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  1. Typo!!!! Celica not celiac as my iPhone wants to tell people!!!
  2. Very nice car Sam. I'm a Toyota newbie too. Enjoy it! My father in law to be had a celiac for years and years and only last night he said he still misses it (sold it as had a company car) but said in the 8 years he had it it was practically bomb proof! Flew through servicing and never once failed and MOT.
  3. Turns out the car I was due to collect didn't go ahead as I was unhappy with so many issues and concerns with Bristol Street Motors. They kept moving the goalposts time and time again and still wanted the pleasure of charging me for things I wouldn't actually be receiving. There was a rat here so had my deposit back and started afresh with Arnold Clark. They sorted me out a T4 Auris Hybrid '12 plate with touch & go extra that had 1 owner (toyota). Car is mint. Had it yesterday. Very happy with everything.
  4. Yeah, took it out late last night and did a trial speed camera run (so to speak) :) and it sure enough double beeped on the approach to each one.
  5. My 2012 T4 Auris Hybrid does exactly the same thing! I posted a separate question in the forum about it too. I do genuinely think it is the speed camera warning. At first I hadn't got a clue what was going on (having never owned a hybrid before) so thought a door was open or I hadn't done something correctly prior to setting off. Anyway, on a route home I deliberately went on a route I knew was loaded with speed cameras (stoke is full of them) and sure enough it double beeped as I approached each one.
  6. My 2012 T4 has 17'' Toyo tyres. Toyota were 1st owner too.
  7. Could it be from the Nav/speed camera warnings from the Touch & Go system? Just had a thought.....
  8. Sorry if this has been asked already but picked up our 2012 plate Auris T4 Hybrid today and driving away and I hear two beeps every now and again. No warning lights present or anything just randomly two beeps yet I can't see what it relates to? I'm reading through the 524 page Hybrid manual as we speak but just wanted a bit of help/advice in advance :) totally new to Hybrids as you can tell! Lee
  9. Could do with Kingo checking it out for me ;) lol
  10. Is the 5w30 oil going to cause a problem?
  11. The car I believe was traded in for a new Ford. With the Hybrid being a specialist car it sat there for over 75 days with no one interested in buying it. The dealer has said it has a full service history (not sure when the third one would have been done tbh especially if it was traded prior to 3rd service due). Ford serviced it today with MOT for me so that 'could' well be the 3rd service. When I pick it up and prior to any finalising I'll specifically ask to see the service book with stamps etc.
  12. Excellent! Thanks very much. Nice to know piece of mind motoring for next couple of years :)
  13. The Auris HSD (2010) T Spirit I'm due to collect this week was registered on 26 June 2010. I'm buying the car from Bristol Street Ford so would the original Toyota 5yr warranty (or what's left of it at least) still be valid? Salesman at the dealers who used to work for Toyota seemed to think so but my dad (whose toyota through and through) seemed to think 5yr warranty offered by toyota only started in September 2010?
  14. A USB flash drive would be absolutely fine. I'm hoping I have the USB slot in my glovebox somewhere then.
  15. Thanks everybody. Hoping it will be ready to collect as early as today. Can't wait to have a play with all the gadgetry!