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  1. Hi guys thanks for getting back to me, celicas gone I'm afraid, needed a few jobs doing on her and she was costing a fortune to run but by far the best car I've had miss that vvti so much, thanks to help on here I found out the knock was indeed the belt tensioner piston, to keep her quiet I put a jubilee clip tight around the plastic casing on the piston, worked nicely was hardly noticeable but was still there. Again thanks for your replays if I ever get another yota I'll be back on, have fun n carry on cruising
  2. I know this has probably been covered 1000s of times but I've not found a definitive answer. When my car gets warm it starts to kind of knock/tick. It's coming from the belt side and seems to originate from the back. The oil is right level and I've lubed up the belts which seems to quieten it for a few seconds until I stop spraying the lube. The car pulls fine, idles fine, revs up fine doesn't over heat or make any other noises? My neighbour seems to think its the tappet but my old car wasn't that loud with a tappet and I think (correct me if im wrong) they are shims in the celica so they can'
  3. Thanks buddyis the spoiler aftermarket? Genuinely Never knew! The alloys are the one pet hate I have about this car why change from originals? as for insurance I've already declared them my old car was highly modified so to speak lol
  4. Toothpaste gods honest truth it works wonders couldn't believe it when I I'd mine last week
  5. Hi guys picked up my celica about a week ago but there's been abit of a debate about what model she is. According to insurance she's a 190bhp but my friends with celicas say its a 140 mainly because it has a vvti and not a vvtli engine. On logbook it says its an st coupe? Another thing that has me questioning what it is is the fact it has front and rear discs like a gts and a 6 speed gearbox? Any help would be appreciated lol
  6. Hi guys my names chris im 21I live in Bolton and I've just bought a 2000 celica for £600 lol. Looks immaculate had a few problems which I've corrected and she's now the best car I've ever driven. Anyway hope I can learn abit more about the car and get her running and looking the best she can
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Mr Mayoh :)

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