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  1. The RCD is a safety device and not a switch and should not be used as one. Tested as necessary but not used as an on-off switch which it was not designed to be. Anybody know how to disable the parasitic drain for the GSM circuitry?
  2. Well, my three year contract with PodPoint ended yesterday and if I remember correctly the PodPoint wall unit is now mine. I have removed the SIMM card but does anybody know how I may reduce the constant 15 Watt parasitic load of the unit. Some must be to power the data transmission components which are now redundant but I can't for the life of me identify them. Any leads (apart from the charging lead of course)?
  3. Exactly my point. They are designed and made as sealed for life and nobody questions that. The transmission is also designed and made as sealed for life by Toyota and that is their firm advice. I will follow their advice.
  4. How often do you change the oil in the suspension dampers? I certainly will be trusting the Toyota engineers and not change my transmission fluid.
  5. That is the same conclusion I came to eighteen months ago, I was hoping things had progressed a little. By the bye, which kit was it that you tried?
  6. The Peltier device was only used in the prototype unfortunately. For all production Prius (Prii?) the only source of heat is the engine.
  7. Thank you both. I have contacted them and others, When I tried this exercise eighteen or so months ago I received a resounding 'it won't work with the PiP'. I trust it will be different this time.
  8. My PiP has folding door mirrors. I believe it is possible to add a plug and play device for about £40 to make them fold automaticly when the 'ignition' is turned off. I followed a lead from the PriusChat site to a man in Japan who could possibly supply from there but it came to nothing. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  9. A replacement bulb for the reversing light with a sounderis available which makes a beep when it is illuminated. He could have all three sounding at once.
  10. Speed camera on the road ahead.
  11. We have done a few hundred thousand miles in a couple of Prius. We just put in the cheapest going and have never had any such problems. Just follow the handbook specs, all will be well.
  12. With the USB it is very slow in response and I have not found out how to setup a playlist. Any advice welcomed. The iPod is ideal and I am in process of replacing it ASAP.
  13. It looks as though I am just unlucky and the iPod battery came to the end of its life unrelated to the charging. So it goes.
  14. I have used an old iPod Touch in my PiP to source music and podcasts for the last year or so, it stays plugged into the USB port all the time. The port is, of course only energised whilst the car is 'ready' and my records indicate I drove for just under 300 hours in the last twelve months i.e. well under an hour a day average. The weekend I took it out to update it from my computer and noticed the screen had been pushed off because the battery has expanded to some three times its normal thickness. It is a write off. Bumbling around on the internet sources some comments from people that this is
  15. I have used: http://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/ for many years for all of my small batteries. Easy to deal with, the right price, huge stock, and delivery by return of post. Never a problem.
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