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  1. I own a 96 Lucida. About 2 years ago the overdrive light began flashing slowly (after about 3 minutes of driving). Every thing ran fine so I ignored it. The overdrive switch also wouldn't turn the light on and off like it is supposed to. For three weeks now it will not shift into overdrive. I took the covers off of the steering column and found that the wires coming down from the overdrive switch were severed. I repaired them and now the light coming on as it should. I disconnected the battery terminal to reset the codes and took it for e test drive. The overdrive light no long flashes
  2. Which forum should I use for Lucida overdrive questions? Thanks.
  3. I hope I've found a place that can help me. I own a 96 Lucida and have had trouble finding information online without speaking Japanese. Please let me know the right forum for lucida. Thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums petersboro :)

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