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  1. Mike169

    p0016 bank 1 sensor a (1.3 L 2NZ-FE)

    Hi Jon. Something as simple as dirty engine oil can cause this fault code. I heavily suggest you change the oil and filter/ service the whole car before permanent damage occurs within the engine.. Good luck, Mike.
  2. Mike169

    paint coming off on bonnet

    Hi All and especially Tarquin. David you know who I am talking about, Cyril down the barge, well anyway his wife has a pearlescent white IQ and her paint started coming off. He bought it brand now, obviously it is a few years old now, back to the paint, Toyota know they have a problem with only pearlescent white ones and they took it to their paint shop, they had it ages and did a 100% respray. When he got it back he went over it with a fine toothed comb as the expression goes looking for any overspray, imperfections and so on but it was perfect, I went all over it but the respray was perfect. It is obvious they took lots of parts off, lights, lenses etc. Mike.
  3. Mike169

    USB port dust cover

    Hi Jon Send this man below a private message quoting your reg. no. and he should be able to help you out. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/34014-parts-king/ Regards, Mike.
  4. Mike169

    Wires hanging out the back of RAV4

    Hi Again. To take the tow bar off you will need various spanners and a socket set and to remove the wiring socket you will have to find the other end of the wires, they will possibly be behind one of the rear lights. Personally I would leave it on, extra protection incase somebody rams the back of your car and as Gjnorthall has also commented about the rear wire plug also, if it were to get ripped off it will make the wires possibly 'short out' together, a fire risk, so insulate it the best you can and secure the plug to the tow bar well so it isn't hanging. If you really don't want the tow bar and wiring on your car I think you will need a professional. Regards, Mike.
  5. Mike169

    Wires hanging out the back of RAV4

    Hi Georgina. I used to fit tow bars for a living and although we here in the U.K. appear to do the wiring up for them differently to me as your car has a tow bar fitted and the fact it has a cable tie holding it onto the tow bar bracket it's a pretty safe assumption to say they are the wires, via the plastic plug, that are used to make the lights work on the back of a caravan or a trailer, whichever your car was towing. The fact the plastic socket appears to have an open end I very much suggest you put some sort of plastic cover, maybe a sandwich bag, to protect the terminals from getting water or dirt on them. Mike.
  6. Mike169

    Brake fail after replacing brake lines

    Hi Mark. Sounds like you are having troubles mate. I have worked in many garages and some don't do the pushing the pedal to the floor to bleed as the piston and seals in the master cylinder itself travel much further along the master cylinder itself and often there is debris and even rust at the previously unused say last 2mm of the bore of the cylinder which has the effect of ripping/scoring the seals of the master cylinder piston and the only way out is if you are lucky fitting a new seal kit to the master cylinder piston itself but to make sure it doesn't happen again a garage may simply just fit a brand new master cylinder so you then know the 'pump' is 100% working properly. Another option is just undo the 4 bleed nipples and let them drip for say 5 minutes as this is an alternative way of bleeding the brakes and a bit late now but if this was done first then this way cannot damage the seals on the master cylinder piston itself...…...this way is still worth trying now to see if things improve. Don't do this on your tarmac drive if you have one as it will destroy the tarmac itself, tarmac and brake fluid don't mix. You can also try making 2 or however many 'exists' you have from your master cylinder short brake pipes and blanking the ends off and see if the brake pedal still sinks, if it does then the master cylinder is either faulty or has air in it. Good luck, Mike
  7. Mike169

    Advice on this RAV 4 please

    Hi Jane. To check a cars history about MOT's takes seconds, just put in the vehicle reg. into this government site:- https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/?_ga=2.82065238.1399383865.1536910567-1894625439.1527597390 Good luck, Mike.
  8. Mike169

    Site keeps logging me out.

    Hi Tony. Send this man a message, he is a modulator and should be able to sort your problem out. His name is Mike and a really decent bloke. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/56444-frostyballs/ Good luck, Mike.
  9. Mike169

    Wing mirror indicator

    Hi John. Send this man a message, you will probably get a discount too. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/34014-parts-king/ You just have to give him your reg. no. Mike.
  10. Mike169

    Clicking noise when pulling away when cold.

    C.V. joint on driveshaft?
  11. Mike169

    Trying To Trace Previous Owner

    Hi. Most modern locksmiths that advertise electronic car keys should be able to tell you the code. Since you have an existing keypad they should have a reader that tells them/you what the frequency is an should be able to supply you with a duplicate key. Before you pay for it try the new one works ok just incase. Mike.
  12. Mike169


    Hi Kingo. Totally 100% agree with you! Mike.
  13. Mike169

    Newbie questions re 2018 Aygo...

    Hi Colin. May I suggest you book it in and take it back to the dealer with your snagging list and questions. As you have the newest Aygo on here some of your questions are hard to answer. Mike.
  14. Mike169

    Rav4 1999 2.0 GX 3dr Cambelt Problems!

    Hi Dave. I have many years experience in the car trade. Any car I have had with a cambelt each year I would change the cambelt when it was service and MOT time, doing it myself for the sake of a £10 cambelt I thought it was worth it. Nowadays i'm not as supple as I used to be so it's a main dealer job and luckily I have a chain on my car but cars are so much more complicated nowadays making it harder for the average man or even certain garages to repair their cars, I think it is all part of the governments master plan to 'up' the quality of repairs of cars, perhaps I am just cynical? Always good to read your posts, Mike.
  15. Mike169

    Coolant loss from expansion overflow

    Hi Jon. As I understand it, as I didn't have a Toyota 'then', if you took your 2.2d engine car, I say car as the same engine went into many models, the £7000.00 quote is for a brand spanking new engine off the production line, not a re-con that includes labour/fitting as well. I have read many stories of where 'back street' and main dealer garages fitting just new head gaskets or even total rebuilds but they failed again so Toyota went down the route of just fitting new engines as the internal dimensions were/are different. After 2009 all 2.2d engine's made were the newer spec and incidentally these were the 180 power ones not the newer 150 one's. A man I highly suggest you call is a top Toyota main dealer parts man nicknamed Kingo also Parts King, he is on this site https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/34014-parts-king/ Above is his profile and his real name is John Devlin and his phone number is 01978 720074, I have contacted him several times and he is always helpful and polite and gives good advise. If you buy parts from him you always get a good price, discounted. So if and when you call him you will have to go through a main switchboard but they can put you through to him. You are welcome to say I gave you all his details and if I was in your very unfortunate situation I certainly would chat to him, he may even be able to help you with a new engine at a good price. So for a 100% accurate price just phone him, tell him you are on a thread on this site and you have sought my advise and I recommended him. Even if you only want parts, filters or whatever I am sure he can help you and may I suggest you store his phone number in your phone, you'll need it again probably. If he is on holiday or anything find out when he return's for his advise. It's been a pleasure to help you out, Mike.