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  1. Yes, it does work - I don't know about turning it off when it's icy - I found that if you are on an icy/snowy road & turn it off, you certainly slide about much more!
  2. Hi there - Well, it seemed to me that maybe one lamp coming on would be a true fault, but three at once seemed very odd. I thought that they all related to brake conditions, and there was common module/power feed or something along those lines. Also it came on very suddenly, so maybe a power loss? So I started on pulling each fuse out and used a meter as well as looking at them - fortunately I started with the fuse box in the bonnet and not the one inside the car. I am so pleased with the result, and maybe by posting on here it will help other members. Hope you had a good Christmas - it's a v
  3. I've posted this as a new topic as I put a query on for just handbrake & ABS lamps, but I saw the TRC light was on as well on my 56 registered Avensis 2.2 T180 D4D. Now fixed - I found that it was a 7.5 amp fuse in the long fusebox at the nearside of the bonnet. See pictures below - I've highlighted the fuse concerned. I'm well chuffed - I got an assorted pack of the fuses for £1.59 - a very reasonable price for the repair! I hope that this may help.
  4. So there I was this morning, just driving long, stopped at the lights, set off again & HEY - both the handbrake & ABS lights came on. My car is an Avensis T180 D4D 56 reg. I have one of the ELM 37 computer interface programmes & cable so when I got home, I set it all up, started the car & looked at the faults log - no faults shown! The lights both resolutely stay on - any ideas? There is the option of "system reset" on this software - so:- 1) Would that reset the ECU & clear the indicator lights? 2) Is doing a reset a good idea? Any help most gratefully received on this. (
  5. Good morning all, I did strip & clean the EGR valve just after I had the car serviced & the fuel & oil & filter changed - I did use a vacuum cleaner nozzle held up close against the top of the inlet manifld whilst I poked & removed the clogging carbon deposits round where it fitted to the EGR so that no bits got into the engine, but i didn't totally rmove the manifold to clean it. I'll see about getting an additive, but it struck me that I may have completely missed one vital item - Giacomo said earlier that he had found a split in a hose in the turbo "circuit" - I had a
  6. Hi Aidan - thanks for the idea. Yes I did lt the sensor dry out thoroughly - I had it indoors for a while whilst I was doing the photos. I like the idea of the injector cleaner additive - I haven't used any and it hadn't occurred to me. Are there any particular ones that you or others have tried & found were OK?
  7. Well I have to report that the cleaned MAFF sensor seems to have had no real effect - maybe a marginal improvement in pick up of speed, but probably my imagination. Giacomo - if your car has TRC there will be a button marked TRC on the right hand side of the dashboard in the little control panel next to where the mirror fold in/out button is, and the headlamp beam height adjustment is. Regards, Stompbox.
  8. Hi Giacomo - it's a Traction Control system fitted in the cars - stops your wheels skidding too much if it's icy/snowy.
  9. OK folks, well I've taken the MAFF sensor out & given it a clean with the electrical solvent/cleaner aerosol - it was really easy to get at - one plug and two pozi screws, so I'll see how it runs this weekend - I have to go up and down the M6 tomorrow so I will be able to tell if there has been an improvement. I have put some pics on of it for information as to where it is and what it looks like. There is a small sensor with two legs to a kind of "Blob" of what is now a dark tranparent plastic - it was covered in a thin carbon film before I cleaned it, and there are some wire filaments tha
  10. Thank you for the information - I do have some of the electrical contact cleaner that I got in an aerosol from Maplin for thoroughly cleaning contacts on something else. I'll have a look at this & get back with a report on how I get on - and if it does make a difference. Thanks again!
  11. Hi - just checking this topic as I have an '06 reg T180 2.2 D-4D and that is pretty sluggish until you get it to 2,200 revs then it takes off some and then as you get it up to 3000 revs it goes like crazy. You really do have to anticipate the poor start from a standstill up through the gears in 30mph areas (and even worse the 20mph zones all round here - good old Lancashire County Council!). I did wonder if it's a fault - I have no black smoke and I stripped & cleaned the EGR when I got the car a few months ago, plus I had new filters throughout & oil & filter change. Interesting t
  12. I've just got my Avensis D-4D D-Cat 2.2 with a W58832 radio/multi CD player (see photo). I've pretty well sorted it out now, and thanks for information from other owners who have answered various questions on this site. The Sat Nav uses the radio screen as the display - its not the one with a big pop up screen in the top of the dasboard , and it had various manuals etc. with it but none for the Sat Nav. I can turn it on & I've kept on pressing and trying knobs & buttons, it does work insofar as I can get information about the road I'm on and it shows up to date roadworks, traffic jams
  13. OK - thanks for the info. Do you know are these ok on 5W30 semi synthetic oil, or has it to be 0W30 fully synthetic?
  14. Cheers for that - yes - I got it repaired - loads of tread left & there is a great local tyre fitting shop that did it for £10. Now I've just put a new air filter in and am waiting for a new cabin/pollen filter to arrive - have been for a 90 mile round trip today in the sweltering heat, and it ran sweetly - and the re-charge aircon did a great job. Have been looking at the EGR valve with a view to taking it off & cleaning it - I did the same thing on my X type Jag & it made a HUGE improvement to the car's performance & fuel economy. The Avensis one looks pretty straightforward
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