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  1. Season 1, Episode 5 - at last, the season finale! 😀👏 The call came this afternoon - "your car is ready!" I've been to collect it, they've filled it with petrol and cleaned it inside and out, and it is now sporting a little led inside, a plate underneath and a couple of new window labels announcing it has a catloc to hopefully deter any tealeaves. Apparently the new alarm is very loud, but I hope never to hear it.And I've registered the new catloc - it's not an insurance scheme, but they've security marked the cat so I have registered that. I enjoyed my drive home and I'm glad to have my
  2. Season 1, episode 4 It's not ready. The parts haven't come. They're going to fill my petrol tank up by way of apology (it had about a quarter of a tank) and hopefully it will be ready tomorrow. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever see that car again....
  3. And I welcome you to season 1, episode 3 of the saga of my catloc! I got a call today from the Aftersales Manager at the dealer. She told me that she's been fully briefed on what has been going on with my car (should have referred her to this forum!) Apparently they've removed the catloc and ordered a new fitting kit as when they fitted it first time it wasn't "guided in correctly" (this sounds like made up technobabble for they didn't fit it properly and wondered what all those leftover bits were for). She was very grateful for my patience, she is personally overseeing the job now and th
  4. I'm not the best person to answer this in any detail, it's just a superficial impression based on brief experience of loan cars, and I'm always comparing with my Prius. I certainly haven't experienced the issues on your list. However, when I had the previous model I was conscious that it felt a bit noisy and sluggish compared with mine. I particularly noticed that it seemed to rev quite high, and that the engine seemed to run a lot more than mine does in the Prius. The new one seems to spend more time on electric (I always leave them on normal or eco, I don't use EV or power mode and I don't t
  5. Indeed they are, I was impressed, a big improvement on the previous model.
  6. To continue the story of my Gen 4 and its catloc and tilt sensor - this is turning into a saga, so if you don't feel like reading War and Peace here's the short version - I went to pick the car up and they'd made a hash of fitting the catloc. For those of you who have half an hour to spare, here's the full story - there's a bonus car review at the end! I phoned the dealer today to see how they were getting on. "It's just being washed, Mr Badger," they said, "it'll be ready shortly." So I made my way back to pick it up and asked what the problem had been. The explanation was as follows -
  7. Toyota say that newer models (including the gen 4, presumably) use less precious metal in the cat so are hopefully less of a target for thieves. My initial thought was that the thieves may well not be aware of that but I suppose the thieves know their own market so perhaps it will help. Then a couple of weeks ago I read this on my local Facebook page, "Warning to all Prius drivers - just had my catalytic converter stolen whilst parked for less than 10 minutes at ASDA. Broad daylight, very busy, £1000+ to repair..." It doesn't say what model Prius it was, but this was at my local Asda, wh
  8. I appreciate that from the point of view of keeping the battery charged it doesn't matter whether the car is driven or just parked up in ready mode, but I prefer to take it for a drive because sitting in it in the driveway for 30 - 60 minutes is boring - it's counterproductive to vacuum the car because the vacuum is an electrical drain and there's only so much dusting you can do, and I've been through all the menus and settings and exhausted the novelty value there. I also find it somewhat disconcerting if I just sit in the car while it's in ready mode reading a book or something and the
  9. Some ruminations while we're all locked down. I suppose it comes to us all. After 3 years with my Gen 3, 4 years with my Auris Hybrid and now 2 years with my current Gen 4 I have for the first time had to fix something on my car. Last night She Who Must Be Obeyed suggested I nip out for a chippy tea. That's not a suggestion I'm in the habit of arguing with so I jumped into the Prius to drive to the chippy (it's too far to walk, the chips would get cold). I haven't used the car for about 3 weeks since the latest lockdown as I'm working from home, so when the door mirrors seemed a bit sluggish a
  10. Ooh, that's a bit niche. Think I'll stick with Priuses. But there's something quite comforting in the fact that more than 1.8 million people cared enough to cast a vote on the matter.
  11. Not many, priest and primo are two examples. But prig, prism and prince demonstrate that the vowel sound of the pri syllable doesn't uniformly rhyme with the examples you gave. There is one obscure word which contains the letters priu, and that's proprium. This is pronounced pro pree um in British English. But I don't think anybody should fear a visit from the pronunciation police for pronouncing it any other way. Probably best not to buy a Ford Ka as second car though. Qualifications, grade 6 Latin 'O' level (that's near as dammit a fail), speak a bit of French and am learning Spanish.
  12. I asked Toyota this very same question and they said it depends whether your headlamps have a flat beam which I felt was extraordinarily unhelpful but couldn't be bothered following it up. So I played safe and stuck some deflectors on the car and proceeded to drive my 2016 Gen 4 through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France without any problems. The issue for me wasn't so much actually dazzling other drivers and getting flashed as getting pulled by an overzealous continental policeman (or woman). If I had written confirmation from Toyota that I didn't need deflectors I'd have happily done w
  13. I'm thinking of turning off the camera alerts - it was going off for every other gantry in the "smart" section of the M42. I don't generally exceed speed limits, I use the Adaptive Cruise now I've got it (really very impressed with that!) and if I need reminders about speed limits and cameras then my TomTom does that anyway. It's just that I like to get to the bottom of these things where I can.
  14. Not going to bother going to the dealer or trying to chase it up with Toyota - it's not that much of an issue for me and I was just curious to see if I was alone - but if somebody has found a fix I can do at home I'm up for that.
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