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  1. Hi. I was just checking mate as I don't know if you know dash cams actually work on 5 volts as there is a 'volt dropper' in the cigarette plug they come with and I have known of people that have cut the plug off and wired it straight into a 12 volt supply and that caused problems. Glad all is OK now. Regards Mike.
  2. Hi Steve. I suggest you give these guys a call, ask for Geoff, if he still works there, I used to work there myself and they know their stuff and ok to talk to. Towrite 01708 223334 Regards, Mike.
  3. Hi Bettz. Have you wired up your dashcam to a 12 volt feed? Did you use a hardwired fitting kit? RSVP Mike.
  4. Hi Nic. First of all welcome to our club. When I starting reading your post I thought that I hope it's not a MMT gearbox as they are basically not that reliable and very expensive to repair.. I suggest you phone a local Toyota dealership and put your question to them and be sitting down when they give you an estimate to repair it. Good luck, Mike.
  5. Hi Mooly, very good radio programme and the last 5 minutes I found very interesting, well done for this post. Mike.
  6. Hi Heidfirst. AKA Scott. First of all thank you for you polite and informative reply and incidentally as a rule all of your posts are worth reading, some other posts I don't bother. Where I live I need a 4WD so it's horses for courses so to speak. Good luck to those of you who enjoy your Prius's or similar but of course it's what you need your car for, economy, performance, carrying capacity and so on. If anyone is watching the pennies and want to drive as cheaply as possible I say good luck to you but at present I need the 4WD and the Rav 4 is a good car and serves me well, economy wise it does what it does and I am so impressed how powerful it is when req'd. I still feel electric cars are too overpriced and many miles are needed to justify their price to recoup the extra costs involved. I feel the government should put at least a £10K incentive to buy an electric car and increase the infrastructure to support them. I test drove a Mitsubishi PHEV, nice car, well made, it was an ex demo model with 8000 miles on the clock, but at £48K I felt it was too dear and literally twice the price of my Rav 4. If you know I would be interested to know why 4WD Prius's have not been available in the UK in the past, present and have to wait for the future, whenever that is? All the best, Mike.
  7. Oohh I seem to of started of a conversation. First of all is a Prius 2wd or 4wd? Are any electric cars 4wd? Thank you.
  8. Hi Mike. You just need a connectivity test, not as bad as it sounds. Obviously I don't know how mechanically minded you are? If you get a bit of wire say 2 foot long, bare the ends, take the fuse and one rear flasher light bulb out, earth out the bulb to the negative terminal on the car using it's side casing, (The bulb), then put the fuse, this is a bit fiddly, between the bulb and the positive terminal with the small soldered part of the bottom of the bulb, battery so now it's earth wire connected, the black side. (Between the larger part of the metal part of the bulb) and the battery positive terminal at the bottom of the bulb and see if the bulb lights up. If it does then the fuse is ok and incidentally I have never in many years in the car world ever changed one of these fuses. Hope this makes sense, Mike.
  9. Hi Michael. With a multi meter you can disconnect the earth lead and put one wire/probe on the earth lead and the other on the earth terminal of the battery to see if you have any drainage. If you are a member of the RAC/AA they can do the same as this with a 'loop induction meter' that they carry. Mike.
  10. Hybrids are not worth buying. Yes years ago the government pushed us into diesels and I needed a 4 wheel drive so I bought a 2000 mile old diesel Rav 4. An equivalent hybrid was much, much dearer so yes they might do 70mpg or so but they so are overpriced to start with by about £8k and it will take anyone that does a short mileage ages to re-coup their 70 mpg as they paid far over the odds for the car in the first place and the resale on them is very poor, i.e. depreciation is large to start with, as well as the price to possibly have some ugly fancy wiring put on the outside of their house/factory. As I see it the only advantage of a hybrid is less pollution but the amount of muck and HGV's and planes chuck out is infinitely more than one person in his/her hybrid. Everyone who owns a hybrid worries about the distance it will go, a local company to me bought a few hybrids, so the drivers jump in say in winter time, heater on, lights on, HRW on, wipers on etc, etc, they can't even manage 20 miles before going flat, they told me the worst financial mistake they ever made as they are always going out on breakdowns due to flat batteries and we all know to replacement of them is £ thousands. so manufactures put a small engine in them but the company I am talking about plug in models only, there is not enough infrastructure to support plug in only vehicles and take too long to charge, and the one's with a small engine are so overpriced and resale value is appalling. Who on the 2nd hand market will but say purchase a 7 year old battery only model as they know they might have to change the expensive batteries for new ones. Some dealership I understand lease you the batteries so it's no different to continued finance on a car but you will never own it making the 70mpg expensive. Give it say 30 years we will all be in Hydrogen vehicles anyway. I did take out a Mitsubishi PHEV, very good build quality, better than a Toyota to be honest, but at £48K (Almost new), I considered it too expensive than my half priced Rav 4 that just works, very well I add. Mike.
