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  1. Sorry for the late reply, problem solve, bought ecu on eBay, connect it and program the fob. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Ok Just finish work now, will do it tomorrow and will post after, thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply, I've done it once to program the fob that had just broken, but by then the alarm was not arm, press the green button then press both button on the fob and there was like clicks then it's was done. The problem now is the alarm is still arm and I just don't know how to disarm it. I've ordered ecu on eBay, may be it will work fingers cross.
  4. Hello everyone, I accidently drop my last FOB into mug of coffee, open it and clean and dried but never work again, unlock car with key then alarm went off, remove battery terminal but no joy, then remove connector from alarm ECU. Bought FOB on eBay, reconnect ECU and alarm set off, I try to reprogram FOB but no joy, I think I need to disarm the alarm first but just don't know how to without remote control. The alarm is a TVSS111 - B I'll appreciate it very much for your help. Thanks
  5. Oh ok, because mine the red light flashes and when you press the unlock button, the light stays red and nothing will happen. I accidently drop my last fob in my coffee, never work again, unlock car with key then alarm went off, I'm trying to find a fix lol. Thanks for your fast reply.
  6. Hi, I'm having same problem, how do you discharge the fob please
  7. Hello everyone, I'm a proud owner of 1998 rav4 and i'm so happy to be here and hope i'll be welcome.
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums MedMed :)

    1. MedMed


      Thanks Steve

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