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  1. If a bulb blows, it’s £3 or £20 for headlamp. If LED goes it’s £100, even £700 if it’s an headlamp. Don’t get me wrong, LED are better for visibility, so I tend to buy LED bulbs and use those, opposed to built-in units.
  2. They are only an advisory, so not an MoT failure. So, you could not do anything or carry out your repair. I’m sure though, many won’t attempt such a technical piece of work. Always wary about LED lamps, so I’m happy my mk3 has bulbs in the main.
  3. Apologies, found a previous thread now…..
  4. Starensis

    Mk3 DRLs

    Not sure if this has been asked before and can’t find anything within search…… Has anyone changed the standard DRL bulb to LED? Can see it’s double filament but wedge type bulb. Looking into replacing stop and tail bulbs also.
  5. Disk covers are only normally fitted to deep sea markets. As Yaris is built in France: we’re only a short hop over the channel, so can’t see why they’d fit them. Toyota could of course have made them standard due to being in holding stock due to Covid.
  6. On all 4 wheels? Normally signifies a manual torque wrench used opposed to automatic multi-spindle in plant.
  7. Take it or leave it…..everyone has a choice. My personal opinion - which is what a forum is all about. No?
  8. Having worked in car manufacturing, I can honestly say I’d never order a brand new model until it’s at least 6 months into production. I won’t say why, but just hold off until early next year.
  9. Starensis

    Loose rattle

    If they’re not capable of removing or repairing a seat, they shouldn’t be operating or be being used!
  10. There have been issues with bolt coming loose between column and intermediate shaft. Not particularly on CHR, but other Toyota products. They replace bolt. Worth checking tightness if you have the tools and can access them.
  11. Post code only can be a range of houses. My post code covers 30 houses! Add street and house number or POI and it will take you straight there. Use myToyota to establish if you have latest map installed.
  12. Build with any Toyota are common. They use Toyota Production Systems to build. The issue would be with lack of design testing due to Covid or cost saving.
  13. Starensis

    Loose rattle

    It’s annoying when squeaks and rattles are picked up. I personally hate having them. That said, my 2018 model is great. Only noise I have is from after market wind deflectors expanding and contracting in the heat. Most noises are where components or part labels are touching. Toyota though are normally pretty good in designing these out. The rear rattle could be tailgate side buffers ( ones fixed to body ). It’s a common issue along with boot trims. I wouldn’t give up on dealer fixing them. Possibly being fobbed off in Ireland. Speak to customer relations also and air your disappointment of the quality and dealer.
  14. Starensis

    Loose rattle

    Have you checked it’s not something in glovebox or rolling around on the floor? Check door pockets also.
  15. For confirmation - car doesn’t have adaptive cruise control. Switch is for collision mitigation/warning and uses camera at top of windscreen.
  16. It does notify on centre display. You can answer by pressing centre button on right switch cluster.
  17. Thanks. Not obvious at all. I went through owners manuals and it only showed Type A controls. I’ll give it a go - once the microphone issue is sorted. 😩
  18. Thanks flash22. Think I’ll see what dealer comes up with first. Might get a free Nav/software update out of it. 😉
  19. Yes, before moving out of P, you have to press brake pedal, but not to start engine.
  20. Anyone know which buttons on steering wheel are used to answer phone?
  21. Our 1.5L Icon Tech CVT ( non-hybrid) can be started without brake pedal being pressed. Only needs to be in P.
  22. Thanks. Does this allow any adjustment or just check it’s working? Does the reset wipe presets in Nav? I’ve been into this menu on my CHR, so am aware of it.
  23. It’s only running 6.10.0 atm. Have to get an update for it either at dealer or via internet.
  24. Just checked via those settings and volume is around 2 segments when talking. Looks like I’ll have to get it booked in for some adjustments. Also find touch screen very temperamental. Must have tried 6/7 times to adjust treble on radio up with arrow button. Just didn’t want to respond for 20+ seconds.
  25. Ahh, OK. So if I take into dealer, they will be able to increase mic sensitivity.
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