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  1. Hi i've had a 1.2 2019 Corolla for about 8 months and travel 5 miles to work and back a day in traffic and the car never goes below 38mpg and on a longer run around 46mpg (in eco mode)
  2. When i removed them they were very muddy and clogged there is not a hole as such its a couple of very small slots inside clearly to allow water to escape but for something designed to keep dirt out mine were clogged with dirt! Perhaps it was doing its job too well also it was the passenger side which probably pulls more dirt from the kerb side of the road as you go through puddles etc now ive cleaned them and tested with several watering cans of water i will see how they last and if it happens again. Have taken a couple of pics as best i can hope they show the route of the water
  3. I miss-read your post Roy and i apologise
  4. I dont think anything ive posted could be seen as a complaint but it depends on your definition of a complaint i just asked a question on the forum.
  5. I dont know if they are or not, part of the forum link which Chris Nutt sent, a comment is made that it only effects american models but that seems to be wrong i was hoping somebody else has had the same experience dealer just pleads ignorance about the issue
  6. Thanks for the link dont know why it should just effect american models though as somebody suggested
  7. Hi everyone driving home in my 2019 Corolla last night and when i braked or pulled away i could hear water sloshing inside the door so i pulled out the dust cover bung under the door and about 0.5L of water drained from the drain hole, i then removed all 3 bungs and cleaned them and placed them back in the door i was wondering if this is a common issue as i have read that sometimes the front bung is removed completely to allow water to drain easier any help or opinions would be happly recieved. Thanks Ps talking to dealer seems a waste of time
  8. Good Morning

    My 09 Auris is having the airbag recall sorted in a couple of weeks could anybody tell me what is involved in the mod, does the dash need to be removed?

    Thanks for any replies

  9. Hello Everybody

    My 09 Auris is having the airbag recall sorted in a couple of weeks could anybody tell me what is involved in the mod, does the dash need to be removed?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  10. Replaced the seal on light only took 15 minutes the part num is T81562-02391 also got a price for a vent £27.87 from the toyota dealer here in norwich, the part number for this is T62940-0F010
  11. Also noticed a bit of water on the plastic bulb housing bar as well, as i posted earlier its only £14 for light seal so will start with that first and see what happens
  12. Not 100% sure, I saw evidence of a couple of beads of water running down from the bottom of the light cluster inside (the leak is quite small at the moment) onto the top of the vent and boot floor so I am assuming if its the vent it would not throw water upwards? A light seal from toyota is £14 so will try that first.
  13. Hello All Needing to replace seal (or silicone) around rear tail light due to water in the boot just have a quick question I can see the two nuts to remove but there are also 2 pale blue plastic caps which look like they also hold the light cluster on do these need to be removed if so how? without breaking them Thanks for any help
  14. Hello everyone Have a bit of a strange problem! i have the digital climate control on my Auris (09) TR and i noticed the fan inside the car was blowing louder than usual on the 1 bar setting on the digital readout and when i increase the blower there is no difference between bar 6 and 7 its almost as if bar 1 is actually step 2 and so on i was wondering if anybody else has had this and if disconnecting the battery may 'reset' the settings. Thanks
  15. battery disconnect

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