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  1. I have a Auris Sports Touring. My thoughts Fuel consumption, 60+ mpg Low profile tyres, no problem in fact I find that the tyres and suspension work well together. It soaks up speed bumps. Comfort, I drive this car for hours and not feel tired. Totally relaxing drive. I do 18000 plus miles a year. It's not a diesel, cheaper fuel costs, no complicated Diesel engine with all the pollution controls. Speedo, odd numbers are half way between the even numbers it's not rocket science. If you can't see the numbers then perhaps a trip to the opticians is needed. As you can tell I am very happy with the car. To be honest I didn't buy the car because it's a Hybrid, I just loved the driving experience. I have had this car a year now and still have a smile on my face every time I get in it. Mick
  2. I for one am absolutely pleased with my Aurus tourer.
  3. Just been ready the manual (1st time ) if the car is set to ECO mode it affects the way the heating works.
  4. I have had my Auris Exel touring Sports for 3 months now and have done 4700 miles. I just love this car. It's so relaxing to drive and comfortable. I was getting 57 mpg (true mpg) but as winter crept in it has dropped to 54 ish. I don't consider this bad for a petrol automatic car (paying petrol prices not diesel). Also when I pop in to town, which is about 3 miles it will still give over 45 mpg. I have no problem with the 17in wheels. They where on the test drive car so if people don't won't them why do they still buy it ? As for the 12 volt batterie problem, touchwood I have not had a problem. Must admit it is used most days. I bought a space saver wheel when I purchased the car. It has not being all plain sailing, the touch and go plus kept resting its self. Toyota replaced it after they had the car for 2 days before it played up them. So what I am trying to say is that there are people out there that really love this car. It is certainly not a perfect car but what is. I did a lot of research before buying this car and it certainly wasn't cheap, but over all I think I made the right choice. Mick
  5. Hi Renzo Welcome. I had the same dilemma as you, almost exactly the same. I took the Auris Sports Touring out for a test drive and absolutely loved it. Had a test drive in a diesel Skoda Octavia booked but when I got their they did not have one their for me to drive, I was not happy. The upshot is I bought the Auris. Have not regretted it one bit. I am getting about 55 mpg doing 70 miles commute a day motorway and A roads. The mpg is worked out by Using Fuely. It is so relaxing and easy to drive. Good fuel economy is good, motorway or town. A diesel won't do that. Don't forget that you are paying petrol prices not diesel. I have had the car nearly 3 months now and still can't wait to to drive it. Never had an automatic before will never go back to a manual again. Mick
  6. pops please ignore this post and read the newer one
  7. I have 2 problems with my Auris 1.I just can't wanting to drive the damn thing 2. people don't hear it in car parks I love it Mick
  8. Mickfb

    One Week On

    I have had my Auris S/T for over a week now. I can honestly say that it is the best car I have ever owned. It's so quite and relaxing to drive, yet if you need some extra go it is there if needed. It's such a nice car to look at as well. I drive about 400 miles a week half A roads half motorway, I am averaging about 55 mpg. That is the same I was getting on my Hyundai i10. So overall I am really pleased. Mick
  9. Mickfb

    Touch And Go

    I am trying to update my touch and go plus. Is there a imac version for the toolbox application. Not having a lot of luck trying to find it. Many thanks Mick
  10. Mickfb

    New Auris

    It's a good old fashioned handbrake
  11. Mickfb

    New Auris

    We'll have it just 2 days and just love it. It is a totally different way to drive its so relaxing to drive. I bought the car from Steven eagell northants. Mick
  12. Mickfb

    New Auris

    Tomorrow is the big day 😛 I pick up my nice new zenith blue Auris sports tourer excel 😃 A very happy Mick
  13. Oh I am so jealous , mine doesn't come to next week. Still make up for going back to work after 2 weeks off. Mick
  14. Not wishing to up set anyone but why don't they just drive and enjoy their car. I know I asked questions. I listened to the answers, made a decision on the information given. If people have to ask so many questions maybe a hybrid is not the car for them. Rung the dealer today, my Auris S/T is on the production line. So not long now. Mick
  15. Snap my Auris S/T is also ordered in Island blue. Due for delivery 30th sept, fingers crossed Mick
  16. I test drove the hatch and the tourer can't say I noticed much difference. Mick
  17. Glad you got one in the end and that you are happy with it. Like you we have the opportunity to change to a larger car. Went to Toyota to see a Auris, only looking but the salesman said try on now so we did and I loved it. Booked a test drive of a Skoda Octavia the following weekend. Turned up for test drive and they didn't have a car their for me to try, we'll I was not best pleased and told them that . On the way back home we popped into Toyota and asked if we could halve a longer test drive. No problem they said so had 2 hour test drive on our own. So am now waiting dor delivery os a Auris sports tourer excel. There was no pressure from the salesman, can not praise them enough. Shall look forward to taking the new car to Skoda and show them that I was a serious buyer. Mick
  18. Had a 2 hour test drive in the hatchback version. I didn't drive it like a granny in fact I done a lot of overtaking speeds and driving at 70 mph on the motorway. In total I drove 80 miles and the car read out was showing 67 mpg avg. The good wife loved the smooth ride and comfortable seats. I personally just loved the relaxing drive and soon got the hand of economical driving. I would have liked to have a drive of the tourer first but the salesmen assured me it is not too different to the hatchback. I just love the looks and practicability of the tourer all reviews seem okay(the decent reviews). Anyway signed on the dotted line and have to wait 4 weeks. Mick
  19. Deposit paid Auris Excel hybrid sports tourer in zenith blue. Again many thanks for all your helpful comments. Mick
  20. Well I think it is safe to say, that "myth" is busted Many thanks to you all. Mick
  21. Update. Went to Skoda to test drive the Octavia that I pre booked, they didn't have a car for me to try . I was not happy, told them they have just lost a cash sale. Must be someone trying to tell me something! So called into Toyota and booked in a 2 hour test drive I think the salesman can taste blood !. Mick
  22. Thanks all for the excellent advice. Shall report back tomorrow. I have been thinking along the same lines as you Cyker. I know I shall be wooed by its power and smooth ride but Auris still keeps calling me.
  23. Sorry to bring this subject up again, but I am seriously thinking of buying a new Auris hybrid sports tourer. My commute is half A roads half motorway, 35 miles each way.I am concerned about bad mpg on motorways. I currently drive a Hyundai i10 have been very happy with this car but I have the opportunity to get a bigger car. Shall be test driving a Skoda octavia 2 litre DSG tomorrow. Completely different car to the hybrid but have to check out all options. Was really taken with the Auris on a test drive last week. Many thanks Mick.
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