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  1. Thanks Heidfirst PM sent to parts king
  2. Hi there where is the best place to purchase a new 2013 Auris sport wheel.Some forums have a dealer that offers parts at reasonable price for forum members do we have a dealer here that offers this service ? Thanks
  3. Thats good to know that you can get it here in the UK
  4. I have a 8 inch MB Quart sub that is is a sealed box in the boot that takes up very little space as the box is about the size of a shoe box
  5. Megs 26 paste wax is also a very good product I have found that with the right prep you don't need tobe spending any more than £20 on wax to get great result. Don't get sucked into all the fancy products out there .
  6. I'm using an American glass cleaner called Stoners and it is very good easy to use and now streaking. Not sure if you can get it hear in the UK
  7. I have this on my car as a lsp and like you says very good. And I have tried quite a few waxes in the past including colinight, nxt2' dura gloss ad this is my favourite
  8. I have a MK 2 Auris that has under the passengers seat a JBL MS8 along with a MB Quart amp as there is quite a bit of room .
  9. http://www.audiocontrol.com/17612/645207/OEM-Integration/Two-Channel-Line-Out-Converter-with-AccuBASStm-and-Subwoofer-Control----LC2i.html
  10. In order to retain the stock hu you could use a audio control lc2i.I have used one of these with good results
  11. Can anyone tell what type of lamps fit the 2 light that are just above the rearveiw mirror ? As I'm looking to fit some led replacements. Thanks
  12. Looks good where did you pick up the power for them
  13. Do you have the pics that you mention ?
  14. Hi there can anyone tell me if the MK2 Auris aerial connection (blue Wire) will work as a remote turn on cable for a external amp. Or is this wire only live when the headunit is in the radio function.? Thanks
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