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  1. in the market for a new family car and seen some good deals on now older model 2018 RAVs, is the 2.0 petrol a bad choice? it will be thirsty I guess.the hybrid is probably a good option if I can find one with a decent spec for the budget. don't really want to pay 10k extra and go down the finance route for a 2019, or is it a bad idea buying an old model now ?
  2. looks great. this is basically to replace the avensis tourer also. I still have my old trustry 2012 avensis so may change to this in 2019 but it will be pricey I expect
  3. that is v surprising, not my experience of Toyota reliability. there are actually great deals on a load of cars at the moment almost brand new, Golf 1.4 estates, Audi A4 avants etc. my experience has been bad with VW though and thats why I an hesitance to move from Toyota, seems I have a good one and should prob just keep it running!
  4. Usual story very poor trade in offered. Think I will try to sell my 2012 tourer privately and see if I can haggle on price of new one for cash
  5. Went to see a new avensis today and also saw an a4 avant. Shocked at the poor quality of the Audi, rough painted side sills and small boot. Sat in new avensis tourer and much preferred the interior actually. Just need to get the right deal on one now..
  6. the avensis is reliable. I've had 6 years of motoring without a single issue. more than can be siad for the 2 mercedes my wife has owed! it simply a badge issue in the UK, people want Audi, BMW, Merc, Jag etc. Toyota has been fighting a losing battle. However, this does mean there are incredible deals just now on the avensis 🙂
  7. so I've been driving a 1.8 petrol tourer since 2012, had 6 years of smooth motoring without a SINGLE issue. now I know the avensis is discontinued and not popular to the masses but this means good deals currently... Arnold clark has 2018 plate with 4.5k miles for 15k, seems unbelievable value for a almost brand new car with warranty till 2023! should I be worried about anything like availability of parts in future, resale value since its discontinued?
  8. I read that on pistonheads also. I'd buy one!
  9. so I test drove a CVT 1.8 tourer, I have driven a 1.8 manual tourer for past 5 years. It was a strange experience at first, granted it was only a 10 minute test drive. All I read about the CVT is good but I think I would need to take a longer test drive to be sure. I was putting foot down and over reving it seemed. Also can't see the use of gear change paddles as car takes control again anyway. I'm sure once you get used to it a manual would seem so old fashioned. there is much more feel in steering, interior is much nicer, it seemed quieter but on the outside only really the lighs and front have changed, very subtle update. seems a lot of car for the money compared to everything else at the moment.
  10. giffardo

    RAV Hybrid

    When I got avensis I was unsure of EPB but it's been absolutely brilliant. Stop turn off ignition and brake goes on. Accelerate and brake goes off on it's on much less manual intervention. Can't see why someone would want to use old fashioned lever now
  11. giffardo

    RAV Hybrid

    I'm considering one of these if I change my 2012 avensis tourer. look lovely in higher spec and still got a big boot. why no electronic handbrake though thats old school these days and even old avensis had electronic one
  12. I will try to get a test drive in a 1.8 CVT to see if I like it. a lot of the things about my current 2012 avensis that annoy me have been improved in new one, steeeing feel, old dash and orange instrument cluster, seat adjustment ratchet, more modern front end. I certainy is a car that is overlooked by most, "its just a toyota" whereas the crowd think an Audi is better quality, its perceived quality ;-)
  13. Also I read somewhere on piston heads the avensis will continue and is to get hybrid in next model
  14. There's a bunch of 1.8 CVTs with few thousand miles on for 15k now but no manuals yet. I guess the avensis is not a popular car with the "in crowd" but taxi drivers know a good motor ;-)
  15. interesting that you think Toyota are cost cutting, I would have thought that quality was something that they could not skimp on, after all thats what they are known best for. I see only one 1.8 manual available in UK on autotrader currenty so obviously very rare but good to know they are available. I think I'll keep running current car until next summer at least.