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  1. no, the car hasn't been recovered the police was informed within minutes of the car being stolen but they still haven't found it.. (3 months now)
  2. mods: if this is in wrong section, please help me remove it and put it in the right place.. 2007 TOYOTA YARIS SR STOLEN :@ :@ :@ PLEASE REPORT TO POLICE IF SEEN!!! LAST SEEN IN DAGENHAM!!
  3. Stance Daily holds a monthly Jap meet in Beckton, East London. There's currently a high attendance of Honda cars but we're slowly expanding so as long as it's Jap, you're welcome to come along... The meet takes place on the last saturday night of each month (8pm onwards). The meet will be held at the car park of Beckton Triangle Retail Park We will be parking in front of the Argos Car park. For the people who using a Sat Nav, the address is: Beckton Triangle Retail Park, 5 Claps Gate Ln, London, E6 6LH. Invite your friends, just make sure they don't act like tw*ts. We hope to see everybody there, and enjoy themselves. The car park is monitored by CCTV all around. Keep it clean, do not draw attention to yourself so no revving, hand braking, wheel spins, loud music, just simply NO STUPIDITY in the car park. ;) See you all there. For more information, check out our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/StanceDaily
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums mikey_t8 :)