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  1. Yesterday quite suddenly a loud 'clanking' sound started. Not regular enough to be just a little end on a piston since on decelerating the noise frequency double or trebl3es, A couple of miles later engine warning light came on and proved to be P0011, CVVT problem. The noise is loud enough for me to take round to my friendly local mechanic. I'd assumed something catching on a drive belt. Mechanic had a listen and poke around then condemned the engine. However following a search for P0011 I came across this post. This led me to check supply to OCV, about 11.9V and continuity check the OCV coil, about 9.8 ohms, I managed to get the oil filter cap off but couldn't figure out how to extract the filter itself. Questions: 1) How to remove the oil filter. 2) If I get a replacement OCV do I need to set anything to do with valve timing before removing the OCV? Or can I just replace with impunity.
  2. Yep. Another thing to check. Thanks.
  3. Good suggestion re the motor mounting. First thing to check. 13 years old and not in bad nick. Some light rust on the front cross member is all.
  4. Thanks, IIRC, I paid about £10 for the arm. Blades varied, Bosch being the most expensive.
  5. I accept, of course, that there's a reason why things aren't working. I've examined how the arm sits on the driver spindle and can see no difference between mine and a slightly newer Aygo, i.e. the arm sits on the spindle to the same depth so it doesn't appear to be a height above the glass issue. One way to check genuine. You appear to be a dealer, what is the cost of a Toyota wiper arm?
  6. Not being a mechanic I can't be sure except they were bought as genuine Toyota parts.
  7. Possibly but all three arms have weak springs or incorrect parts?
  8. Like I said, tried cheap and expensive blades. All still didn't/don't wipe half their sweep.
  9. That's what I thought initially so I bought new arms. Twice. No change. 🙁
  10. I've struggled to resolve the rear wiper being poor for several years on my 56 reg. Three different wiper arms, 12, 14 and 16" blades. Cheap and Bosch blades, Nothing has resolved the blade(s) only cleaning half the sweep. I'm fairly tall so need to clean top half of rear screen for a good view,
  11. Not very helpful, Stivino. Did I say I was going to throw money at it?? I'd just like to know what's causing the oil usage. And. If there's a cheap fix, maybe the PCV wants TLC, I'll give it a try.
  12. Oil. Somewhat confusing. Some say 5W30, some 0W30. I've been using 3W30. Suggest a good ring degummer?
  13. I've had this Aygo for four years and it's done 120K miles. Still gives 55mpg rural roads. But it's using a litre of oil every 1K miles. Exhaust gas analyser shows no issues. Why is it using so much oil??
  14. Gotcha! fordulike. Nice tip 😁 Many thanks. I dug out the old fob and sure enough buried in a corner is a small black block. Clearly a transponder. Fitted into new key fob and Bingo! Works fine.
  15. 56 reg Aygo. Really pleased with it even though after only 120K miles it drinks engine oil. My remote unlock key fob was falling apart so I bought a 'service' kit off' eBay. Rebuilt easily, or so I thought. Now although the lock/unlock remote works fine I cannot start the engine. Cranks over but never fires up. With the spare key without remote unlock it starts fine. So. Do the keys have a transponder? If so I now have a faulty key fob.