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  1. Clunky gearbox

    Hi Janet. How about test driving another Yaris so of a similar year to yours so you can compare the gear changes? Mike.
  2. Driving the 2.5 Hybrid RAV 4 2018

    Hi Heidfirst. That's interesting where the Rav's main market is, you have quoted some impressive figures. I find the things you posts interesting as you certainly seem to know your stuff. I sat in a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and yes it's still plastic but the interior is better quality plastic, plastic 'wooden' trim yes but overall the interior was very pleasing to the eye. The biggest negative with the PHEV is the price, very expensive. Apparently we here in the UK the PHEV is more popular than they are in Japan. Regards Mike.
  3. Driving the 2.5 Hybrid RAV 4 2018

    Hi Goncalo. First of all thank you for replying to my post. I like my current Rav 4, I bought it all but new with less than 2000 miles on the clock from a main dealer and it was as expected immaculate. It was registered the last day in 2012 so is now a little over 14,000 miles on the clock. I bought it for the reliability so it will be a good buy to someone when I sell it. Forgetting all that my only negative impression I recall is that the interior looks mass produced and the finish is not to the standard to many other cars I have owned, I feel Toyota could put more refinements in as standard. Overall I am very impressed with the Rav 4, it just 'works' and I put reliability it's main selling point and would buy another one tomorrow. I believe the latest model is better inside and inspired by your posting I went onto the Toyota website and built my own new hybrid Rav 4 with the extra's i'd like, window shopping i'd like, and it came to £38,000, all those little extra's certainly push the price up. Do let us know how you get on if you do get another one, i'd be interested what you thought of your new car once you've had it a short while. Regards Mike.
  4. Clunky gearbox

    Hi Janet. Have a read of the link below, it may help you. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/caradvice/honestjohn/7620984/Toyota-Yaris-gearbox-problems-Honest-John.html Mike.
  5. Driving the 2.5 Hybrid RAV 4 2018

    Hi, the link below may be worth reading. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/toyota/rav4 Mike.
  6. Electrics puzzle

    Hi Paul. Rajiv's suggestion is good but an easier way to check to make sure you have a good negative, black wire on battery is to get one of your jump leads, connect one end to the black wired battery post and the other to solid parts if metal like a lifting eye of the engine or other parts of the bodywork under the bonnet that are not painted. Mike.
  7. Floor Mats

    Hi Mark. Open the link below, it may be able to help you. https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=1pDVWqaDBrCLmwXsioPQCA&q=1999+toyota+corolla+E11+floor+mats&oq=1999+toyota+corolla+E11+floor+mats&gs_l=psy-ab.3...15769.41024.0.43121. Regards, Mike.
  8. Glad to of been able to help you out. I don't know if it was one of the leads I sent you or one you found by yourself, please do let us all know? This TOC club is always helpful and people prepared to search for things in perhaps a different way you may not of thought of yourself. Mike.
  9. Here's another one for you Rebecca, just open the link. https://www.zapmeta.ws/?vid=l10915320828I1523886212&sess=a3a3a303a3a313&bkw=n&template=&asid=ws_gc4_10&awc=zmws&de=c&nwc=&suggest=1&q=glass+window+for+cars+uk Mike.
  10. Oh, I forgot to mention you will need to give him your reg. no. so he can identify your car. Mike.
  11. Ok, another one for you. Email john.devlin@lindop.toyota.co.uk he is a top parts person for obviously Toyota. He has told me where to get parts for mine that are no longer stocked. Alternatively you can phone him on 01978 720074, he's a nice man and easy to chat to, he also has the nickname 'Kingo'. You may get through to a switchboard but just ask for him under either/both of these names, you are welcome to say Mike169 or Metal Mickey gave you his details. Mike.
  12. Hi Rebecca, how about trying Autoglass, just Google them for contact details. Tell them what you need, they can only say sorry if they can't help, worth a phone call. Mike.
  13. Oil choice?

    Hi Peter. It is imperative you use the correct oil or you may do serious damage to your engine. Give this man an email, he's a Toyota main parts person and a very nice man too. He can advise you and probably even sell you the oil and filter as he mail orders many spares and at discounted prices too. john.devlin@lindop.toyota.co.uk. or phone him if you prefer 01978 720074, obviously his name is John Devlin but also has the nickname Kingo, you'll have to wait until Monday of course. You are welcome to tell him I gave you his contact details. Mike169 or Metal Mickey
  14. Air con stinks

    Hi John, when I got my Rav, very low mileage but it had been sitting for a while and bacteria must of built up in the system. So after buying an antibacterial 'bomb' from Halfords, an air con reconditioner which once the top button is depressed the whole can empties itself so make sure all the windows are wound up, put the heating control onto 'recirculate' find a nice central place in the car to put it so now start the car, fan speed on full then let the bomb off and get out of the car as fast as you can, it works better with the pollen filter removed. I did have to do it twice the 2nd time using Dettol antibacterial spray squirting it in every heater slotted plastic entrance I could find, and the 2nd attempt did the trick. Doing this and a new filter should cure your problem. If you don't use the air con at all it will return so on a regular basis let the air con come on to let fresh air, control now set to fresh air, on a regular basis. Good luck. Mike.
  15. Mk2 2.0 D4 grinding/scraping noise

    Hi Johan, well done for working your way through the problem, I am guessing the diode pack has gone in the alternator unit. I am assusimg you have a battery charger, may I suggest you charge up the battery, it will take a full good 2 days to fully charge it. After this time and the battery charger disconnected leave the battery to stand for a few hours and check the voltage with your multimeter to see how many volts are in the battery, you are looking for 12 volts plus. Mike.