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  1. These were purchased used as winter wheels for my 2010 mk3 Prius winter tyres. They came with scuffs etc but are in good condition and obviously can be 'refurbed'. I was quoted £50 per wheel. They are located near Battle, east Sussex and obviously cannot post them! I will except £200 for all 4 and are being advertised elsewhere. Hope you can see the images ok. Not sure if I can answer any tech detail but standard alloys on Prius T spirit. £ Please PM me if interested.
  2. Sorry but could someone tell me if it is allowed to sell my prius 2010- 5 spoke alloy wheels on here? If so how? sorry to sound stupid but cant find a for sale area!!
  3. Ok. Best to remove an old one first to check.. Pita i know! Powerbulbs.com here we go...
  4. Hi . Sorry gen 3 prius.. Aweful headlights down in darkest Sussex!
  5. Even if both working its still dark around here! Anyone aware of upgrades to fit! Halfords dont sell them!
  6. I think all roads are rough.. aren't they??
  7. Thanks all.. Radio turned up and silicon spray it is then!! On a plus side the stereo unit is actually a quite good sound!!! Phaarppp
  8. Only way to describe it really! Noise comes from area to the right of the steering wheel near the windscreen. It only happens under certain revs for a short time but it drives me mad!! Its a deep sounding vibration. Also center console rattles unless i apply very light pressure with my arm and also a rattle from center area near display which goes if i push the top of the display up towards the windscreen slightly.. Mini acro prop between lower and upper display area would sort it! Really destroys the driving pleasure at times but would love to know if its a common problem? 2009/10 tspirit model.. Pharppppp, there it goes again!!
  9. Thanks again GC. Just done a proper test run and 75mpg over a 23 mile trip! Engine cut out about 0.5 mile into trip... Convinced all is ok and now aware that the initial fire up is to warm things up, not just to burn fuel!! Good to see you use good fuel.. Me too but dont always stretch to vpower! Just off to hunt down an extended warranty..Lol !!!
  10. Ta GC.. Aircon.. Don't really use it that much...like i said no load on engine first thing... No blocked vents, usually only me in it....convinced all is working as should battery up at top and gets used etc etc... All 5 stages as should be but stage one seems to be more than i would expect.. Although after a 10 min drive, a 45 min break and then restart the engine did not kick in last night for most of journey back....was warm here last night though.. On a 19 mile commute i get 60 plus mpg but on my short 6 mile commute just getting 53 ish... The answer is work further from home and use a block heater first thing..lol....will monitor engine use more now you confirmed you have had issues... New egr ( thought only diesels had them nasty things!) and ecu... Expensive no doubt...
  11. Great answers all... Need to read the five stages info...mr T.Wolf.... Im sure all is correct but hate to hear the engine reving! Maybe in the middle of winter to heat the car (and me)up but to hear it during a heat wave still sounds odd!!
  12. None of the above .. All good, nothing left on when i turn off.. Revs high only at first for short while.. Not aware of any 12 v issues.. Nothing to,cause concern. Very health car . Think this is normal but just wondered why is the choke kicking in so often on start in a heat wave? As stated it dont last long but still surprised.... Just seems to be a good way of burning fuel...
  13. Just passed hybrid health check so assume all good? Just surprised it seems to be on choke first thing every time with no load conditions... Getting 55 mpg on a 6 mile rural run with 2 mile in town at the end of journey...
  14. Engine Always fires up on my 59 plate prius first thing when reversing out of garage after afew meters. Also revs high(choke like) and gives poor mpg for upto a mile or so? Does same if left for several hours even if air temp is high outside..cant help thinking it aint necessary as battery is charged and moving at low speeds. Not really asking much from engine first thing but always kicks in!
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