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  1. Is that your way of saying it was a stupid question?
  2. It's recently occurred to me that when needing to pick up speed, e.g. moving away from a roundabout on a dual carriageway, I've had the habit of pressing the accelerator with the front part of my foot whilst my heel pretty much rests on the carpet, but that I can alternatively lift my heel up and apply more of a full press to the pedal. I haven't tried this too much yet but it does seem to deliver a bit more power although I'm wondering whether it might reduce my Aygo's mpg if I accelerate too rapidly when I don't need to. How do you press the accelerator when needing to pick up speed?
  3. Thanks, that clears that one up, I wondered why the manual said brake/tail light!
  4. I think I'm getting to the bottom of this now and have put together a list! The official kit contains one of each bulb except the WY5W (used for side indicators) - these are the amber version of the W5W used for side (parking) lights amongst others. Perhaps this doesn't matter. Another anomaly for me is which bulb type is used for the FRONT fog lamps - I would guess that they take the P21W. And another thing - why wouldn't the rear lower brake lights take the same as the reversing light, or have I made an error here? Description Code Size Qty required Bra
  5. Which replacement bulb kit should I buy for an 06 Aygo? Thanks.
  6. Any thoughts on sat nav apps for iPhones?
  7. Hi Frosty, really helpful, thanks. So the issue is around updates. However, are updates really that important? Are they mainly to take in the latest housing estate that's been built or road 'improvements' etc? So effectively a sat nav without updates applied would still work but would be like using an old Ordnance Survey map for instance? Or would it just have a fit and completely balls up my route?
  8. Hello, I've come to the realisation that I need a sat nav or something that does the same job. I'll probably try and get a second hand one, but haven't a clue what make/model to go for. Can anyone advise? Many thanks :-)
  9. Thanks for this, it's a bit clearer than in the manual. For me, 1 & 2 would be extremely rare. 3 is the interesting one, as I do sometimes fold down the rear seats in order to carry stuff, although not necessarily heavy loads, perhaps a push bike and a few other small items. Would this necessitate changing the setting to 3 or is it more to do with weighty items?
  10. Hi, I'm just looking for clarification on when I should use the little switch just to the right of the steering wheel. I believe this controls the degree of dip to balance the effect of loading the car with passengers/luggage. I know it's in the manual but need some clarification on what setting to use when and whether I even need to bother! Thanks.
  11. Hello, I hope it's not too heretical to ask this on here, but eventually, in a number of months I'll probably be looking into upgrading to a slightly bigger petrol car with a bit more power and 5 doors but it must have decent fuel economy and reasonable running costs. It would be a used car and I don't think I'd be prepared to spend more than £5k. Can anyone recommend anything? Cheers, Toby.
  12. Oh, yes, I have included a pair of disposable gloves. Does it matter if the blanket is foil or not? And how long should I expect my fire extinguisher to last? I hope it's not just a flippin' year. Am I right in saying that they can be refilled?
  13. Surely the way the horn is pressed can help, i.e. if you are driving along a tight residential road and there is someone up ahead standing a little into the road and doesn't seem particularly aware you could give a quick, friendly beep and or course be ready to stop. I must say I generally dislike car horns in general and they are so misused that it seems they get people's backs up even when used FOR their benefit. Hey ho.
  14. I've been putting together an emergency pack to keep in a shoe box in the boot. This contains: Fire extinguisherTorchHi-vis vestFirst aid kitBlanket (need to get one)A few spare tissues and a clothWarning triangle (won't actually fit in the shoe box but never mind)I've not purchased any extra repair equipment, cords, ropes etc as I have breakdown cover which will be with the RAC from the end of next month. There has to be a limit on how much stuff I carry. So what does yours contain? A closely related question I've been pondering is whether should worry about knowing how to change a wheel, con
  15. The best I've achieved between refuels is 63.2, most of which was driving from West Sussex to Somerset and part way back, which contained a lot of 40-60 mph driving.
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