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  1. Mike169

    Rav4 D4D kaput!!

    Turbo's are not cheap. I'd say go with him then if something goes wring the g'tee is with him...……………...go for it.
  2. Mike169

    Rav4 D4D kaput!!

    Hi Matthew, my gut reaction is it's not your turbo at all and yes a problem with the pulleys/bearings on the side of the engine and I feel your starter motor is on it's last legs, I have read on here of people that have fitted higher output starter motors to make their engines crank over faster and all then was 100% ok. So 2 problems my friend, consider a replacement starter motor, uprated or not and definitely get the pulleys sorted out including new rubber belts. Good luck and hoped my advise has helped you to some degree and please come back to me of how you are getting on.
  3. Mike169

    Rav4 D4D kaput!!

    Hi Matthew, just Google turbo refurbs/refurbishers and then your post code, it should come up with one the nearest to you then just phone them up for an accurate quote.
  4. Mike169

    Rav4 D4D kaput!!

    Hi, personally i'd get your own one refurbed but I appreciate it's all down to money and so on, good luck!
  5. Mike169

    Rav4 D4D kaput!!

    Hi Matthew. Yes do keep in touch mate as we all would like to know what the trouble is as it might help someone else out too at some point. Some Toyota parts can be expensive, I hope whatever you need won't break the bank, lol. Mike.
  6. Mike169

    Rav4 D4D kaput!!

    The post above by Edvards is very good advise. Matthew can you take off the serpentine belt, get the car started and see what happens to the whine, I am assuming it is separate to any belt that runs the engine. As Edvards has already stated your whine is probably one of the pulleys the serpentine belt goes around, another way to work out the whine with the serpentine belt fitted is to get a long thinnish screwdriver, clean it and very carefully putting the handle end into your ear car carefully touch different areas of the area of the engine around the serpentine area, of course not the rotating pulleys and hear using the screwdriver like a doctors stethoscope to locate the noise a bit more accurately. Please do take care!
  7. Mike169

    Anyone know what this is?

    Hi, I have repaired 100's of tyres, everything everybody has said is correct. I do not like that repair, what's your spare like, if the spare is good then swop it over, if the spare is all but worn out I suggest 2 new tyres if your pockets are deep enough. Good luck mate.
  8. Mike169

    Rav4 D4D kaput!!

    Hi, is you car a manual or automatic...…………...if manual any chance you can get someone to give you a tow start as this will eliminate many things depending on the outcome. GOOD LUCK!
  9. Mike169

    Hi guys!

    Hi Franz. Welcome to our friendly club. Mike.
  10. Mike169

    paint coming off on bonnet

    Hi Gary 2. I think you might of mis-read me I personally don't own an IQ in pearl white, I have a Rav, see details in left hand column and also mine is in silver, but I do personally know 2 people with pearl white IQ's, one had his resprayed by Toyota, it is 100% perfect, we couldn't find a single fault/overspray and the 2nd thought he had stone chips on his bonnet so had it painted black which of course he would of paid for. Anyone out there with an IQ in pearl white let Toyota respray it, not a garage round the corner and you should get a perfect job. It is only a certain batch of cars over quite a long period. Regards, Mike.
  11. Mike169

    paint coming off on bonnet

    Gary 2, as Leigh mentioned there is no video attached to your post. If your paint is coming off I think you need to find out who resprayed your car, a Toyota main dealer or just a local garage and they didn't bake it on properly. Mike.
  12. Hi Dee, yes as Graham said about reimporting your phone contacts but there is a possibility you will end up with every phone number showing twice on your list of contacts once with the number only and secondly with the person's name so f your phone numbers are stored in your cars head unit you may need to delete them all first before you do a 2nd import, this means when someone calls you it can go to either the phone number only or the persons name instead so I suggest you see if your car has it's own 'library' of stored phone numbers, good luck!
  13. Mike169

    D4D, D-Cat And D Engines What Is The Difference

    Hi Chris. I have the same car as you but mine is a year newer, sorry I am not meaning anything by that comment. My fuel consumption is also appalling also, 30 mpg is not quite achievable in mine , I was expecting at least 40mpg, I wished!. No the car does not 5 cylinders but it has 5 injectors, the 5th one is in the exhaust but at the engine end, this is to burn off noxious impurities that go down the exhaust system so technically 'waste' fuel to make you exhaust fumes less dangerous. Just make sure you take your car for a 70mph run on a weekly basis to clean out the exhaust system, it's far cheaper doing it this way then a replacing part of the exhaust system, some Toyota spare parts are prices you just won't believe. Good luck, Mike.
  14. Mike169

    Rav 4 2012 4.3.5.

    Cheers mate. Incidentally you have a great name, Mike, haha! Mike.
  15. Mike169

    Rav 4 2012 4.3.5.

    Hi All. I am looking for the rear curtain than fits left to right behind the rear seats, has 4 straps that hooks/clips into the head rests of the rear seats and the 'curtain can be pulled out and hooks onto the interior plastic mouldings of the inner sides of the car, anyone got one in good condition they are happy to part with. Thanks, Mike.