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  1. BTW disconnecting the battery black lead for say 30 minutes often cures many faults. Mike.
  2. Hi, if you sit in the drivers seat, just above your right knee if it is right hand drive and I am guessing the same on a left hand drive, you have to sort of lay a bit upside down where your feet go and you will see a socket, usually white with about 22 terminals in it and that is the OBD 2 socket. If you buy a reader it can tell you any faults, electrically with the car. Mike.
  3. Hi, your MPG is normal, my 150bhp 2.2 2012 years Rav 4 less then 20. 000 miles and I struggle to get 30 mpg out of it. Mike.
  4. Hi, do you know what an OBD 2 meter is and where it plugs in? https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=obd+2+scanner&crid=3F9LBQQQQMWYN&sprefix=OBD+2%2Caps%2C164&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_6_5 Mike.
  5. Hi, first of all welcome to the best Toyota group on the internet.. May I suggest you literally shut someone in your boot so they can see if the light in it stays on or goes off? Regards, Mike.
  6. Hi Safi. Given with the greatest of respect your mechanic does not know what he is talking about. Kenny's comment above this one is totally correct in as much as to start with you have a bad engine where the clearance between the cylinder header head and the pistons isn't enough. Yet your mechanic had the head skimmed with the same thickness head gasket reducing the clearance even further, too far, this is asking for trouble. You need the thickest head gasket possible for maximum safety as if you are having trouble now it will just get worse especially when you get carbon deposits on the piston crowns. In my personal opium you need the job redone with the thickest head gasket possible and any internal damage possibly done already, bent valves etc before your engine is safe to use. Fondest regards, Mike.
  7. Hi, I fixed a similar problem to this a few years ago, have you recently changed/replaced any bulb at all front or rear on the car for a new one? Regards, Mike.
  8. Hi, you are welcome mate, I was politely just trying to tell you the worst case scenario. Get the sniff test done and take things from there. Officially the cylinder heads are not skim able and personably I think it's the carbon that deposits on the piston crown on your engine that causes the problem reducing the tolerance between the pistons and cylinder head/valves. Come back to me anytime. All the best to you. Mike.
  9. Hi, between 2006 to 2009 Toyota made a bad batch of diesel 2.0/2.2 engines, basically the gap in between the pistons and the valves/cylinder head was too small and for about 7 years or about 100,000 miles Toyota would repair it for free costing up to £7K but i'm afraid to say yours has gone past it's 'repair by' date. Sometimes you can get away with having the head gasket changed, for a thicker one or at the worst a new engine, that's the £7k part. I politely siggest you take your car to any half decent garage for what's known as a 'sniff test' when basically they put a special bottle in your header water tank and some special fluid and then it detects any exhaust fumes in the water system. Once this is done, costing about £50, you will know where you stand. Regards, Mike.
  10. Hi Peter. Give his man a phone call, he is the parts person for a main Toyota dealership, you will get through to a main switchboard initially but just ask for him and he can put you straight. John Devlin, also known as Kingo and 'The Parts King', very nice man, the dealership is Lindop Toyota...……………………...01244 821031, normal working hours so to speak for a main dealer, mon-fri.……..you are welcome to say I gave you his phone number. Regards, Mike.
  11. Hi Adam, I hopefully wish you haven't blown the head gasket as if your car is a 2007 diesel it falls right into the batch of a bad 3 year batch of of engines and can be very costly to repair. Regards, Mike.
  12. Hi Peter, Opie oil is just a very good quality brand and recommended to me by a very professional member from Toyota and believe is available from Halfords, (Don't forget your TOC discount card, if you don't have one chat to Frostyballs) and is a high quality oil used by Toyota dealers or chat to The Parts King (Kingo) about it and ideally if you buy 0/5W you will get more MPG. Main dealers don't like using this thinner grade because it is more expensive but I promise you it is 'class' Mike.
  13. Hi All. The oil in my 7 year old but exceptionally low mileage Rav 4 is always clean but I have it still changed on every service. I know my local dealer uses Opie oil low ash and I cannot fault it. Regards, Mike.
  14. Hi Bila. Do you now what an OBD 2 reader is and do you know where it fits on the car as it bring up any possible fault codes with the car? Look at these if you can open the link? https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=obd2+readers&crid=AQMAXRVF20U2&sprefix=OBD+2+readers%2Caps%2C147&ref=nb_sb_ss_sc_1_13 Regards, Mike.
  15. Hi Bila, welcome to the best Toyota club on the internet. Any questions you have just ask away and I am sure you will get a very friendly response. Or of course if you can help others with an answer to their questions please feel free to advise. Regards, Mike.