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  1. Many thanks Fizz, Here is an except of a post in a thread that Ben started on the MR2OC. The link to the thread is also below if you wish to read the whole thing. http://www.mr2oc.co.uk/ForumsPro/viewtopic...5/start=15.html As an update, I have recieved an email from Ben's mother informing me that Ben is out of the country and as such is unable to comment at present. ...I don't think I'll hold my breath waiting for a reply. EarL.
  2. JJ, You're obviously a valued and trusted member on here, so I would ask you this? If Ben IS a friend of yours, and you care for him as much as you say, please contact him and tell him to get in contact with me. Or at the very least, get him to tell YOU the truth. At least that way you'll be fully informed. I consider myself to be a trusting person, who tries to see the best in people, but in this case, I was duped and taken advantage of. If you can't see that then you are either blinkered or not able to read. The facts are there for EVERYONE to see, and furthermore, ANYONE is welcome to come and check the car out for themselves. Ben, and indeed, Ben's mother Gina have collaborated in this, and have purposely decieved me in order to get rid of a car that was known to themselves to have engine troubles. How would you feel if it was you had exchanged you car for it? I really do admire anyone that "sticks up for their friends", It's an amicable quality, but when your friends are taking advantage of your good nature, should you really call them friends? EarL.
  3. My 465bhp MR2 is for sale... I've owned the car for several years now, and as some of you have seen, spent a small mortgage on it, but the time has come for it to go. I'll be sad to sell it, but needs must, and I feel the time for a little more practicality has come. I have recently got engaged, and have a new family to consider. An Mr2 like mine is a complete indulgence, and one that I have had the pleasure of for some time, but my new family comes first. The car is presently utilising a single Walbro fuel pump, Wolfkatz fuel rail and 1000cc injectors. It has recently been fitted with a 4 bar map sensor to allow boost levels of beyond 2 bar, but for higher levels than 1 bar to be reached, a second fuel pump and swirl pot need to be fitted. With this system, 2.2 bar of boost is a reality. This should see the motor make well over 600+ bhp on C16 race fuel. Current power output: 465 fwhp @ 7200 360 ft/lb @ 5200 Both the figures above were at just 1 bar of boost (on Tesco 99 octane fuel). At this stage, the car has performed the following on the 1/4 mile: Officially recorded: 12.44 @ 111 Unofficial unrecorded: 11.96 @121 Both the above times were performed using Toyo T1-R road tyres deflated to 10psi. The car is definately capable of low 11's, possibly even 10's. The dyno readout was taken when the older GT3071 turbo and 870cc injectors were fitted. It has since been fitted with a GT3582R and 1000cc injectors, and re-mapped by Dave Rowe. The spec of the car is shown below. Short Block Assembly JE 86mm forged pistons Eagle H beam con rods Standard 3S-GTE crankshaft (Nitrided, reground & balanced) Clevite 77 race bearings (Big End) Clevite 77 race bearings (Mains) Clevite 77 race bearings (Thrust) ARP head studs High flow oil pump High flow water pump TRD oil filter Front engine mount poly inserts Cylinder Head Modified Rev 2 cylinder head (ported & flowed by Mick Gain) Ferrea 1mm oversize inlet & exhaust valves Cometic 1.2 mm head gasket Piper 264 cams (inlet & exhaust) Piper valve spring collars Modified lifters Fidanza vernier cam gears HKS 3S-GTE Valve Springs Kevlar cam belt Intake/Exhaust APEX'i 4 inch Power Intake TB Developments/Garrett GT3582R turbo (.63 ar exhaust) ATS Racing stainless downpipe Tial 46mm external wategate Ross Machine Racing inlet manifold HKS Super Sequential BOV Berk Technology Exhaust Fuel System Delphi 96lb/hr 1000cc top feed injectors Wolfkatz top feed fuel rail Walbro 255lts/hr in-tank performance fuel pump Ignition Magnecor KV85 ignition leads Motec M400 Pro ECU with launch control & data logging facility Mapping by Dave Rowe of MoTeC Europe Clutch/Transmission Gear linkage roller bearing bushes Revision 2 transmission with TRD plate type LSD SPEC 480ft/LBS clutch Fidanza alloy flywheel ARP flywheel bolts Cooling Radtech/Rogue charge cooler Revision6 engine bay dual cooling fan kit Samco hose kit TRD coolant cap TRD thermostat Misc GReddy oil catch tank Silkolene Pro S 10 w 50 engine oil Air conditioning unit removed Chassis Polyflex Bushes - Everywhere! Revision 3 Rear Subframe TB Developments Front & Rear Anti Roll Bars Tein Type Flex Coilover Suspension with EDFC Tein Pillowball Top Mounts Tein Adjustable Drop Links Cusco Front & Rear Strut Braces Braking HiSpec 335mm Drilled/Grooved Big brake conversion (F & R) HiSpec 4 Pot Monster Billet Front Calipers Revision 2 Rear Calipers on HiSpec/AM Tuning Designed Brace plates Goodrich Braided Hoses Throughout Wheels Wheels - SSR Professor SP1 Wheels Front: 7.5J x 17 Rear: 8.5J x 17 Tyres Toyo T-1R Front: 215x40x17 Rear: 255x40x17 Bodywork Border Front Bumper Border Carbon Vented Bonnet Aerocatch Bonnet Catches Phoenix Power Carbon Engine Cover Ask Sport Carbon Trunk Lid Carbon T-Bar Glass Replacement Panels Pow-R 140mm Carbon GT Wing Toms Side Skirts Phoenix Power Rear Spats Interior MR2Eddy Custom 60mm 3 Gauge Pillar Pod GReddy 60mm Wideband A/F Gauge GReddy 60mm Oil Temp Gauge GReddy 60mm EGT Gauge Tein EDFC Control Paul Port 45mm Boost Gauge (with peak hold function) Momo Race Steering Wheel TRD Gear Knob Well in excess of £30k has been spent on this car (by the time the new fuel system is fitted, it will near £40k), and it's performance is as can be expected from a vehicle so extensively modified... ...Brutal! Dave Rowe of MoTeC commented the last time the car was mapped, "It's not even trying yet..." £11K, or a part exchange with a 1998+ Honda Intagra DC2 (plus cash). PM me for details. Now advertised on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...bayphotohosting EarL.
  4. hhmmm, I might leave it then :) :P If you're after a quick MR2, mine's for sale... ;) eBay Link Pistonheads Link EarL.
  5. Cool. B) You won't want to know that old Rex after you've driven your deuce with a real motor in it mate. ;) EarL.
  6. Looks good the way it is Jim. Real performance cars have that tatty edge to them. ;) Looks a fair bit like mine now... Whats been done to the motor mate? EarL.
  7. What's prompted that Jim? Welcome back to the fold none the less mate. EarL.
  8. I like it. I'd like to own it... ...something to burn on a nice winters night. ;)
  9. You do, but it's most welcome mate. ;)
  10. Most idle problems are caused by vacuum leaks after the throttle body. Check all hoses and pipes on the inlet manifold. EarL.
  11. EarL

