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  1. Hi everyone, Just wanted to ask a question about the clutch and waterpump on the Aygo. I have read that the clutch update was in 2009 to a bigger design and that there was an improved waterpump fitted. My question is how can you tell if you're car has been fitted with the updates? Is there a VIN start point or something or a mark or number on the waterpump? I only ask because isn't there a chance that you could have a 2008 model Aygo that is registered later in 2009 and then inherit the above problems but think the car would be ok and covered by the upgrades? I am looking to buy an Aygo but am
  2. Hi everyone, just found this site as I am hoping to get an Aygo soon. Looking for a small car, cheap on fuel and tax and the Agyo ticks all boxes! Cam on here to check out the facts on the cars.
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums crashinghurts :)

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