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  1. Hi Pete many thanks for your reply will try that tonight
  2. Hi members I got 2014 Toyota rav 4 2014 2.2 invincible the problem is the alarm keeps going off at night time thinking the battery was at fault put a new battery on it lasted about 5 days last night the same thing happened checked voltage 12.5 volts any help with this would be appreciated thanks rob
  3. Hi all, just been looking at some of Lucas oil products just wondered if any members had ever used Lucas transmission fix for sticking valves in auto gearbox on Toyota avensis t27 2009 d cat 2.2 many thanks rob.
  4. Hi everybody , has anybody used the kits for sale on eBay at 21.95 for both sides .
  5. Thanks Alan will get a new kilt and try that many thanks
  6. Thanks mate you could be right yesterday I took n/s wheel off and noticed there was a lot of play on calliper pins but thought that was normal if this is the cause what's the answer , thanks rob
  7. Hi all,got a 2009 t27 Toyota avensis on rough road surfaces I can hear a rattle checked bottom ball joints all ok changed both link arms new anti roll bar rubbers bottom arm rubbers ok shocks ok but still rattle occurs any help would be appreciated , thanks rob
  8. HI MEMBERS,could anyone tell me what miles would you change the oil in auto gearbox on toyota avensis 2.2 t27 2009, many thanks rob.
  9. rob47

    Rear Pads

    hi members, is it possible to change the rear pads on my 2009 toyota avensis 2.2 t180 without diagnostic equipment .thanks rob.
  10. HI members,just sold my 2008 toyota avensis t180 2.2 tax was £180 bought a 2009 t180 new shape keyless entry just noticed tax on this one is £200 why the difference.thanks rob.
  11. HI ALAN, will try that when i work out how to get the switch out,many thanks rob.
  12. HI, members got a 2009 toyota avensis problem with the electric mirrors you can adjust them up and down but they wont adjust in or out ,same problem on both sides,anybody had this problem , many thanks rob.
  13. rob47

    Oil Leak

    thank you mike will try some tomorrow and see what it does
  14. rob47

    Oil Leak

    just had a good look today to find where oil leak is coming from looks like its coming from between engine and gearbox which would be rear crankshaft oil seal little bit annoyed as engine was changed 13000 thou miles ago for head gasket problem looks like toytota did not do a very good job any oil additives that any member could recommend that would help stop it, the car is toyota avensis 2008 2.2 dcat , many thanks rob.
  15. rob47

    Oil Leak

    HI got a 2008 toyota avensis 2.2 manual 6 speed just noticed a small oil leak seems to come from gearbox when parked on level just noticed when drivers side is lower oil seems to leak,any ideas or help would be appreciated, many thanks rob.
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