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  1. Open to offers, soon to ebayed!
  2. For sale, a hardly used Pioneer AVH-270BT Touchscreen Car audio system - see below for link to specifications http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/head-units/double-din/pioneer-avh-270bt-6-2-cd-dvd-reciever-bluetooth-usb-touchscreen-stereo This comes with fascia adaptor, Connects2 Steering wheel interface adaptor and harness ready to plug in to a 2008 era Rav4. All in perfect working order - stereo is in original box. £200 posted to UK address, would cost around £260 to buy all the parts.
  3. Hi all, I've got a brand new 17" Spare wheel (original Toyota steel) with a Geolander G91a tyre on it, never been used and with an unused set of wheel bolts to got with it. I bought it as a spare for my 2008 Rav4. Size is 225/65 R17 101H I'm looking for £150, collection only though (Durham area) PM me if anyones interested. (pics available on request!)
  4. I do like that colour, its rare and I've only ever seen one like it in the flesh! Do you know what the colour is called?
  5. Yeah when I had this I had the box off the car and shaking it revealed the rattle!
  6. I wonder if the outer skin of one of the exhaust parts is loose now? I've had that before where it looks ok, but the internal parts have collapsed or seperated from the outer part. In my case it rattled a lot, but the exhaust note was also different as well - more boomy if you know what I mean?
  7. Well I decided to take a look at mine today after washing the car. Taking the plastic cover off showed the pipes to be in good condition, apart from the bottom bracket where there was obvious corrosion and crud collecting. Not very happy about that as the pipe will need replacing in the future, and it it a design flaw as this area is a trap for rubbish. It's all very well saying this isn't a fast moving part, but if they're all like this then a lot of this era RAV4s are going to be finding leaks in the next few years! Just for info, my rav is a low mileage 2008 that was garaged and fastidiously maintained the first owners for 5-6 year before I got it. I always wash the road salt out of the wheelarches but this has had no effect it seems, Maybe I should order the pipe now as the delays in supply are an issue! Another black mark on the supposedly build quality for me, as the last time I replaced a rotten fuel pipe was on a early 90s cavalier.
  8. That price is pure extortion for what they are! Are they the same price for the 4.3 models?
  9. This is one of the reasons I'm looking at freelanders, I've found Toyota's post sales support completely underwhelming. Uninterested in helping with any problems. That could just be my local dealer (who doesn't seem to have the best reputation!) but that's what I have to work with.
  10. As your next car, no. As a garden shed, it's pretty good. My daughter came home with one of those a while back and I questioned her sanity. It was a money pit, the biggest pile of excrement I've ever had the misfortune to have parked on my drive. One of the worst vehicles I've ever come across. MoTs required circa £1k per year to get the thing passed. In the end it was FWD only due to multiple (and horrendously expensive) failures of various bits of the 4WD system. The reliability of modern LRs is epic - epically atrocious!! Only to be considered if your hobby is using £50 notes to fire your BBQ. Hmm, and the diesel Rav4 is the epitome of reliability and quality! :D I had a FL2 for a month as a courtesy car and I found it a lovely motor. The older first gen ones seem to be problematic though.
  11. I was considering a Freelander 2 as my next car, maybe I should get some gaffer tape ready!
  12. I had an advisory on my 38k 8 year old rear Yoko's recently as well - some evidence of cracking. I guess I'll change them soon even though they're only half worn I guess it shows that yokos wear well, but the natural deterioration has caught up with them.
  13. And here was me thinking Toyota were better built than average! In the two years I've had mine it hasn't let me down, but the build quality is no better than the vauxhalls or fords I've had. And I never had a dangerous rusty fuel pipe on cars much older! With the noisy steering starting to manifest itself on mine, and possibly other expensive issues I'm seriously starting to rethink my plan to keep my rav for another couple of years. I took a petrol Vauxhall omega to 150000 miles and the only things I replace were wear and tear items and a few tired suspension items. My rav is at 40k miles and I'm not too confident its coping as well as the supposedly lesser car! I think the Toyota legend is getting like the vw one, in that it's based on their past history and not the more recent reality.
  14. I've just noticed recently (possibly with the warmer weather and I've got the windows open!) that there is a sort of whirring/rapid clicking noise coming from my 2008 petrol Rav - it only seems to be when the car has been sitting for a while, and only when turning the steering when parked If I actually move around in circle the noise doesn't happen, so I guess that puts out cv joints? Its not a particularly loud noise which is probably why I've just noticed it when driving out of parking space with the windows open. Once I've driven a few miles I can't seem to replicate it! I've read that theres a lot of issues with the steering racks/boxes on Ravs of this age but it seems to be more clunks and knocking whereas mine is more of a fast clicking/whirring. Its just been serviced and nothing was brought up by the garage who gave it a good once over. Anyone else noticed this kind of noise on their rav?
  15. ALake

