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  1. Good Morning

    My 09 Auris is having the airbag recall sorted in a couple of weeks could anybody tell me what is involved in the mod, does the dash need to be removed?

    Thanks for any replies

  2. Hello Everybody

    My 09 Auris is having the airbag recall sorted in a couple of weeks could anybody tell me what is involved in the mod, does the dash need to be removed?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  3. Replaced the seal on light only took 15 minutes the part num is T81562-02391 also got a price for a vent £27.87 from the toyota dealer here in norwich, the part number for this is T62940-0F010
  4. Also noticed a bit of water on the plastic bulb housing bar as well, as i posted earlier its only £14 for light seal so will start with that first and see what happens
  5. Not 100% sure, I saw evidence of a couple of beads of water running down from the bottom of the light cluster inside (the leak is quite small at the moment) onto the top of the vent and boot floor so I am assuming if its the vent it would not throw water upwards? A light seal from toyota is £14 so will try that first.
  6. Hello All Needing to replace seal (or silicone) around rear tail light due to water in the boot just have a quick question I can see the two nuts to remove but there are also 2 pale blue plastic caps which look like they also hold the light cluster on do these need to be removed if so how? without breaking them Thanks for any help
  7. Hello everyone Have a bit of a strange problem! i have the digital climate control on my Auris (09) TR and i noticed the fan inside the car was blowing louder than usual on the 1 bar setting on the digital readout and when i increase the blower there is no difference between bar 6 and 7 its almost as if bar 1 is actually step 2 and so on i was wondering if anybody else has had this and if disconnecting the battery may 'reset' the settings. Thanks
  8. battery disconnect

  9. Hello Everyone Thinking of buying some Toyota roofbars for my 09 5 door downloaded the fitting instructions and seen the section about having a 5mm gap at the top of the doors dont seem to have this on my doors is this a very important issue or can it be ignored. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply Mike will have to wait until the temp drops again to see if it happens again.
  11. Hello All Only had my 2009 Auris 1.33 Stop Start TR for 6 months, when it was a cold morning this week (-2 or -3) the car idled at around 1500 revs even when fully warmed up never had a car idle at this level in cold weather before so i phoned the local Toyota Dealer for advise and the tech man told me this was normal something to do with the engine running lean and having to keep the heat in the cat, i did have the radio, aircon and rear window demister on for most of the journey which was only 6 miles. The reason i am posting is to ask others if this is normal with their Auris's, i suppose i
  12. Hi on my 09 Auris i have started to notice that when it has rained and the car has been sitting when i drive off a faint liquid sloshing sound can be heard behind the dash this only lasts for a few seconds have only heard it in wet weather, bought the car in the summer so this is the first time its really been wet i have checked these things: The drain holes appear to run away ok (poured water into the drain area under the bonnet near the wipers) No loss or low level of coolant No water in footwells inside the car (yet!) Aircon working ok The aircon is not used a huge amount but the only thing
  13. Thanks Tavy for the info but all i wanted to know is if the headlights are correct with the passenger side seeming to have a longer beam reach than the drivers side or should they be both the same reach i am a bit reluctant to start adjusting the headlight beam myself
  14. I wonder if somebody could answer a query for me, having driven in the dark on a dual carriageway for the first time since owning the car I noticed that the headlight beam on the passenger side is a longer beam than on the drivers side and also they both have a very definate cut off point to the beam is this normal on a 09 plate Auris as I have never noticed this on any other make of car I have owned?
  15. Wife always has 1 key and i always have the other so thought i might get another to keep at home just in case of an emergency although at £150 i might think about it for a year or two!
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