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  1. Corolla are a bit too big for her in/out of city. The search continues……..🥴
  2. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. 👍 Will see what the next few days/weeks bring, but trying to put her off a Nissan Puke! 🤮 It’s certainly not a buyers market out there. 😞
  3. Got £2k more than we paid for it! 🤑🤑🤑 Been looking at Hyundai i10’s and Kia Picanto’s today. Although the Kia are thin on the ground, we have a test drive booked for tomorrow. Had a test drive in an i10 today and quite impressed with it. Only 998cc on 17 plate and only £7500. Just trying to get a higher spec now. Looked at MK3 Yarisussesss and they are extortionate prices. £9k for 2013 car with 50k miles! 😳 We’re in no rush to replace the MK4, but looks like we may find something over the next few days. 👍
  4. It’s gone! Sold today. 😌
  5. Tbh, it’s what I’d expect of Toyota and a new design. They do take these tests very seriously. Looks like car will be gone; if not tomorrow, early next week. ☹️. Wife is rubbing her hands together with the extra we’ve been offered for it. 🙄
  6. You get what you pay for……as the saying goes.
  7. Agree. Trying to convince her it’s not all about pretty colours and red mirror covers! 🙄😬
  8. I’ve heard people say - for the money, they’re a decent car, but the style and fact they’re a cheap Renault, put me right off.
  9. Don’t start me off on that………………
  10. I know. Women buy with their eyes and heart, not their heads. Trying to put her off it every second I can. I’d rather she had a Suzuki Swift!
  11. We did discuss the Aygo; having had a couple on loan whilst the Yaris was in for all its defects. Later models are OK, older ones not so much. Not too fussed about auto either as I won’t be driving it. 🙏🏼😉 She wants another Nissan Juke. 🙄
  12. Yeah, know it will be a tough ask. We’re not in any rush to replace the MK4 tbh. Think we may try life with one car - mine. 🥴
  13. Visibility in most newer cars now is not good around A pillars. Structural/NCAP trade off. I find the interior door handles very poor for access/location. As for the drive: I agree, it does make you smile.
  14. Yaris seats have never been very comfortable imo, but they’re not the worst out there. Lack of lumber support and side to side bolster support are a massive miss though.
  15. Well, 3 months into ownership of her new 22 plate Yaris, my wife has decided she doesn't want the expense of a new car. 🙄 Been offered more than we paid for it tbh ( which I think made up her mind ), so looks like it will be gone soon. We've had a few issues with the car from new, so not too sad to see it go, however, the Gen4 hybrid set up is fantastic and something i'll miss. If anyone is selling a MK3 Yaris - with lowish miles and decent spec, be sure to DM me with the info. She has around £8k to spend. I still own a C-HR, so will still be active on forum. 🤪
  16. Thought they would; off the back of Relax and material/logistic costs rising.
  17. Intermediate is £190, full £320 ( I think ). x2 int and 1 full = £700. x2 full and 1 int = £830.
  18. I’ve changed mine today to LED. MK4 Yaris dome lights. I’ve discovered that the black portion of the assy unclips from main body. x4 clips front and rear and x1 each side. Came out easily after first 2/3 clips released. One alarming aspect though - all the buttons fell out once I’d removed panel. They all clipped back in though with no issues. You will need a trim tool to release panel. As already stated, LED bulbs are polarity conscious, so if they don’t work, try rotating them 180 degrees. Also ensure the switch ( where buttons fell out ) have not been accidentally switched to off. 👍👍
  19. Comment was related to Relax warranty.
  20. Hard to prove it was defective material tbh. May look at getting it re-covered soon though. Suppose my point was - Toyota will find a reason why they can’t cover a claim, rather than they will.
  21. I put in a claim ( twice for same issue ) for wear on my steering wheel leather on my C-HR. Car was just over 3 years old with a 5 year warranty. Have a guess whether they changed it?
  22. There are many get-out clauses, believe me!
  23. One other catch - there isn’t any 0% finance now either. Think it’s 1.9% now.
  24. Car buying sites are offering £2k more for our MK4 Design than we paid for it! 🤷🏻‍♀️
  25. If they're recyclable, then that would help - yes. Hybrid batteries also last a lot longer than an oil filter and oil. 👍
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