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  1. I asked Toyota this very same question and they said it depends whether your headlamps have a flat beam which I felt was extraordinarily unhelpful but couldn't be bothered following it up. So I played safe and stuck some deflectors on the car and proceeded to drive my 2016 Gen 4 through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France without any problems. The issue for me wasn't so much actually dazzling other drivers and getting flashed as getting pulled by an overzealous continental policeman (or woman). If I had written confirmation from Toyota that I didn't need deflectors I'd have happily done without deflectors safe in the knowledge that I could waft said confirmation under their nose, but absent that I didn't fancy risking an on the spot fine. I reckon I'd probably have been fine, but I'm risk averse, basically. I'm pretty sure my lamps do have a flat beam and would not dazzle, given the very sharply cut off pattern on the road, and on my garage door, but I feel that my being pretty sure is unlikely to cut much mustard with the Gendarmerie.
  2. I'm thinking of turning off the camera alerts - it was going off for every other gantry in the "smart" section of the M42. I don't generally exceed speed limits, I use the Adaptive Cruise now I've got it (really very impressed with that!) and if I need reminders about speed limits and cameras then my TomTom does that anyway. It's just that I like to get to the bottom of these things where I can.
  3. Not going to bother going to the dealer or trying to chase it up with Toyota - it's not that much of an issue for me and I was just curious to see if I was alone - but if somebody has found a fix I can do at home I'm up for that.
  4. Hi - it is the Touch 2 and I've applied the latest upgrade, not just the maps - 6.12.0L. It was free as the car isn't 3 years old yet. I haven't noticed any differences on the main screen.
  5. Well this is strange - has anybody else had this? I picked up my 2016 Prius the week before Christmas. I noticed one day while playing with the sat nav that it was showing the speed limit as 48 (it was a 30 mph zone). I planned to have a dig into the settings but forgot, and the next time I looked it was behaving normally - showing 30 in a 30 zone. I never gave it another thought - other than to hypothesise that it was reporting the limit in km/h instead of mph for some reason. Yesterday I took the car on its first long trip (Manchester to Southampton and back for the football, 520 mile round trip, 65.9 mpg calculated brim to brim, 64.9 mpg on the computer, loved the drive), and had the sat nav on to compare its performance with the TomTom in my phone - which is when I noticed that the map was out of date, it was missing the new(ish) A556 link road between the M56 and the M6, for those of you who know north west England. I had downloaded an update from the e-store but having read here that it can take 40 minutes to an hour and that some people have had problems I hadn't bothered to install it - I only intend to use the sat nav as back up if there's an issue with my phone - I've got the traffic enabled via the internet but the car seems not to choose routes as well (or quickly) as my phone. However, having a missing road and knowing about it was definitely going to annoy me so I installed the update this afternoon. I selected maps for UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Spain to save time as I'm unlikely to drive the car any further afield and went for a drive while it updated. It took half an hour or less with no problems, so happy days, but when it was finished the sat nav was back in metric units. This prompted a dig into the settings where I found the ability to select l/100km or mpg, presumably for the trip screen in the head unit - I haven't found any other reference to miles/km. It was set on l/100km, so I set it to mpg. Woo hoo, cracked it, I thought. But when I backed out of the settings screen it reverted to l/100km. The only way I found to stop it reverting to l/100km was to power the car off while the setting screen was still open showing the mpg selection and then to power back on. The other curiosity is the sat nav volume. I never have the voice guidance turned on - I use the map and prefer not to be nagged by Digital Doris - but I assume the navigation volume drives the volume for the safety camera alert bong. I presume I can turn the alerts off but don't necessarily want to, however it was irritatingly loud, and the first several times it bonged at me I couldn't work out what the car was trying to tell me! I found the setting for nav volume in the settings. I had volume buttons on the map on my 2013 Auris - how is burying a function you're likely to want quick access to while driving two or three button presses away a good idea? Anyway, having found the relevant setting I reduced it from 8 (Status Quo concert front row) to 2 (string quartet, back stalls) which I found much more amenable. But then when I turned the volume up on my music the nav volume went up with it! Come on - really? I've dealt with it (I think) by setting the audio to where I'd usually want it and then going back and resetting the nav volume back down to 2 (it had gone up to 4). Do these settings really just reset themselves while I'm not looking? Is this Toyota knowing better than me what I want? Have I got a poltergeist? Or have I selected something silly?
