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  1. Hi Lee. If you have a spare £7K to spare in your bank account that you are prepared to part with then I personally would suggest you sell the car. Regards, Mike169.
  2. Hi my Friend. I have a Rav4 diesel and I wished I had bought a petrol version. Forget the possible extra's in fuel economy which do not happen, I don't get 30mph and I totally wish I had bought a petrol version. I hope you have took my comments politely. Regards, Mike.
  3. Hi Sysaha. If you open the link below it may help you. https://www.bing.com/search?q=toyota+Yaris+2011+MK+3+headlams+adusting+screws&form=EDNTHT&mkt=en-gb&httpsmsn=1&plvar=0&refig=b0c5648b61134ab7df1124ce948b0872&sp=-1&ghc=1&pq=toyota+yaris+2011+mk+3+headlams+adusting+screws&sc=0-47&qs=n&sk=&cvid=b0c5648b61134ab7df1124ce948b0872 Regards, Mike.
  4. Hi. Two comments. Toyota do a fixed price for the battery and fitting priced at £125.00, a bargain as it is a very big battery. Do you have a multimeter and if so disconnect the black earth battery lead, and if you know how to use the multimeter you can detect any large battery drain on your car. If you do the disconnecting of your battery beforehand wind the windows down, open the drivers door and keep the keys in your pocket. Regards, Mike.
  5. Hi, have you tried putting a voltmeter/multimeter on the battery to see what the voltage is and does it increase when the engine is running? Regards, Mike.
  6. Hi Gary. If you give this man a call tomorrow, normal working hours, mon to fri, just give him you reg. number and he can help you out with often a good discount too! You will get through to a main switchboard called Lindop Toyota so you have to ask for him, his name is John Devlin, aka The Parts King, aka Kingo and just say I gave you his phone number, he will be fine about this, Mike169 aka Metal Mickey. His phone number is 01244 821031, genuine Toyota parts too and he will most probably post them to you via Royal Mail. Regards, Mike.
  7. Hi Les. May I say a very good answer from you and an obvious test that I overlooked. Regards, Mike.
  8. Hi Scott. You seem an intelligent man to me and always give accurate and informative answers. In your opinion do the Faraday Pouches work, i.e. do they stop the signal from the key, stop/start system stop your signal being amplified at the front door should a thief be trying to steal the car. Many regards, Mike.
  9. Hi Troy. First and foremost was the oil filter you fitted a genuine Toyota oil filter you fitted? A car engine I once rebuilt for a garage, well the customer supplied us with a 'copy part' oil filter and it split at the seam that goes adjacent to the engine so the engine dumped all of it's oil in less than a minute. The customer came back with another 'copy part', oil filter the thread was the same, screw on type, but it didn't have a non return valve inside and he was, the customer, moaning about the big ends etc were noisy upon start up so I simply fitted a genuine oil filter and all was sorted. Hope this helps and a reply will be most appreciated. Regards, Mike.
  10. Hi Steve. You will have to take it to a Toyota Main dealer and pay about £100 so they can plug your car into a laptop to reprogram your car. Incidentally I had a Mercedes loan car for a while, parking was nightmare as it kept shutting down between going forwards and backwards. Regards, Mike.
  11. Hi All. Reading this thread I found interesting. I personally use a 2012 Rav 4 with very low mileage but have never experienced any Bluetooth connection problems. Am I correct in reading that this problem is only with IPhones as I have a Samsung and so does my wife and regardless of temperature the car just connects assuming we both have our phones in our pockets to the last phone that was logged into the cars system. So I am asking, is it only IPhones or other makes as well? Thank you so much for replying, Mike.
  12. Hi, I was in a battery shop only 2 days ago, Duracell now do car batteries. They look very well made, not the cheapest but I am sure are the best. Regards, Mike.
  13. Mike169


    Hi E. Click on the link below, it will give you information about headlamp bulbs. The fact your steering wheel is on the right makes things easier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmcBYxQH5kU Regards, Mike.
  14. Mike169


    Hi E. As Frostyballs has commented and so have I until you can tell us where your steering wheel is then we can't really help you. If as Frostyballs has indicated if your vehicle is an import you many need complete new headlamps but if your steering wheel is on the right as you sit in the driving seat then it will make it easier. Regards, Mike.
  15. Mike169


    Hi E. Is your steering wheel on the LHS or the RHS of your car/dashboard? Regards, Mike.