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  1. Am i right in thinking that the hybrid health check extends the battery warranty.
  2. So i've decided to go with a used yaris hybrid towards the end of September when hopefully there is a bit more choice. Are there any do's or don't and things to look out for and ask about. This will be my first hybrid so want to get it right. Cheers in advance. J
  3. whats the best spec hybrid in the yaris and auris?
  4. Jonburns


    Hi all Currently i have an 08 plate avensis 2ltr t spirit which i love and has never let me down in all the years ive had it. The wife has a yaris which I quite enjoy driving too. Now that yhe kids have left home and im working roughly 3 miles ftom where I live I no longer need such a large car. I'm therefore asking you wise owls what i should replace it with, I quite fancy a hybrid if possible but not sure if my 11000 budget would allow. Annual milage would be less than 3000 as it would just be used for commuting and the odd 400 mile round trip. It'll occassionally carry myself, t
  5. Never considered the brakes at all. Had them all replaced in April for the MOT. Guess I'll have to keep on the rev counter to see if they match the rising speed or use the handbrake tedt.
  6. Hi all, now that the kids have flown the nest im looking to trade my 08 2ltr avensis Tspirit in against a hybrid yaris in september as im hoping there will be more choice on the 2nd hand front due to the release of the new hybrid. Yesterday when i got into the avensis i thought i could smell clutch. Theres no sign of it slipping and its only a slight odour but im loathe to spend money on a car i intend to use as a deposit. So my questions are.....how much is a clutch repkacement and if i only drive it infrequently at a max 6 miles a day do you think it will last.......Im guessi
  7. Same as my avensis then! Cheers
  8. Can anyone tell me how many miles before I should replace the cam belt on a 1.33 TR Yaris on a 08 plate please?
  9. Alan, I feel like a complete plank. Why I didn' think of that I don' know. Do they repair the joints or just fit an exchange unit? Sounds like a cost saving too.
  10. Oh I'm sure I can. The clutch doesn't need changing but wondered if it was worth doing if replacing the n/s driveshaft. Without further research I'm not sure if removal of the driveshaft would facilitate easy clutch replacement.
  11. Hi all Last year I had an advisory on the wife's 1.33 TR Yaris on an 08 plate. Has anyone any idea how much it would cost to replace and is it worth having the clutch done at the same time? It's done about 55000 miles. Cheers in advance. Jon
  12. Hi all, my wife has an 08 Yaris, 1.3 and the washers today just dribbled when she tried to use them. The motor is fine and water shoots out of the pipe before the little white connector that takes the pipe under the black plastic panel to the jets. I disconnected both jets and the water was not reaching them. I suspect either a blockage or a kink in the pipe. How do I get to the pipe, is it an easy job? Cheers, Jon
  13. Jonburns

    Yaris A/C

    Had the wife's 2008 Yaris recharged and it doesn't feel ice cold at all. System has been checked for leaks but still not impressed whereas my avensis air on is icy cold. Any ideas anyone's?
  14. Hi Alan I did think about selling and buying privately. I've got a dodgy right knee so on long journeys the cruise control is handy. Originally I wanted to downsize because I'm the only one in this large 2ltr car most of the time. Now I can do without the leather, electric seats but would prefer something equally as comfortable. Another factor is that we now have a dog so if I can't put the dog in the back then mucky paw prints wipe off the leather back seat (dog harnessed). I did consider the auris t spirit as it has a smaller engine but still has climate and cruise control. Dealers were off
  15. Thank you all for the suggestions, one reason I'm erring on the side of keeping is because I find it comfortable to drive (especially long journeys) so suspension upgrades aren't a top priority. I will certainly upgrade the headlamp bulbs to one of those recommended. Am I right in thinking its a TNS 700 unit in a 2008 t spirit, if so does anyone know what I can upgrade it to, or is it a case of speaking to Mr T? I know upgrade discs are expensive but I hate having things stuck on the windscreen. Thanks for the replies so far peeps. J
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