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  1. Happy Birthday Japanese-Car-Fan!

  2. The alarm drives me nuts too. I have to undo my seat belt to get through the security barrier my work's car park, and I don't have time to do it up again before the barrier goes down, therefore I drive through the car park with an extremely annoying and loud shrieking. I'd love to be able to shut it up. I also find !Removed! annoying the 2 loud bleeps that you get when you get out of the car and leave the engine running, as I often have to do to let the kids out. Can this be disabled?
  3. Yes this was on last night's Watchdog (which I only saw by accident as I don't usually watch it)
  4. I love the auto dimmer mirror. It works perfectly for me. Love the way it changes the lights to green. I'm surprised that more cars don't have this feature. Anyway, the worst thing about the IQ is the extra large wing mirrors in my opinion. I'm paranoid that I'm going to hit an oncoming car's (or more likely they hit me as there's too many idiot impatient drivers out there).
  5. I've got an IQ3 with CVT. I don't know why anyone would want a manual. I'm never going back. I used to be a manual lover, but a computer can definitely change gear faster than I can. This is the first CVT that I've had though. I think it's excellent and love the smoothness of it. It definitely beats Smart's "auto". I totally disagree with all of the reviews that say the CVT should be avoided in favour of a manual. Horses for courses though. My wife prefers a manual but that's because she hasn't spent any time with an auto so doesn't get how much easier it makes driving, and faster in my opinion.
  6. My mirrors on my iQ3 behave correctly. Regarding the keys, in my GT86 the car would happily drive away when I'd left the keys on the hall table. I think it's the same system in the IQ. The GT86 also bleeps if you leave the keys inside the car and try and lock the doors. So the car's not thief proof until they switch the engine off.
  7. Nice, but can't you just paint your existing one?
  8. Craig, thanks yes it's a lovely car. Sort of looks like the "city racer" concept but without the decals. It's actually Burnt Orange. I was considering red but I read a review describing it as a "Noddy" car and that stuck in my mind. I actually wish I'd got grey now as I saw one the other day and it looked much better in real life. Typical. I've got the CVT. My previous car was manual but my 3 prior cars to that we're all autos, and I wanted to go back to lazy driving as most of the time I'm doing 1mph in Hertford on my way to work. I didn't test drive a CVT to took a bit of a gamble, but I'm more than happy with it and I'm surprised that a lot of reviewers say get the manual instead. Jon.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I've started a positive debate which is good! I love my IQ and won't be hiding the screw. But my gut instinct when I noticed it was that there, was that a part was missing. I've owned some very expensive cars and some very cheap ones, but have never seen such an exposed screw before (even in my old Smarts). It's almost as though someone couldn't be bothered to finish the job. It can't be cost related. Anyway life goes on and I'm not going to worry about it. PS. I will post a review after I've done 1,000 miles, with good and bad things (in my opinion), mostly very good so far. Jon.
  10. I can't understand why Toyota felt they had to launch a sub brand, Scion, as what's wrong with Toyota? And what on earth is the GT86 (FRS) doing as a Scion too? Americans simply don't get small cars nor really have the need for them (I've lived and worked there so have some insight into their thinking) so the IQ probably was never going to work, and IQ spec is poor compared to Europe ( Stevie Wonder designed the seat cloth). My American colleagues used to laugh at my old ForTwo, so wouldn't get the IQ either
  11. When I got home from collecting my new IQ3 from the dealer, I noticed that a screw is visible in the passenger footwell. Is this normal? I reported it to the dealer and we checked another new one, and it too had the same screw showing. But it appears to me like it's missing a cover, as surely Toyota wouldn't design a lovely interior but not finish the job with a cover that would probably cost 20p? Do all IQs have this, or am I missing a piece? Jon.
  12. Japanese-Car-Fan

    My IQ

    My IQ : IQ3 1.33 CVT Burnt Orange. Leather seats, Style pack, Rear Spoiler, Door Protectors
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums Japanese-Car-Fan :)

    1. Japanese-Car-Fan


      Thank you. Looking forward to adding some value. Will be reviewing my IQ soon, and posting some questions (such as why is there a gap in the passenger footwell that looks unfunished?). Will load a photo

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