    Mr2 Rear Badges

    Rear ones are just stuck on mate. EarL.
  12. EarL

    Trd Spoiler..

    Here ya go mate. Here's a pic of my mate's MR2 with a TRD spoiler on. Better still, here's mine... Stuff the TRD!
  13. C'mon guys, this is cheap as chips!
  14. Greddy Profec e-01 Electronic boost controller Used for around 6 months. No longer needed, as the MoTeC is controlling the boost. http://www.thor-racing.co.uk/GReddy_Profec...-GDY__PFE01.asp GReddy's new super multi-tasker is the PRofec e-01 designed as a combination boost-controller, data display / logger and e-manage programmer. The e-01 can provide superior boost response, increased boost, warning meter functions, 3 channel data-logging and access to all the programming features provided with the latest e-manage support tool. Even when used as a boost controller only, the e-01 has features to smooth out the boost curve. With both an auto and manual setting for both external and actuator style wastegates, the new PRofec can alter its new compact, high capacity solenoid valve via various RPM ranges. The large LCD screen with green electro-luminescent backlighting is easy to see. Other standard features include two preset boost levels, a timed over-take boost. The data display can view 3 different data channels simultaneously such as boost, RPM or any other channel input by the e-manage. The data can be logged up for 3 hours on an SD card while also giving warning set points and peak and hold values. Normally retails for over £450!! £250 + Delivery EarL.
  15. try going to the challenges then drift mountains and its the silver medal ur mr2 is there :D Yay! Found it. shame it's an N/A, but there ya go... Drifts like a beast too! EarL.