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  1. Yes you can take out a service plan but the warranty is not dependent on you doing this. As a tesla only has 70 moving parts there's not much to service. The car is permanently connected to the internet any issues and the engineers log into the car remotely and adjust the software they do this from their desks no need to take the car to a dealership. Any software updates are automatically sent to all their cars. The car learns your routes so if there's a certain road you travel on that has potholes the car knows it is approaching them and adjusts it ride height to smooth them out. Tesla is releasing a SUV next then a 3 series size saloon that is supposed to sell for low 20k ish.
  2. Interestingly I was talking to a Tesla dealer who said their cars come with a 8 year warranty and you don't need to get it serviced. They do offer a yearly service which includes swapping the wheels and a full wheel alignment for £500!, but the warranty is not dependent on you doing this. Electric cars have no oils or coolants and very few moving parts. Thrers really nothing to service. Tesla is going to change the world of motoring and the way people buy cars
  3. Is there anything to service on these? Only brakes and tyres isn't there
  4. Funkyboy

    High Mileage

    That's good feedback I do agree about the high purchase price a 3 year old Prius is right up there with a BMW 3 series
  5. Funkyboy

    High Mileage

    Almost every car is capable of high mileage is maintained correctly to be honest. However obviously if a high mileage user, the fuel savings in a Prius vs diesel or standard petrol will be even bigger! They used to be, but I believe its only the PiP which is exempt now (they moved the goal posts a little while ago regarding emissions).I agree that cars can go longer if probably maintained but in a lot of cars this maintenance can become prohibitive modern diesels need egr valves dpf changes even some gearboxes only last 120k (ask any range rover drivers) but the Prius seems to only need basic maintenance which doesn't cost a lot to get done.
  6. Funkyboy

    High Mileage

    Just looking on Autotrader and it's noticeable the amount of Prius's with really high mileage into over 6 figures. It must be one of the few cars you buy nowadays where you are practically guaranteed a car that can do this sort of mileage. There are very few cars now (especially diesels) that can do this sort of mileage without wallet busting maintenance bills.
  7. Yes it's a main Toyota dealership I was thinking the same about the price. A quick look on autotrader shows them around 6-7k but at independent dealers not Toyota.
  8. Just test drove a Gen 2 t spirit at my local Toyota dealer. It's an 08 with 35k and 7 dealer stamps. I really think the Gen 2 drives better than the gen 3 and feels more substantially built. I'm thinking of it as a commuter car for my 76 mile total daily commute in stop start traffic. It's up for 8k with 12mths warranty. Any advice on this model and the price? Thanks
  9. Right I've spoken with the local toyota dealer and they have agreed to me having a Prius for 24 hrs so I can do my commute. I will be picking it up on Wednesday and I have to add it to my own insurance which seems a bit weird. Anyway I will let you all know how I get on Thanks
  10. Yes my car does return 50MPG very easily. I have seen the official MPG for it and it should be 48-48.5 but myne hits 52MPG easy on motorway and 45-46MPG city with stop/start engine. The crusie range shows 310 ish on full tank and I get 400 miles easy. This happens at cruising at 80-90MPH. I have also never experienced and of the wind noise issues (fingers crossed) and never happens. There are downsides such as bland interior and some creaks here and there on very bumpy roads. Overall I would go for Hybrid at the end only because my Auris is depreciating really badly, Ive lost 1.5k in price since purchasing it 7 months ago.I've noticed the price drop in Auris Hybrids while the Prius looks like its price is holding very well even going up insome case
  11. Hi guys thanks for the feedback you've convinced me to try a Prius. I did test drive a Prius last year for the wife but older models. The gen 2 was really good .2-3 year old gen 3 I tried was a bit rattly. I will contact my local Toyota dealer and ask for a 24 hr test drive (don't know if they do this) totally agree about the price they've actually gone up since I last looked. I have seen though on drive the deal that I can get a new plugin for 23k (they are doing massive discounts on new Prius) or 22k for a t3 with leather and nav (I think the ride may be better on the fatter tyres of the t3) I've currently got a 06 plate XJ diesel but my next car has to be petrol due to the issues all diesels eventually get. I'm attracted by the reliability economy and the fact there's hardly any stress on the wearable components on the Prius. Only thing is I've been spoilt by how quiet my car is on the motorway no wind road or tyre noise. Do any of the Prius's have a decent sound system? I will let you all know how I get on.
  12. Hi All, I'm looking to buy a hybrid and fancy the auris (old shape) I do 80 miles a day 90% motorway the journey in is mostly stop start do to the volume of traffic so I think the hybrid would cope nicely with that. The journey home is a clear motorway run so would I lose economy? Also do you think the Auris is a suitable commuting car (I'm looking at the t-spirit) I've tried the Prius but think the auris t-spirit drives and feels better. I want to avoid the diesel option for the long term issues they give. Thanks
  13. Hi all, I was just wondering has anyone any idea why the lexus ct hybrid is now cheaper used than a used prius of the same year? The price of used prius's seems to be going up 11/12 plates are circa 14-15k while the lexus is around 11/12k
  14. About to go ahead with a auris hybrid 61 plate t spirit only concern is will regular short journeys be enough to keep the small battery charged. Cars for the wife who 2 days aweek does a short journey of 4 miles round trip rest of the week she will use it as she needs for round town driving. Some times she won't use at all for a day or two. Probably does 5k a year max Everything else about the car is right for her just don't want her to have any issues Does anyone else have a hybrid and do similar journeys?
  15. It's the little daylight running ones just above to the side of the fogs lights they look like maybe little LEDs