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  1. Hi, as a rule the washer goes on the nut side on places where there is a nut and bolt. Mike.
  2. Hi, have you actually bought this car yet? Mike.
  3. Hi Tony. If the red light ever comes on again at say 1500 rpm or higher I feel it is you alternator, the diode pack has worn out, a cheap part in itself but if you don't know how to solder one in then it's an exchange alternator. Often it's cheaper to get your one repaired as you know it will fit but it means of course your car is off the road for a couple of days. Let us all know if it goes wrong again just to keep us all 'up to speed'. Regards, Mike.
  4. Hi Tony, for a short distance only as you will be draining the battery all the time. Defo no lights, HRW, fan etc on. Mike.
  5. Hi, it could be the alternator, you will need a multimeter to check both. Mike.
  6. Hi Bernard. My Rav is older than yours, I bought mine years ago with less than 2000 on the clock, still not done 18,000 miles yet so our models are different so i'm afraid I cannot comment on your question. I wish you luck with your new car. Mike.
  7. Hi, I just bought a new full sized spare wheel with a matching tyre and store it vertically in the back of my Rav sandwiched in between the back seat and the horizontal bar behind. Regards. Mike.
  8. Hi Mark. Welcome to the best Toyota owners web site I know of. Any questions you ever have just ask away, always friendly people on here. Regards, Mike.
  9. Hi, I have no idea if this is the same but on my Rav 4 there is a very small round switch in the rear section that will turn off the rear sensors, 'bleeps' if that is your wish? Regards, Mike.
  10. Hi Lynette. With the greatest of respect the MMT gearbox is considered the worst gearbox Toyota have ever made, personally I would get the car taken to a Toyota dealership, get them to set the gearbox up and sell the car very soon afterwards. Sorry to be so blunt but I felt I had to say it. Regards, Mike.
  11. Hi Lynette. Do you know if it is called what is known as a MMT gearbox? Regards, Mike.
  12. Hi James. Your appreciation is noted. For the info you are seeking there are always Haynes manuals but if you want official Toyota computer downloads two people on here come to mind that can help you with the appropriate links as they are management, Frostyballs and Devon Aygo. You can message them on this thread, private message them, or perhaps they will reply to you on this thread? Incidentally looking at your photo's you have one of a rusty piece of plate metal. If it is close to the exhaust then it is most likely a heat shield, they are always rusting off on older Toyota's and can be expensive to replace. Personally I would either make one, secure it better with repair washers, extra wide ones, or take it off and throw it away. Regards, Mike.
  13. Hi James. There is a man on this site that works for a Toyota main dealer, the dealership is called Lindop. He has a couple of nicknames, The Parts King, Kingo but his real name is John Devlin and the dealership phone numbers is 01978 720074. Just phone it up, ask for him by his real name, give him your reg. number and all being well he can post what you want to you at a discounted price including postage. You can say I gave you his details. Good luck, Mike.
  14. Hi, I like Flash22's first comment. Stacked on top of each other my wife's CD's where about 2 metres tall and they did not take forever to drop them onto the USB stick with whatever multi media I used. USB capacity wise I thought that's a lot of music and had no idea what capacity of to use so I bought a 128Gb one, not cheap, and even after loading all the music I still had over 100Gb's left so of course I am saying don't buy a silly large capacity one, 28Gb's should be fine and save yourself a lot of unnecessary wasted money. Regards, Mike.
  15. Hi James. Slightly off subject I know but may I suggest you buy/fit genuine Toyota oil filters. I used to have a very nice Celica, only covered about 30,000 miles, anyway I was in Halfords and I bought a couple from there. The parts man assured me they were the correct one (s) for the car buy, same thread, seal diameter etc and yes they fitted. Anyway where I am getting to is they didn't have non return valves in them so it allowed the oil in the filter to empty into the engine so the big ends used to rattle on start up. At the time I hadn't made the connection and I believed the engine had developed an expensive fault so I traded it in. As soon as a genuine Toyota oil filter was fitted the engine was silent so I exchanged a car believing the engine was faulty but the source of the problem was the non genuine Toyota oil filter which cured the problem. Good luck with the Celica. Regards, Mike.
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