    Centre Exhaust

    Well a local garage fitted the exhaust today for 30 quid. £80 all in and it looks like a decent quality part as well. Would recommend thit ebayer seller if anyone's interested, it only took 3 days to arrive from Germany!
  16. ALake

    Centre Exhaust

    I tried Euro but they seem to be out of stock, these ebay company is German and promised delivery in 3 days! Worth a go I suppose. I know you have to cut the exhaust just after the secondary cat so I'm hoping my local exhaust experts can do that.
  17. Like many others before me, my centre exhaust has started to blow With toyotas stupid pricing for this part it was either ditch the car or source an alternative. 10 minutes on ebay seems to have provided a matching part for £50 which will require fitting by a local garage. Hopefully this will be a workable solution or its a) £50 down the drain and B) au reviour to my rav4! I'll let you know how it works out!
  18. Lovely looking motor,really like that colour and it seems quite rare!
  19. I've got a 2008 2.0 Petrol and I've had it nearly 2 years and 25,000 miles now. Generally its a great car, very comforable for long drives and the XTR comes will all the kit I need. Negatives? Its a bit thirsty but I still average 30mpg overall during a hard commute which I think is ok for type of car. The petrol engine is a bit noisy but powerful enough for most people. I find the clutch a bit heavy and 'springy' and the over-revving when dipping the clutch takes some getting used to! But I'd still have another one, and so far the slightly higher fuel costs have been the only costs involved apart from servicing. Make sure the centre exhaust pipe is in good nick, as that costs approximately £1 million from Toyota - well, nearly anyway! :-)
  20. There are others one here who know more about the autos but the usual checks to see it changes smoothly without any jerks etc. make sure it starts easily and no dodgy coloured smoke from the exhaust. Might be worth checking the age of the tyres as they might be originals and worth replacing even with plenty of tread left on them! Check the oil and see if it's a nice golden colour, make sure it brakes straight and true without any pulling and maybe get a cheap online finance check done. I'm no expert. It they're the basic things I'd check.
  21. With that mileage, and that spec and in that colour and condition I think thats a nice find! Still worth trying to knock a few hundred quid off but it looks like a really nice cared for example!
  22. ALake

    Locked Posts

    Sometimes a forum works better if the thread is allowed to wander off topic a little, that's how most conversations go in real life.
  23. Might be worth tipping a bottle of something like Forte Top End Treatment in? I'm not a big fan of additives but I've found the forte stuff usually does what it's supposed to. I think it works best when added to fresh oil. It quietenend down some nosy tappers on a older mini I used to have.
  24. Maybe one disc has worn badly/unevenly (stone wedged in there?) and replacing them both is the best option? I've been amazed how long OEM discs have lasted on some of my cars - but it is down to braking style/luck/regular usage I reckon!
  25. ALake


    "They believe in their products that's why a 5 year warranty is put on their vehicles" Or they do that because they're trying to compete with everyone else. I like my toyota but I'm under illusion that toyota are better than anyone else for reliability. And first hand I can say their customer service was pretty poor - again like other manufacturers I've dealt with. A lot goes down to the individual dealer - but that's the front facing side of toyota we have to deal with. I've had dealing with separate (Ford) dealers in my area - one great, one very poor - the great one changed into a different make ironically but it stopped me buying a ford in my area because I was left with the crappy dealer! Anyway, back on topic. I must remember to see if my vin number is recognised tonight!
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