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  1. Easier said than done! She is insistent her foot should be firmly planted on accelerator pedal. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Think I’ll disable it. My wife doesn’t even like cruise control for some reason. 🙄 Thanks for the reply.
  3. Car back today. It’s seems to be working OK, however, when I set overspeed to 5mph, it doesn’t seem to apply it. It defaults to 3mph. 😡😡 DRCC function - is this linked to RSA? Found this….. Radar Cruise Control with Road Sign Assist YARIS(HB) Owner's Manual_Europe_MK0001_en When this function is enabled and the system is operating in vehicle- to-vehicle distance control mode (→P.216), when a speed limit sign is detected, the recognized speed limit will be displayed with an up/down arrow. The set speed can be increased/reduced to the recog- nized speed limit by pressing and holding the “+RES”/“-SET” switch.
  4. Just picked these up and fitted them. Wish I’d have read the accessory instructions first! 🥴 Assumed is was a peel off backing ( glue side ), align as best as, smooth out as best as. Turns out, I’ve fitted them in incorrect orientation ( according to model ) and should have lubricated both surfaces prior to fit. Not sure how this works if adhesive is already applied to patch. Will see if they annoy me over the next few weeks. If so, might rip them off and try again.
  5. So they have installed an update on our RSA system. Apparently, this one is due to be released as a service bulletin within next few days. 🤜🤛 Also confirmed Digital Speedo can be changed manually from Mph to Kph ( and Vice-versa) via setting menu in instrument cluster. Settings, Instrument cluster, Units. Not tried it yet; car still not back with us until tomorrow..
  6. All Toyota OEM accessories are being reduced in price, so can be found for around £70.
  7. What I can’t understand is - if RSA knows you’re in a LHD country, why don’t you have an option to change Digital Speedo to Kph?
  8. Apparently, Toyota have been requested to release an update to correct, but they’ve refused to remove algorithm as system won’t automatically recognise if owners travel to different countries. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. I think EU law specifies weight sensing in all occupant seats. Seatbelt reminder systems will become mandatory on every new car seat – front and rear – from September 2019, as part of new regulations being adopted by the EU. Existing EU vehicle safety rules, agreed in 2009, only require seatbelt reminder systems on the driver’s seat. Under the new regulations, set out by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), front seat systems will need to be able to detect a passenger sitting – and make an audible warning at the start of the journey if the belt is not attached. The requirements for rear seats differ slightly in that the audible warning will only sound if a belt is unbuckled during the journey. Sounds like all seats must have weight sensing? 🥴
  10. Weird. I had the “check rear seat” warning coming up every time I powered off, with nothing on rear seats. I went into settings and deactivated the warning. I thought it was just a standard message/reminder - regardless.
  11. Further update to my post above. Dealer, along with Toyota Technical are stating the change to Kph is down to road sign positions and system thinking it’s LHD drive, thus setting at kph. They state this is normal behaviour and will revert back to mph when system recognises signs on LH side of the road. They are keeping the car though to check software in other ECUs. Think they’ve had the car more than we have!! 😡
  12. I was looking at build spec on our new Yaris just before we picked it up and it does state LH dip (RHD) on spec. This is a Design spec with LED headlamps.
  13. So they’ve had to order a replacement camera for our Yaris - as per bulletin highlighted by Bob. Not only have I had issues with body panel fit and finish ( went under car today in dealer and most fixings are loose due to only securing into plastic inserts ), we now have another wait for the camera to be swapped out. All this on a car built in March/April 22! 🤷🏻‍♀️ They couldn’t do anything with loose fixings, but also found all Yaris on pitch ( including ours ) has a sharp edge on rear bumper to rear 1/4 panel on Drivers side ( RHD ). Run your hand over that join moving from front to rear. It’s not nice.
  14. Mine is in dealer now ( produced April 22 ) and RSA is showing red at 70mph when speedo is 65Mph.
  15. Point I was making is - if airbag light is on, it’s an MOT fail and not easily cleared by pulling a fuse. 👍
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