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  1. I think Lockwood only do the facia. Fit a can-bus chip.
  2. As I understand it the Denso ecu cannot be easily mapped but the Bosch ones can. Most newer ones I have seen have Bosch ecu.
  3. I'll take some pics in the morning. The wheels have been done in gunmetal finish and the springs have yet to be fitted. Excel interior will go in next. Shame I cannot retrofit the digital climate control..
  4. Sorry, never noticed your second link. I will check out Superchips. Known brand and reasonable price. I take it they will map my existing ECU? Are Toyota likely to re-flash it when it goes in for a service?? I take it the relax warranty will go out of the window??
  5. Not keen on tuning boxes. Surely someone could do a bespoke map on a rolling road for a similar price?
  6. I have just lowered my 2016 EU6 Yaris D4D using Eibach pro kit and fitted 16" SR wheels. A little bit more poke would be nice as long as it doesn't destroy fuel economy. Cannot find anyone to tune these engines in the UK. Anyone know anyone.
  7. *UPDATE* Light has just came on after driving for a few days.
  8. Wheels are not even near my house, I am surprised the light has not came on at all. The car is in use!
  9. Nope. Your warranty terms will remain the same. They cannot back date changes
  10. It has gone up, they have money off every so often. Its always cheaper on the mobile app than website. Current price is £116.51 +£3.99 if you want "safe order". This is on the app
  11. Swapped wheels to 16s with no TPMS sensors and no light has appeared on the dash which is odd?? Was going to remove sensors from old wheels and refit to 16s once I've had them refurbed but should I even bother....?
  12. Always been intrigued by the RX-L, It's more desirable than the Highlander. Odd why Toyota has opted to introduce a brand new model which nobody has heard of. Hardly any on the road either.
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