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  1. Hi All, having changed the headunit in my 2003 corolla I've of course lost the mpg display and outside temp reading. Is there any kind of aftermarket solution for this? Maybe some sort of obd device that can be dash/ windscreen mounted? I'm aware of its inaccuarcy but it still shows a sort of 'real-time' change based on the journey or driving style I choose... I strangely miss those little displays Thanks for any suggestions in advance!
  2. Turns out it is the Roll-bar Bushes, Glad really, not an expensive job and its something that can wait a little while until next payday! Once replaced and tracking done i'd hope the pull goes away. Still not sure what the steering play could be though, Worn rack maybe?
  3. Cheers mate, Its a good point really that it could be a good few things. Wouldn't mind checking joints so much but not having a garage and trying to line up time off work with decent weather never seems to go well at this time of year... And no not replaced pads recently say 4-5k miles ago, so I guess its unlikely to be those. I'll see about booking it in to the garage tomorrow because it needs sorting and report back here when I know what it is. Appreciate your help oldcodger!
  4. Not exactly much help but the cheapy Bluetooth adaptor works for me with the torque android app on an 03 Diesel, whilst plugged in however I sometimes get the airbag light on and the electronic power steering light too, have no idea why.. Hope you get yours sorted as I'm unsure what to suggest sorry!
  5. Hi all, Corolla's got a clunk coming from the nearside front wheel it seems, more prominent over the less severe bumps in the road actually rather than speed humps etc. Sounds similar to a worn roll bar link but had both sides replaced no more than 6,000 miles ago so seems unlikely to me. Also accompanied by a sort of metal scuffing sound when cornering sharply right at 20 ish + mph; although that noise was there long before the clunk and hasnt seemed to cause any problems. There's a slight pull to the left and the steering feels a little sloppy (The latter expected from a 215,000 mile car th
  6. Hi Graham, One thing worth doing would be to check and clean the EGR valve, located just below the pipe leaving the turbo that comes over the cam cover and down towards the intercooler. Had a family members car struggling to start and sometimes even draining a well charged, new battery it found it that difficult. There weren't any fault codes stored/lights on either. What it seems to of been is that the plunger mechanism inside of this valve wasnt fully closing when it should of been; due to excess soot and gunk buildup, meaning partially combusted exhaust gas at a relatively cold tempertaur
  7. Ahh Cheers Cyker glad to hear its not just mine. Not much of an issue as you say, just requires you to drive a little differently. But i'm the kind of person that needs to fix something just because its there haha.
  8. Hi all, Having just replaced an injector, filler pipe and other bits on my corolla I've decided I don't like the way the car jerks when I roll off the throttle after revving to 3000 or so in 1st, it makes the change from first to second really rough after pulling off quickly from a standstill then changing up, no issues in other gears really. I was wondering if having the egr disconnected could cause this at all? Maybe it should open when letting of the throttle meaning the engine doesn't get a complete fuel cut which I assume is what's causing the 'hitting a brick wall' feeling. Thanks in
  9. Took my wheel arch liner out yesterday to find only the corner and a little upwards was rusted. Would have been a fairly straightforward repair with reinforced rubber hose, but due to lack of time off work and the horrible weather in the midlands at the minute I found and ordered a new pipe for £118... Also left oil/filter etc too late this year so have got the garage to do it; charging me another £30 on top to fit the pipe so all in all I've been lucky with the cost.
  10. As has already been said I have this issue every 500miles or so and find the car needs 200-300ml of coolant added each time, I believe it's a small head gasket leak letting air into the matrix coupled with a slightly low water level that's causing the bubbling/trickling that you can hear. Cheers Declan
  11. Just had a proper read of this Aqualung666 and noticed you got it fixed! May check mine and if its not to bad all the way up I'll find some suitable hose and replace the rusted bit for a while and see how that goes, or see if my mechanic fancies the job due to the weather conditions in the Midlands recently! Your situation seems a little more promising Ian, I'd be interested to hear how much it cost you for the part
  12. Same problem here but a 2003 corolla Estate, haven't even called toyota for a price yet but after seeing yours i'm not looking forward to it haha. Hope you get yours sorted soon bud.
  13. Cheers mate, have checked ebay and theres only the one I found that doesn't state hatchback or estate and no reply from seller means I don't know weather to buy.. Somewhere between £92-96. I'll have a search on here and call toyota tomorrow and get a price.
  14. My 2003 Corolla Estate has a leaking fuel filler pipe, right on the bend leading towards the fuel tank. Ironically the problem was noticed at the same time a fuel leak fault code came about, although it had nothing to do with it, but that's another story! Although if anyone needs walking through an injector change on a 1CD-FTV I'd be happy to help as best I could although I didn't take pictures its fairly straight forward. Back to the point, I was wondering if anyone has an idea where I can get a replacement? Tried the usual online parts stores/breakers yard but nothing👎 I'm also not sure if
  15. Old thread but I'll still contribute to help future readers out! Had almost the same issues myself; same fault codes, same symptoms although I had tons white smoke and the inability to rev above idle when it did present itself . replaced scvs and no luck so unplugged injectors one by one (turning the engine off inbetween) and when it came to injector number 2, the fault codes had gone (of course one came up to say the injectors werent connected and the car revved to redline and all white smoke had gone! Fitted an injector purchased s/h from fleabay-in under an hour and a half- for £55 versus
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