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  1. Abby2


    My father recently bought an used Rav4, and it's so great, except that the entertainment system is so old and he wants to updated it to make it more excellent..Here are several ones and we don't know which one is better. Can you give us some advice? thanks a lot! http://www.androidgpsdvd.com/rav4-navigation_c786
  2. That could be driving problem, need reinstall the system after the driver update to solve it. If it still won't do, it may be broken, need you to buy one. In that case, the site may be some help to you! Good luck! http://www.androidgpsdvd.com/toyota-navigation_c76
  3. Which one should i select? Maybe you have a better one, help!
  4. Here are several navis and I don't know which one should i buy. Can you give me some advice? Thank you, in advance! http://www.androidgpsdvd.com/rav4-navigation_c786
  5. Also very grateful to you
  6. Thank you for your warm welcome!
  7. There is nothing wrong with the old one, i just tend to have all my music on my phone rather than CD's and i want Bluetooth hands free so this is what im looking at. http://www.androidgpsdvd.com/toyota-navigation_c76 my question is, has anyone got the navigation add on, how accurate is it and is it easy to update?
  8. hey everyone, I'm hoping this site can help me as I'm looking to buy my new navi. Any help will be great to make sure i find the right one!
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Abby2 :)

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