rubbed on something allowing current to pass through poor insulation when the button is depressed completing a circuit and causing a short. remember the button is on a moving part(wiper stalk) which also means wear and tare. the exposed wire is probably shorting the dash lights when the fluid is despensed. I would go to a parts wrecker and just get a replacement w
  10. Install a fuel pre heater and a battery with 800 CCA or over, omf won't be an issue
  11. Do you have a fuel pre warmer? there should be a fuse for it under the bonnet.
  12. Gidday, for tail gate issue get the rear left window motor it is the same and for some reason cheaper than a tailgate motor. As for the intermitant functioning of front left window, have you swapped the switch out? If not do that.
  13. give new filters a shot, it may be starving of fuel or air and cutting out
  14. Dude, sounds electrical a bad earth on/or faulty break sensor maybe. sorry can't be more help
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