  6. Hmm, looks like they haven't updated it, there's an update available (free, as it's not 3 years old yet) in My Toyota. I'm downloading that so I can update it
  7. Did they update it to the latest software/mapping for you? Well, they said they would, haven't checked to be honest.
  8. Well I collected my shiny new toy today, and I'm chuffed to little mint balls with it! 😁 Pleased with the way it drives - it does feel quite different to (better than) the Auris. Found it very easy to get comfortable - I'm pleased to find that the arm rests are actually high enough that I can use them, unlike the Gen 3. I spent a little while in the driveway fiddling with menus, finding how to get the display I wanted and getting my phone paired and the sat nav to connect to the internet for traffic - I'll be experimenting with running it in parallel with my phone Tom Tom on some known routes to see how it compares on routing. I was pleased to see that the map graphics are considerably better than they were on my Auris which I found difficult to read - they are clearer and less cluttered, and the contrast is better. Mileage is promising - 64.9 mpg since the first fill but I've only done about 30 miles - still I wouldn't be anywhere near that in the Auris on the same trip. The radar cruise control is cool - felt very weird the first time it slowed down for a car in front - I find standard cruise control frustrating especially in motorway roadworks (which those of you who use the M6 a lot as I do will know means constantly) - this looks to be much better. I found that the wireless charger can't keep up with the drain from the sat nav on the phone - not an issue if I find that I'm happy with the in-car sat nav, if not I'll just plug it in. Oh, and I switched off the Road Sign Assist - it's as much use as a chocolate fireguard, half the time it displays the wrong limit when it displays anything at all - but all the other tech is tickety-boo so far. Only disappointment is the relative lack of storage space compared with the Auris, which itself compared poorly to the Gen 3 Prius - seems like Toyota shrink the internal storage space with every new model. If that's the only drawback I reckon I can live with it! I've a couple of days commuting then feet up for Christmas but I've a trip to Southampton on the 30th (I live in Manchester) so looking forward to seeing how it is on a long trip. Happy days!
  9. Well after phoning the dealer yesterday morning to be told that the red 16 reg Prius Business Edition he'd offered me had been sold to somebody who wanted it for a taxi I got a call from him on the way home from work to say that the guy hadn't been able to get the finance, so today I went to inspect and drive it. It's actually done 12000 miles, looks pristine, and I was suitably impressed with the drive. I wan't really expecting to feel a big difference after two hybrids but it's definitely a better drive than my Auris. I found the engine, when it kicked in, was quieter and didn't rev as much, the ride seemed better controlled and the drive in general felt more taut and precise and if anything even smoother - and my Auris is not tired, it's only done 51000 miles. I was immediately comfortable in it and after the Auris it's lovely and roomy. The average mileage was reading 56.5 (I presume that's the one that you reset manually and not one of the trips) but I'll reset that when I fill up and see how I get along. And I really liked the digital dash on my gen 3, could make believe I was piloting the Starship Enterprise - this one is even funkier! Need to work out all the gadgets though - steering wheel controls are completely different to mine and there are more toys to play with. Although I do have mixed feelings about the sanitary ware centre console - I know I'm not the first to feel that way. Of course the sat nav seemed as underwhelming as the one I have now - I think I'll be carrying on with the Tomtom on my phone. Don't know why Toyota haven't moved on with that. So - deal done, looking forward to picking up my new shiny thing next week. 😊
  10. Oh dear, I seem to have started summat here, what with roof boxes and consumption! 😉 All useful information - I know what I'm looking for and do the research but you can't beat first hand testimony from real world owners. Regardless of whether it's low or high those consumption figures sound good, although I doubt I'll match them, I'm too heavy footed! But heavy footed or not it's going to be loads better than the Auris. And it's not just about consumption - I love the way Toyota HSD drives, and I love that both my cars have been completely trouble free. To update you all, I've had a call from the dealer and told him the plug in isn't right for me because of the boot. He offered me a decent deal on a 16 reg Business Edition Plus, 11000 miles. Looks nice on the dealer website (it's a red one) - more practical for me and it's also a healthy chunk cheaper which is better for my budget. I've consulted with SWMBO and I'm calling him tomorrow with a view to making an appointment to go and see it. I was very happy with my gen 3 Prius, I'm happy with my Auris, but if i have an issue it's that the Auris is a bit small and a bit short on storage, so I reckon I'll be more than happy with a gen 4. Will keep you all posted...
