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  1. Hi everyone I have just bought my first RAV4 and loving every bit of it - should have bought one a lot earlier :o) My little beasty is the RAV4 D-4D NRG 3dr 2001 model and I have read a lot on the forums so far but have some questions I am hoping someone can help with! 1) I bought the car with two keys, I have identified one as the valet key with immobiliser chip in the head (no remote) and the other as the master key (key stem only) as it unlocks the glove box. My car has the security panel with the red light flashing but I don't know what version of key I have. I know I can buy a blank key a
  2. Hey everyone Just my first post to say hi and I've just bought my first RAV4 after a day trip out to Bristol - didn't need the return ticket... New car is Toyota RAV4 D-4D 3dr NRG in black with 118k miles on the clock and absolutely love it!
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Kioba :)

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