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  1. Thanks for the replies chaps. The mileage is over 165,000. And yes I may well look at another Toya if bad news from the welders.
  2. Your valued opinions please... My trusty and unblemished 1998 2.0 GLS Avensis petrol estate has started showing signs of trouble. Recent MOT failed due to excessive corrosion on rear sills and areas near suspension mounts. MOT before that she needed a new CAT and in February she had a new clutch. The engine is fine, though high on emission, she runs nicely, in true Toya fashion. Realistically, the car isn't worth more than £200 and I'm waiting on a welding quote for the bodywork, but I'd be interested in your simple vote of KEEP or SCRAP.
  3. I've just been quoted between 250 and 350 quid for a replacement for my 1998 2.0 GLS estate. Any better offers out there?
  4. Thanks very much for all your replies - I actually found the key in a spare pair of jeans! I'd still like to get a spare in case it happens again.Thanks again.
  5. Thanks guys - I cant actually find the alarm sounder despite Konrad's help! If I did, would tampering with the alarm not immobilise the car? Just being able to open up the bonnet and snip the cables doesn't seem like much an anti theft device to me, but I could easily be wrong. It seems Toyota don't licence their key codes to third party locksmiths so only a main dealer can get you a new key & fob at cost upwards of £100! So suggestions are still very much welcome on this one. All the best, Jon
  6. Thanks very much Konrad & Frosty I'll try that and see what happens. In the meantime I need a good local autolocksmith.
  7. I know there are several posts on this but...I've lost my Avensis 98 GLS Estate key. I do have the master and a spare which both open & start the car but set the alarm off for 45 seconds. This makes the car still usable but upsets the neighbours twice a day and gets funny looks in Sainsbury's car park. My questions are these: Can I disable the alarm so can drive while waiting for new key?Where and how will I come by a new key with transponder?Any help much appreciated as I love my trusty and dent free Avensis. As a musician, It reliably takes my equipment and me from gig to gig all year ro
  8. Obviously I'm not 14 - the car is. One of the best I've ever owned as reliable, durable and large enough for all my musical gear. Only problem is the ruddy air con. LIght flahes, pump seems to go on but after that...náda! It's been re-gassed and checked for leaks but I'm not convinced anyone knew what they were talking about at two different garages...
  9. I have something very similar - light flashes, fully gassed, compressor appears to come on (engine responds) but various servicings have reported leaks, though not properly. One garage said it could be the compressor not working fully and if so would be £400 odd quid for new pump (car is 14 yrs old). Is there any way of getting a decent diagnosis of the fault anywhere? ATB.
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums JayEmAye :)

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      Thanks bud.:¬)

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