  11. Roof rack and roof box? I don't go on holiday often, but this worked well for my family (me, wife, 2 kids). It's only once or twice a year, right? This might not be a bad idea if I was just going somewhere to stay for a couple of weeks once or twice a year, but that's not what we do - we move around, 2 days here, 3 or 4 days there - would be too much of a faff - and I'm not keen on lifting a load of stuff on and off the roof. There's just not enough difference between the plug in and the regular Prius to make it worth compromising.
  12. Thanks for all the input guys. The issue for me is really the luggage space - we tour in our car and that means we sometimes need to leave it loaded and I'm paranoid about leaving anything on display in an unattended car, particularly when it's a British registered car in France or Spain. I note that the boot volume is listed at 360 litres, the same as my Auris (although a different shape) - I have to take the false floor out of my Auris to squeeze our stuff in the boot when we go away, so 360 litres isn't quite enough, whereas our gen 3 Prius swallowed everything we threw at it and there was still space around the edges. And I've been looking at pics online (the car I was offered is on the dealer's website) - the plug in boot does look very shallow. And it's not like it's a plug in or nothing, it's a plug in or a regular Prius, which is what I'd been thinking about all along and which I'm sure I'd love. Unless there are significant other advantages beyond fuel economy I think I'll be better off sticking with a Prius ordinaire - awesome fuel economy would be very nice but saving a few hundred quid a year isn't my main aim - I've already said I'm no hypermiler and if it was just about the money I could save far more by simply buying a cheaper car - or just hanging on to the one I've got. I honestly hadn't considered a PHEV until I heard about this particular car. In terms of the overall practicality of a car I'm going to be living with for a long time as our family car and daily drive I think the plug in just falls short - so thanks again to everybody who's contributed for the input, it's helped me think it through.
  13. Thanks for that - all sounds positive apart from the boot, which could be a deal breaker - I only really use the boot when going on holiday - but we do holiday in the car so need to be able to store luggage. Think I'll need to take some measurements.
  14. Hello all. Had a call from the dealer today, keen to sell me a new motor. I have a 13 reg Auris Hybrid Excel, have had it for 3 years having previously run an 09 gen 3 Prius T3 for 3 years. I loved my Prius, I love my Auris, so I don't need selling on the Toyota hybrid experience - I think they're great. I don't hypermile, I just drive my car - I love the way it drives and am happy with fuel consumption I get (which is less than I see reported by many on here but that's cool, I don't stress about the last couple of mpg). Before this call I was already planning to upgrade to a gen 4 Prius in the next few months - looking for a decent spec as my Auris is loaded with goodies and I'm childish about that kind of thing. The dealer has offered me a 17 reg plug in Business Edition, 8000 miles, to be negotiated but sounds like he's in my ball park - the price to buy is not why I'm here. The question, for those of you that run one, is whether it's worth going for a plug in vs a regular Prius. I'm thinking that it probably is, but I really haven't researched plug ins as they seem to be as rare as rocking horse poo and I assumed I wouldn't be able to find one. My usage is easy to describe - I have a 15 - 20 mile round trip daily commute in heavy city traffic (we're talking Manchester, traffic is dreadful and my average speed on the evening commute is 9 - 11mph, in the morning it's about 20 mph because I leave early before traffic builds up) . Once a month or so it's my turn to drive a longish trip (300 - 500 miles round trip) watching my beloved footie team with 2 to 3 adult friends, and I normally undertake an annual touring holiday in Europe with She Who Must Be Obeyed where I expect to do 2000 to 3000 miles and wouldn't anticipate too many charging opportunities - on long trips I'd expect to use the car as a "normal" hybrid. If I do go for this car I'd obviously (is this as obvious as I think?) get a charging point installed - I have off road parking in a car port - and think it likely I'd only really charge overnight at home - there's no facility at work. Specific questions - what's the fuel consumption like compared with a regular gen 4 Prius once the electric range has been exhausted - is it comparable? What's the boot space like - I know it's smaller than the regular Prius and smaller than the gen 3 but I'd hope it's at least as big as the Auris - can I get two suitcases and a soft bag or two in the boot without it being visible from outside or dropping the back seat? Is there owt else I should be thinking about? I'm familiar with hybrids so I'm hoping that these are intelligent questions - this is likely to be my retirement car so I want a good one. I'm quite excited about the prospect, so if I need bringing back to earth that's fine - thanks in advance for any advice.