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  1. yes it is 1.8 7a-fe I have had platinum plugs in it I will start with putting some iridium in it see if that helps thanks I got told off motor factor it needed platinum plugs idiots
  2. I haven't changed the plugs because they are the platinum plugs and ment to last 4 or 5 years and they only been in 2 years any idea if they can go early like if HT leads go?
  3. as far as HT leads go ive bought new ones 3 times and it does seem to get better but then after a couple of months starts again. and are the OBD 1 sockets the same as OBD 2 sockets as in shape and size
  4. ive got a 2000 avensis that has started mis-firing but no fault lights come on tried my cheap scanner and it come up cant connect so I tried taking it to a garage and the snap on diagnostic tool come up unable to connect aswell has anybody come across a fault like this before?
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums frankieboyuk :)