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  1. Hello Jacky Since the engine was modified around 2010 there has not been many reports of problems with them. The items modified are the pistons and rings, head gasket and the EGR. What is the problem you are having? Is it lack of power or is it increase in fuel consumption how many kilometres has your car covered. regards Keith
  2. I changed all the transmission fluids in my previous RAV and got them my dealer. I had to order them and when I collected they gave me GL5 80/90 for transfer and back axle. I queried this as there is a sticker on the transfer box saying to use 85/90. The parts guy brought their gearbox man who told me that using 85/90 made them whine and mine had a slight whine which stopped after I changed the oil. Hope it helps. Keith
  3. That’s the same as the UK specification.
  4. Has the gearbox oil been changed recently, the gear change on mine got better when I changed it at around 60k miles on my previous RAV. I never had vibrations or shaking. My newer model has a better gear change but has only 38k miles. With these boxes they have to have the correct grade of oil and in UK it is not changed as part of the service schedule.
  5. They all do it. It’s been put down to the size difference between first and second gears. Keith
  6. Not many on here will have tackled jobs like this Justin, however there was a chap who did this job but I think it was on an avensis. People also come and go and he may not come back but if you find him and pm him you may get some more info. Regards Keith
  7. Others on here will know more but I think it it would need to be serviced at a toyota dealers before you can get a warranty. Mine is still under its 5 year warranty so it’s straight forward.
  8. If you know the registration number, your local toyota dealer should be able to tell you if the engine has been changed. I took out an extended warranty on mine which covers me for a further 2 years and includes Toyota assistance.
  9. I have had 2 RAVs now with this engine (150 bhp) and the redesigned egr is not a problem in fact it should not be cleaned. If you go for it use quality fuels and oils ( not supermarket) and get a good warranty as Toyota prices are horrendous. I took a Toyota extended warranty out on mine for peace of mind My 59 plate never let me down and was a great car. My newer 13 plate Icon is a far better ride and a better car all round in my opinion.
  10. Cold weather plays havoc I find. The engine management system increases the tick over rate until the engine warms up or it’s 10 degrees outside.
  11. No contradiction at all. I said the hybrid didn’t get s good review but my 4.4 Icon towed very well. My car is a 2.2 Diesel not a hybrid.
  12. I had a 59 plate xtr with the 150 engine and that one didn’t have a dpf or the fifth injector. My brother had an 11 plate xtr with the facelift front and that one did have a dpf and the fifth injector. I think around that time the EU mandated that all diesels had to have s dpf. Glad your sorted with your engine, on hearing your woes I bought a 2 year extended warranty for my 13 plate Icon which starts April 18 when the 5 year warranty runs out.
  13. In the uk we celebrate Guy Fawkes day on November 5. Maybe people have been away from the forum.
  14. I had a 2009 RAV with the 150 bhp engine. I traded it earlier this year with 85 k on the clock and apart from a battery, services and tyres it never cost me a penny. Never let me down.
  15. Not finding this problem with my RAV, it’s done 34k on its original duelers. The fronts are down to about 3 mm and the rears about 5mm. Car is a 2.2 diesel 4.4 Icon. As for reliability of the engine as per your other post. I have just taken out a Toyota extended warranty to start next April when the 5 year warranty runs out. Cost was £540 and includes 2 years breakdown cover. It’s the same cover you get with a new car.
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