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  1. Hi. I suggest you find out the exact name of the gearbox as there is one system that is troublesome and costs fortunes to repair. Regards, Mike.
  2. Hi. I really would like to suggest to you to phone Adrian Flux either phoning them directly or contacting Dan@AdrianFlux, his contact details are at the start of this thread. I drive a normal standard Rav 4 and Toyota insurance for some reason doing less than 4000 miles per annum and Toyota insurance virtually doubled my premium even though I have full protected NCB so I contacted Adrian Flux and they quoted £300 cheaper than Toyota insurance, it was a win/win situation, Dan and Adrian Flux insurance were very professional it doesn't matter which you choose, Dan or the company the price is the same, I personally went directly to Adrian Flux but looking back I wish I had gone through Dan as he is very active on this club as he is easy to message if you have a question. Regards, Mike.
  3. Hi Peter. Here's something I would consider and it's not that expensive and I believe they will come to your house or if you Google them it should show you a local trusted garage that can do this treatment , also the technician might be able to give you some advise that I feel could benefit you. Keep us posted on here to let us all know how you are getting on. https://www.google.com/search?q=tetraclean+engine&oq=tetraclean&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.11591j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Regards, Mike.
  4. Hi. It looks like the pipes come off quite easily, poring them with hot water will make them more pliable and make them easier to remove, one by one i'd remove each pipe and refitting each one once you've purged that one just by cranking the engine over so one pipe will pour diesel out, the one from the tank and another will pour diesel from the pump and I am guessing the 3rd pipe will be a return back to the tank, a return pipe if you like. You may have to purge/bleed out the air at the injectors once you have purged the fuel pump as you will of introduced air into the system. Mike.
  5. Hi. I don't know if this helps at all. I have a 2012/3 Rav with it sounds like the same system as you. I used a 128 gb stick for a 6 foot stack of CD's., all these CD's, a lot, only used about 25gb of the usb stick. I loaded all the CD's onto the stick using a method I cannot remember now but using my computer, but I can recall I just 'dropped' them in and taking a couple of hours. I plugged the usb stick into the same place as you, (Your rubber cover is simply missing). The Touch Two recognises the usb stick straight away, displays the album covers, you select want you want to listen to and it just works. If I unplug the usb stick it just reverts back to the radio station it is tuned into. I didn't download anything, it just worked. Regards, Mike.
  6. Hi. Just a possibility was your wife pressing both pedals at the same time as I know someone who has done this, pressing the brake pedal but slightly catching the accelerator as well.
  7. Hi. Oil choice is important but both grades mentioned will do the job. Generally Toyota garages use 5/20w because it's cheaper. As my car is a few years old now I had the oil changed at a local garage rather than the main dealers as this way I still get a rubber stamp in the service book. I insisted they used 0/20w low ash and they did and I instantly noticed the mpg on the dash computerised gauge went up 3 mpg so although the 0/20w oil is a tad dearer it won't take long to recover the small extra cost involved. Mike.
  8. Hi Wynford. Can I tell you the reason for clutch price differences, well I worked at Fords at Dagenham for quite a few years working on their own fleet of trucks. I often went over the car production line and they'd be fitting Borg and Beck, Valeo etc all to the same engine and I drove a few new cars and they all felt the same. Like the Old codger has said as long as it's not a copy or even a reconditioned I honestly would not like to accurately say the big price difference, a bit of snobbery, other watching the £'s but b & B are good, and what you are paying seems a good deal to me. Mike.
  9. Hi, Borg and Beck are very good, I personally have fitted 100's of clutches and this particular make never gave any trouble as long as it's the correct one of course. Have you got a shaft/tool to centre the friction disc? Mike.
  10. Hi Malcom. Welcome to the club and may I suggest you join the Premium Member Club Discounts, using the tab on the opening page, you get lots of worthwhile discounts. Mike.
  11. Hi, what you are saying is true but as Alan said if the clutch goes wrong it is very questionable who pays for the repairs should things go wrong, the garage can say the parts were faulty so want their labour again and the shop that sells you the parts can say the garage that fitted them did the work incorrectly and not warranty the parts. If you let the garage get the parts and fit them, yes it will cost you a bit more but is more likely to be trouble free to you. Mike.
  12. Hi. I was with Toyota insurance, been with them for about 7 years and this year they almost doubled my insurance. Full NCB etc. Anyway Adrian Flux were over £300 cheaper so may I suggest you get a quote from Dan@Adrian Flux already on this thread, saved me serious money. Regards Mike.
  13. Nice one John, you may of solved Jennifer's problems. Mike.
  14. Hi Jim. First of all welcome to the club. Basically I feel it's dismantle a few parts in the steering and see what's hard to move. My guess would be the N/S lower ball joint, (If it has them). Regards, Mike.
  15. Hi Anthony. OK 2 silly questions, have you checked to see if you are getting a spark at the plugs and have you loosened a fuel pipe as close to the engine as possible to see if fuel is getting through? A test I would do is by a can of Easy Start, take the air filter out and using only a minimal amount of the product, it very inflammable and to much will blow your engine to pieces, give it short squirts whilst someone else cranks the engine over by the key and you feed then engine small amounts of the Easy Start and see if it gets the engine running and if it does start just keep squirting small amounts, this will eliminate the immobiliser. Can you get the cam cover off just enough to make sure both cams are going round, again someone else cranking it on the key and you holding the cover back just enough to makes sure all is going round correctly. Any of these are possible as you just to have to eliminate possible faults one by one. Good luck, Mike.