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  1. Hi, Sorry its a 2.2 diesel awd 150bhp. It hasn't got sidesteps but has got roof bars. Upgrades I was thinking of surround the infotainment system really oh and I heard somewhere you could get something that would automatically fold in the door mirrors. Climate, heated leather, electric seats , keyless entry etc is all good. Have to say sidesteps don't appeal, just wondered what could be upgraded and what I'm stuck with so to speak. Jon
  2. Hi all, Just wondered if I could upgrade anything on my 2013 invincible. Are there any additions available to enhance it? TIA Jon
  3. Update....found the tailgate button next to the locking button. I didn't realise it had a button on the tailgate. I wonder what other 'little gems' I'll find with the Invincible spec. Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. On my 2013 RAV 4 Invincible I can use the keyboard and dash button to operate the power tailgate. However if I press the little button on the tailgate it only locks the doors where previously it has opened the tailgate. Any ideas, anyone?
  5. I have a Rav 4 2013 invincible insured for myself and the wife. Our latest quote was with ageas for £165. Same as the wife's 2016 yaris...go figure.
  6. I'm after a space saver spare wheel for a 2013 Rav 4. Any suggestions would be useful. Mine have 18inch wheels. Cheers in advance. Jon
  7. Looking for a space saver wheel with tyre, jack and wheel brace for a 2013 Rav 4. TIA Jon
  8. Just bought a 63 plate Rav 4 Invincible that hasn't got a spare wheel. I can find lots of 17inch space savers but this has 18 inch tyres on it. Can anyone suggest any options. Cheers in advance Jon
  9. On the back of the rear seats are levers that allow you to slide the back seat forwards and backwards to provide more legroom/bootspace as and when you need it. The velcro covers the gap between parcel shelf and seat when back seat is fully forwards.
  10. Am i right in thinking that the hybrid health check extends the battery warranty.
  11. So i've decided to go with a used yaris hybrid towards the end of September when hopefully there is a bit more choice. Are there any do's or don't and things to look out for and ask about. This will be my first hybrid so want to get it right. Cheers in advance. J
  12. whats the best spec hybrid in the yaris and auris?
  13. Hi all Currently i have an 08 plate avensis 2ltr t spirit which i love and has never let me down in all the years ive had it. The wife has a yaris which I quite enjoy driving too. Now that yhe kids have left home and im working roughly 3 miles ftom where I live I no longer need such a large car. I'm therefore asking you wise owls what i should replace it with, I quite fancy a hybrid if possible but not sure if my 11000 budget would allow. Annual milage would be less than 3000 as it would just be used for commuting and the odd 400 mile round trip. It'll occassionally carry myself, the wife and the lab, oh and being a t spirit owner I do like my toys. Dodgy knees mean that an suto and cruise control would be helpful but would be happy to drive a manual for a bit longer. Erring towards the yaris because of the wife's but as Im 6ft, legroom can be an issue at times. No experience of an auris, do you think i should look at those, if so which one? Thanks in advance J
  14. Never considered the brakes at all. Had them all replaced in April for the MOT. Guess I'll have to keep on the rev counter to see if they match the rising speed or use the handbrake tedt.
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