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  1. Thank you. I'd noticed it didn't run on just battery very much now, but didn't link the 2. What is an obd cable and which app should I use, on iPhone 8?
  2. I'm on my 3rd Yaris Hybrid, and love it. During their first year the first 2 would do about 320 miles on a tankful, lots of local area driving and an odd journey on the motorway. After their 12 month service this improved to about 335 miles per tankful. The first one was bought, and therefore serviced in September. The second was bought and serviced in March. This one was bought and serviced in September. That info is relevant to my problem :) Since my present car was serviced in September the fuel consumption has plummeted. The red fuel warning light used to come on just after 300 miles
  3. She was waiting, hidden under a red cover, facing out the showroom door when I arrived. Behind her was another Yaris Excel Hybrid in the same colour lol I filled up the tank on the way home. The reading immediately said 449 miles range!!! Does the new Hybrid have a bigger petrol tank than the T4? My old car never did more than 350 on a full tank.
  4. Thanks, I'll make sure I check the tyres when I get home.
  5. I can't see why picking it up on 2nd is any better than on 1st. They will have the car for 8 days before I pick it up, more than enough time for a proper PDI. They also have 2 options on how to deal with it. My son says they'll have me marked down as a trouble maker. They can either make a mess of it because I objected to Monday handover, or they can make extra sure it's done properly. If it's done properly they will have redeemed themselves after the ridiculous "no weekend" handovers. If it is not done properly "They ain't seen nuthin' yet." I'll be very surprised if they take the risk, but
  6. The salesman is new to the dealership. He may well have not picked up little hints re my understanding of car purchasing. I like to see how they treat a lone female who is obviously not a "young thing". It can be quite an amusing process. Once I have determined that they are not going to treat me as if I don't know anything I drop little hints. Several years ago a salesman immediately lost a sale when he suggested I might like to go home and discuss the possible purchase with my husband. Oops :)
  7. I'm far from an expert in such things, but neither am I a complete novice. I have had discussions about quotas with salespeople at various levels. 3 cars ago my son could not understand why it was so important to the dealership to sell a new car to me when they would still have to sell mine on. I explained it to him as it had been explained by a dealer friend of the family. My son was still not convinced. So he asked the manager when we visited to sign on the dotted line for my new one. His explanation was the same as mine. He laughed when I explained that my son didn't believe me, but he was
  8. I stated I wanted the car on 1st March when I agreed to buy it. Not 2nd or 3rd March. Had they said before I signed on the dotted line that there would be a problem I would NOT have signed. I tried at that point to arrange a time for collection as I realised they would be busy. They wouldn't do so until they had found me a car and it was on its way. I hadn't heard anything from them for 2 weeks so on my way past the showroom yesterday I went in to see how things were looking. It was only during that conversation that the "no handovers on Sunday" was mentioned. I have no idea how many cars they
  9. I suggested that if I couldn't have it on Sunday I would just collect it on Friday with trade plates for the weekend. He didn't like that idea. I was seriously considering cancelling. That would really have put the cat among the pigeons. If they had told me when I ordered it that I couldn't have it on Sunday 1st I would not have ordered it. I will now be looking very carefully when I collect it. If there is any sign of anyone else collecting their new car I will take the matter up with the manager.
  10. The showroom is open on Sunday and the salesman is in on a Sunday. It just seemed ridiculous that they don't let people collect cars at the weekend. The excuse that there needs to be workshop support in case anything goes wrong doesn't add up either. I suggested that for new registration days on 1st March and September they should have workshop support in, if that was their normal stance. I've bought many new cars that have been collected on 1st of a month, including weekends. I've just never bought one for the first day of new registration. When some garages open at midnight for new registrat
  11. I ordered a new Yaris Hybrid Excel for 1st March delivery. I popped into the showroom tonight to see if I could choose reg number yet and to check all will be ready in time. It will be with the dealer at the end of this week. I then mentioned taking delivery of the car "It's a week on Sunday." The response floored me. Apparently they don't let owners collect new cars at the weekends because they don't have workshop support in case anything goes wrong. So I would need to collect my new car on Monday 2nd instead. Once I'd got my head round the fact the salesman was serious I pointed out I was n
  12. I've had my Yaris Hybrid T4 for 18 months. I love it. AS it is almost the end of the 64 registration period my local dealer is trying to sell as many cars as possible to keep their quota levels. So. not really surprisingly, I've had a call to tell me I could have a brand new, top of the range, car for less than I am paying at present. I'm used to this tactic so I wasn't surprised. I'm going to have a look tomorrow. I'm tempted but there would need to be a bit more negotiation. If I bite the bullet it'll be because I like the deal. When I bought my T4 it was pointed out that the top of the ran
  13. Is it my car, or are Toyota fuel warning light systems different to most others? As long as I can remember I've had fuel warning light and audible warning at abut 40-50 miles left in tank. Then this warning sound repeats every time I start the engine, until I fill up. Not this one! There is not audible warning and the light comes on some times but not always. I could always rely on the warning, until now. I think I should maybe take the car in to get checked, or am I being paranoid?
  14. I haven't noticed anything but I'll listen next time I'm in.
  15. Mickfb, you probably won't have to wait that long. I was given 13th September for my Yaris Hybrid. Instead I collected it today a week early. I drove home the long way then collected my Mum and took her for a drive. She loved it too.
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