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  1. Hi, I have Prius+ with Touch&Go system. I have paired it with my Nokia Lumia 820 (WP8) phone. Basically it works fine, all features supported with Windows phone are working OK. But there is one annoying feature, which I cannot get rid of. When I 'boot' my Prius+, the audio system starts also, but if/when I have Bluetooth active in my phone, it automatically starts playing music from my phone over bluetooth. This happens even if I had been listening to Radio last time when I was driving - so BT Audio shouldn't be the media that was in use last time. It also happens even if I have disconnect
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums JaroL :)

    1. JaroL


      Thanks Steve,

      Here in Finland seems not to Be any good forum, Where Would be useful discussions about practical issues With Prius models and e.g Touch&Go System.

      Your forum seems to have lots of content and good answers to questions.



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