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  1. Mike169

    Rav 4.3 - Possible Oil Leak

    Hi Bobby, how are you mate? In answer to your question, quote from the RAC: Oil leaks (engine, gearbox etc.) can be a major failure if they are deemed large enough. Mike.
  2. Mike169

    Rav4 1999 2.0 GX 3dr Cambelt Problems!

    Hi Mate. If you have done one before you should be ok, worst case scenario is either you come on here for advise with photo's or you tow it to a garage and show them the engine is a non interference type. Mike.
  3. Mike169

    Rav4 1999 2.0 GX 3dr Cambelt Problems!

    Hi Neil. You haven't said what engine you have, petrol/diesel etc so...………………………………………….. Yours in a non-interference engine. Should be fine. Here's a list for future reference. Toyota • 1.5L (1A-C, 3A-C & 3E) Interference • 1.5L (3E-E & 5E-FE) Non-Interference • 1.6L DOHC (4A-F & 4A-FE) Interference • 1.6L DOHC (4A-GE & 4A-GZE) Non-Interference • 1.6L SOHC Non-Interference • 1.8L Diesel Interference • 1.8L DOHC Gasoline Interference • 2.0L Non-Interference • 2.2L Diesel Interference • 2.2L Gasoline Non-Interference • 2.4L Diesel Interference • 2.5L Non-Interference • 2.8L Non-Interference • 3.0L Inline 6 (Except 1998 2JZ-GE) Non-Interference • 3.0L Inline 6 VVT-i (1998 2JZ-GE) Interference • 3.0L V6 Non-Interference • 3.3L V6 Non-Interference • 3.4L Non-Interference * 3.5L V-6 Non-Interference • 4.7L Interference Mike.
  4. Mike169

    Trying To Trace Previous Owner

    Hi James and Sam. Surely the person's name was in the log book or just ask the Toyota dealer, there's 2 lines of enquiry for you. Mike.
  5. Mike169

    Coolant loss from expansion overflow

    Hi Jon. Between 2006 and 2009 Toyota made only a few bad 2.2 diesel engines within those years. Basically they got an internal measurement/tolerance too tight and when carbon built up on the pistons it would blow the head gasket. Within a certain time period or within just over 100,000kms or 7 years I believe it was whichever came first Toyota would change the engine FOC. Now i'm afraid it's down to the owner and even Toyota dealer repaired engines used to fail again so it became their own practise to either change the whole engine or a short block re-using your existing cylinder heads. As the price is very close I don't think it's an option, go for a new engine, that way you will get an engine with slight internal differences and that makes all the difference. Then the invoice would be around £7000.00, obviously I don't know your quotes but that's the way I would go. Good luck, Mike.
  6. Mike169

    Coolant loss from expansion overflow

    Hi Eason. Has the car had a 'sniff' test at a garage, any garage will know what that is? Something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BT-2-COMBUSTION-LEAK-TESTER-KIT-CO2-HEAD-GASKET-PETROL-BLOCK-TEST-FLUID-17d-/272706534162?clk_rvr_id=1599996717111&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=twenga&utm_campaign=twenga&utm_param=eyJlcyI6MCwicyI6OTcyMDIzNywiY2kiOiIwMzMzYTQ3MThiOGM1YThmMjIyYTc1ZTJkNzRlZWJiZCIsImkiOiIxMTc1MjQ0ODQ1NzY5NDk3MjUwIiwidHMiOjE1MzE3NDY4NzQsInYiOjMsInNvIjoxNTAwLCJjIjoxNzk0ODZ9&rmvSB=true Mike.
  7. Mike169

    Coolant loss from expansion overflow

    Hi Byzii or is it Edwards? First of all 'hi' for the first time, your car sounds normal to me with nothing to worry about. Mike.
  8. Mike169

    Coolant loss from expansion overflow

    Hi Eason and welcome to the club. May I politely ask how you know it is definitely not the head gasket? Mike.
  9. Mike169

    Whining Noise from Auris

    You are very welcome and make sure you let us all know how it goes.
  10. Mike169

    Whining Noise from Auris

    Hi Oisin. It definitely is the 'drivetrain', that's the gearbox, final drive (Some call it the differential) or a wheel bearing. I know you have just had them done but I think it a bearing and probably in the final drive, possibly it wasn't fitted carefully. If I were you find a decent transmission garage and let them diagnose and repair, that way if they mis-diagnose it then the mistake is down to them to sort out. Good luck, Mike.
  11. Mike169

    Whining Noise from Auris

    Hi Oisin. It could be many things, wheel bearing, chipped tooth on the 3rd 4th gear in the gearbox, the diff. bearings and so on, can you record the noise and post it on here? Mike.
  12. Mike169

    Change oil light

    Hi Graeme. Click onto the link below, it should tell you there. https://www.google.co.uk/search?ei=T_pJW6zbC4nUgAbrvaeoDw&q=how+to+make+the+oil+light+go+off+on+a+Toyota+Hilux&oq=how+to+make+the+oil+light+go+off+on+a+Toyota+Hilux&gs_l=psy-ab.12...6009.16175.0.19103. Mike.
  13. Nice job done mate! Mike
  14. Good job you are having it all redone, It certainly needs it! Mike.
  15. Mike169

    Touch and Go 2

    My old car used to say when I went to the local supermarket that I was in a field, it was built within the last 2 years but the car was older. The dealer told me I needed a map update that only they can do, it's not cheap, I hope that helps. Mike.