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  1. Hi there, I imported my mr2 this year and I'm now looking into import a toyota Verso to the uk. but before i start looking at cars etc etc, is there a model report for a toyota verso if not is there anywhere i can see what model reports are currently available cheers everyone
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    unless its a fake gts? all gts's come with steerable fogs, half leather interieor aswell etc although abs is not always a good thing...alot of people think it gives u a shorter braking distance when infact all abs deos is enable you to steer while braking
  3. Having owned a rev 3 tubby for just short of 2 years and driven both an Auto and Manual TT soop I cna honestly say that the MR2 is more 'fun' to drive. The soop is great for cruising and mid to top end speeds but you dont get the rush or the kick that a tubby gives you in the back of your neck as you come on boost. At brunters my mate who came along with me was lucky enough to jump into the Skunk supra which was pushing 400bhp+ according to the owner. One he had come back off the track he said to me that it didnt 'feel' much quicker than my MR2 but when he looked down he was hitting 120mph round a bend where i could only hit 95. They are totally different cars and personally I think the mk4 soop is a barge! It felt very heavy aroud corners when i drove it and the turbo were very very smooth and progressive which is totally opposite to the tubby. Im sure i aint helped you one bit and all these opinions are solely mine from what i have encountered and not just speculated. and what about the general running costs? i dont struggle to run a tubby...but then im not sure how much an impact 19mpg will effect me lol...i do drive alot and it will be my only car
  4. what about the mk4's thats the ones im looking at buying? how do they drive compared to the mr2?
  5. just got an insurance quote for £615 for a supra TT import with bell insurance how much more will running costs be over my tubby? and mpg? cheers jon
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    hey all i got 16 inch alloys 7inch wide on the front and 8 on the rears....what size tyres are best? the guy at the tyre shop said that bfg goodrich tyres are better than the toyos and goodyear f1s??
  7. i dont like undercar neons, i think they look chavish and cheap and draws the wrong attention personaly, but each to there own otherwise we would all be driving eco friendly 1.1 nissan mircas or electic cars
  8. naa keep the black bonnet, very nice car,
  9. dont take this as gospel, he gets a few things wrong, im not if its because hes trying to simplyfy it or he dont fully understand what hes talking about, he contradicts himself a few times too...infact it started to bug me when i read it http://www.max-boost.co.uk/max-boost/index.htm but there are a few things that are helpfull
  10. every one forgets we get heated mirrors!!
  11. try the bushes, u can get a set on ebay for a score that are made of brass and dont perish, i had a smiliar probley and that sorted it out a treat
  12. i reakon u should get a panel filter and modify the box so it is less restrictive and get some bigger pipes to feed it from vent
  13. hey all, im goin afganistan in the next 2weeks, and the day i get back home im goin to trade in my car and get a rev3 tubby, anyone know a good importers or companys that deal with jap cars, distance is not to much of a problem if its worth the drive, around 100 to 200 miles from essex preferbely one with trade in. so i can trade my na in
  14. your best bet mate, ditch the bird she should not give ultimatums like that, thats not fair...plus relationships are overblown neway ive not had a long term bird in 3/4 years by choice im far happier no arguments no one telling me what they think i should be doing (not that i ever listerned to them), just sh*g around its the best way. the pro's of a bird regular s*x - well sometimes get to buy them sexy underwear to wear for u cons of a bird moan 24/7 try to change you jelous of u goin out and seeing mates make u do girly things they never forget anything u do wrong or arguments or things u said drasticaly reduce your bank balance talk about crap 24 7 theres alot more but i cant think of em
  15. speak to rouge systems mate, firstly u have to deal with the the compression ratio, as the na has a higher compression compared to turbo engines, you will need to !Removed! the timing on your na too and also something to do with needing a air flow meter or something, be alot cheeper and easier to get hold off an engine, im converting my car after xmas, my mate said why dont u sell it and buy a tubby...no coss the hassle of finding a good turbo, selling mine or gettin a crap price by tradding it in. and modifications ive done to it etc etc etc
  16. far to much words and no pictures...any one want to sum it up in one sentance for me please?
  17. leeky put neither in the fridge...put carlsberg special brew init :)
  18. jdbecks


    naa bibbs a propper convertable aint better...coss when i pick my nose in my tbar not many people can see....with the roof off every one will see me picking a winner!!
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    Kits Here !

    looks the nuts mates! well impressed
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    i got a tbar!! nothing better! fresh air...noise of the engine and when u go through a tunnel!!! corrr!!! ive noticed it slightly slower with the roof off..but no big deal
  21. if thats the case...must be an excuss for fitting two bigger turbos...i think ill go for the supra..but thanks neway, got a year to decide lol
  22. hey all, i was thinking for my next car getting, a 300zx tt or supra tt! would like to know what the zeds are like to a supra, i would hate regreting buying a zed! if it brakes down alot etc...but i have always loved supras! cheers jon
  23. ha! no i def was not speeding, and it could not of been no on coming taffic its was a 3lane road..no other cars around me....tho if i get a notice claiming my speed i will scan it and post it for a laugh...will be amusing....
  24. hey all i was up the a3 by kingston, in a 40 limit, i was doing just over 35 no more than 38 i went through the camera n it flashed!!??? any one had a smiliar thing happen? my speedo aint out or nothing..just really wired!!!
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