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  1. Nope. No tick boxes. I’m only a Bronze member: will that restrict my ability to do this?
  2. Yeah, got the list of attachments & tried everything to try to delete them. Can’t find that option.
  3. Can anyone explain how I can delete attachments so I can upload to new posts? Saying I’ve used all my attachment capacity, so need to delete. Thanks.
  4. 17” Space saver spare wheel for sale - collection only. PCD 100x5 offset 45. Stud size is M12. Came from Lexus CT, so believe it will fit Auris, Prius, plus a few more. Please check your info prior to any purchase. New continental tyre - never used. £40 but open to offers.
  5. I’ve never seen it in a Lexus or Toyota............ C-HR doesn’t have it.
  6. I’ve just had the “fix” for DAB reception today. They confirmed my software is up-to-date, but had to fit the in-line filter. Will have to see if it improves reception over the next few weeks.
  7. Heated ( electrically) front screens are a Ford patent, therefore, no other Manufacturers are allowed to fit. Front screen button in C-HR uses HVAC system to clear screen.
  8. Text option seems to be greyed out on my screen.
  9. I’m getting around 48mpg, but that’s with the wife using her heated seat and heater set at 26c. 🙄 I'm expecting 58mpg as the weather warms up - if we get out that is.
  10. I had it also on my Lexus CT. My wife’s Nissan Juke also had it - albeit not enabled initially. I do like cars built in Japan; most parts are sourced locally = better quality/durability. Just my preference and not saying there is anything wrong with cars built in Turkey or UK.
  11. So there is no drive-away locking available on C-HR. Some legal rulings in Europe apparently. Ive also purchased Carista and had a play with some settings. Also downloaded latest maps and software. My Toyota app - I noticed after sending settings to car from app, keyless locking and lighting had been switched off. I’ve stopped using it now. It’s not very good. Early summary of car since owning ( 4 weeks ):- 1. Heater is not great. Car drops into EV and heater loses its impact as engine is not running. Assumed car gap had PTC. 2. MPG not as good as I thought it would be. S
  12. I’ve asked the dealer to have a look when it goes in next week. Noticed the C-HR projection from mirrors is almost illegible.
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