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  1. I have a 17" genuine Toyota steel Spare wheel, complete with wheel nuts, fitted with a part worn Geolander G91 225/65 R17 tyre. £80. Also a genuine luggage cover in black £50. both from my 2009 XTR.
  2. Fuel filler pipes prone to leaking due to rust,ask if it's been replaced.
  3. Could be to turn off reversing sensors when towing.
  4. bobby boy

    17" Rav4 Wheel

    I have a Genuine Toyota 17" steel spare wheel complete with wheel nuts and part worn tyre,from my recently sold 2009 RAV4 available, if you still need one.
  5. The brake light switch on your rav4 sends information to various components in the vehicle, so it may still operate the brake lights, but still cause the problems you are experiencing. Perhaps a forum member with more auto electrical knowledge than me could confirm.
  6. If you look at the top of the brake pedal, under the dashboard you'll see it. If you want better access remove the lower dash panel, just fastened on with 2 screws.
  7. Check the brake light switch is working correctly,if that's ok is the battery voltage correct and car charging as it should. If no luck with that you need to get any fault codes read. How does it seem to drive oddly? Hope this helps.
  8. I would check all four tyres for signs of uneven tyre wear, if nothing found, have your wheel alignment checked and report any settings outside of manufacturers specifications to your Toyota dealer, and let them sort it out.
  9. Get the brake light switch checked out,faulty switch can cause curious problems,not uncommon on Rav4. If thats ok. get a competant mechanic to read any fault codes stored in the ecu and take it from there,hope this helps.
  10. Check both brake light bulbs I think their dual filament 380's. If filaments cross it results in curious electrical faults as other members have stated. Hope you get it sorted.
  11. Brake light switch should be located on a bracket under the dashboard at the top of the brake pedal, when the pedal is pressed a plunger should be released to allow the switch to work. I think one wire to the switch is always live other side of switch goes to earth. Perhaps another forum member could confirm this.
  12. First job I would do is a check on the brake lights, make sure correct bulbs are fitted (dual or single filament pin offset) bulb holders are clean and in good order,no damp access. Then check wiring to bulb holders is sound and most important make sure earth wire is good. Next step check brake light switch and its connection. Hope this helps.
  13. Get your garage to check the oil pressure by fitting a temporary gauge, making sure it matches manufacturers specifications and confirming the relief valve is working correctly. If the relief valve is sticking shut it could cause excessive pressure to blow the filter.
  14. Just checked my 08 model year rav xtr. Their isn't a warning light as such,any oil level/pressure problem should show up as a warning on the information panel in lower half of speedometer. Its covered in the handbook,hope this helps.
  15. Have a look at page 4 of rav4 club guides on this site which covers the problem in greater detail, and shows how to replace the splined intermediate shaft which was causing my problem.