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  1. :happybday: Hope you have a great day and get some nice prezzies JJ! Caz
  2. Yeah, you just missed out on a good meet in Oxford (by a few weeks). But there were talks of another soon, so keep your eyes peeled rhcp. :)
  3. Ah - gallons of lip gloss, ancient BBC computers, kraftwerkesque robotic people... What more could you want? ...Someone should have told the singer that you don't play a guitar keyboard like a guitar though.
  4. Yeah - but also watch the big baldy guy run like a fairy after him!
  5. Does that mean you can finally enjoy the McFlurries again Fizz? :) :P
  6. :lol2: i wouldnt laugh, i can drive my yaris a lot lot lot lot more extreme than my MR2. the risks arent as high and the car is smaller, you have more choice of lines. also, in the yaris you can floor it all the time and not worry. So it's not a question of superior handling - it's a question of bottle. More choice of lines? Would that be a correct racing line round a track or an understeer line by any chance? I own both a Yaris SR and an AW11. I will put my hand on my heart and say the MK1 handles better, every single time - no contest. As a car amongst it's peers - yes the Yaris handles well. But when you start compairing it to the likes of MR2s/GT4s on a circuit, you're on spurious ground.
  7. Yeah, I tell my friends time and again to keep me away... But do they? No. Pahahaha :lol2:
  8. If there's a pole like that in the middle of a party or on the edge of a dance floor, there will always be some daft drunk bint that will 'make like a stripper'. No love, it's not your best look. Put it away.
  9. I was reviewing the Paris Motor Show photographs today and something struck me; Somehow the new Toyota line up seems to have evolved into a collection of bulbous, bug-eyed vehicles that make the words 'aggressive styling' seem like a valuable addition to TOC's swear filter, for fear of scaring them away. This new phase particularly started with the launch of the Aygo - a fun looking, cheap to run car aimed at the 20 something. The success of the design was responsible for pushing sales up by 5.3% in Europe. But does that mean every new car will follow suit? It appears so. Take a look at the new Yaris and you'll see a car larger than it's predecessor, but also twice as rounded and without a single 'move out of my way' line. Then there's the Auris (not sure what it will be called in the UK), which adopts the same design principles (the huge headlamps, fat backside, rounded bumpers - something akin to a cutesy Anime character). Tokuo ********uichi, president of Toyota's European design center has been quoted as saying Toyota's market share in Europe was 'Held back by weak design'. So is this the answer? Are the new bulbous shapes therefore a pioneer of 'strong design'? Apparently, the new line up was inspired by: I can't help thinking that if this had been uttered in the 80's to early 90's, the perpetrator would have been laughed out of the boardroom! So what do you think about Toyota's new design 'revolution'? Fun, exciting and innovative? Or does it leave you cold? 2006 Paris Motor Show EDIT - Will someone PLEASE sort out the swear filter!!!!!!!!!!
  10. :laughing: Love it! Darth 'Hello Kitty' Vader! I know just the person who'd appreciate that too... *saves to send at a later date. Pahaha!
  11. I got questions on parenting! To me, if a child doesn't eat their dinner - they don't get pudding. Simple. Also, paying a child to do chores - Bribery or slave labour? You decide. :laughing: ...Ok so it's confirmed what I always suspected - I'd be a lousy parent! :P
  12. Rioja is the fosters of the wine world! Pahahaha - who cares?? I like it! Mmmm Faustino V....
  13. Corona too. I'd say that's a pretty accurate description of my taste in beer. I mean, hey, if I was going for classy I'd be drinking a fine Rioja instead - mucho prefirió. ;)
  14. Caz SR

    Little World

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  15. From the album: Little World

    My shark at the London Aquarium.
  16. General Knowledge or Music is good for me - anything really as long as it's not American Football and Nursing :)
  17. Either way - it's flipping disgusting!
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