  11. Hi Michael, do you know what a fault code is and how to obtain it? Mike.
  12. Hi Mike. Multimeters are not expensive, say £12 or so. Perhaps if you buy one, switch the multimeter on, turn the switch to DC current and it will probably have 20 volts on it, you turn it to the maximum of the circuit you are testing, so on a car it won't reach say 15 volts, put the 'sticks/probes' on the battery terminals and see what the voltage reads, then start the car, rev it up from under the bonnet and your battery voltage should go up to something like 14.6 volts, this check is to check if your alternator is working or not. You are welcome to come back to me. Mike.
  13. Hi. With a previous genuine Toyota oil filter fitted and quality oil used the engine was 'perfect. I fitted the Halfords oil filter and again quality oil but the big ends rattled on start up for say 2 seconds. I then fitted a genuine Toyota oil filter and again, again used quality and the engine was perfect again and apparently no damage done. The engine had only done about 40,000 miles, that's nothing for a Toyota engine. Regards, Mike.
  14. Hi. This guy is the best in the UK if you can afford his prices and prepared to travel, otherwise just Google it for a cheaper/closer one to you. https://www.google.com/search?q=yanni+car&oq=yanni&aqs=chrome.5.69i57j0l5.10420j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Mike.
  15. Hi Andrew. When you were looking at the discs did it have two threaded holes close to the centre of the disc, if so these on each disc, they usually are M8 threaded holes, 13mm spanner size the holes are for winding 2 bolts into, use WD40 or similar and this way should gently pull the disc away from the hub.. Regards, Mike.
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    Hi Les. After a chat with the main head office of Toyota they said to me even though Toyota don't approve of it people buy a 'normal' sized spare wheel, cost me £300 + for a wheel and even more for a Yokohama tyre and I just lay it in the boot horizontally but I have heard of people that stand the wheel vertically behind the back seat and the metal bar curtain. So personally I have 5 proper wheels and matching tyres, handy if the Mrs scuffs one so I can swop it over and get the damaged one refurbed. I have a Rav 4.3.5 model. Hope this helps, Mike169.
  17. Hi. I have no association with Adrian Flux insurers but they specialise with modified cars, even just seat changes and their quote to insure my non Toyota was over £300 cheaper than the company I had been with for years, loyalty does not pay. There's an Adrian Flux man on here named https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/115392-danadrian-flux/ who can assist anyone I believe. I have 2 of my cars insured with Adrian Flux now as their prices were much lower than companies you'd think would be lower and they do all the usual extra's, legal protection, key fobs 'if lost' and so on. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/115392-danadrian-flux/ Regards, Mike.
  18. Hi Peter. Sorry to read about your sump, just an idea, a boat I had and the diesel tank was leaking I mixed up Araldite glue and once the area was 100% perfectly clean I applied the glue, left it 24 hours, refilled the tank and it is still fine about 7 years later. Good luck mate, Mike.
  19. Hi Denis. As Jim above has spoken about I feel this is a hydraulics problem. When you 'stamp' on the clutch pedal it 'flares' out the seals creating out a 100% good fit where as slowly putting your foot on the pedal/master/slave cylinder and lets brake fluid seep pass. If you can find yourself a re-rubbering kit for both the master cylinder and the slave cylinder combined then renew the seals. With respect if this is a hard job for you then get a garage to do it. Personally first I would change the slave cylinder, cheaper first,, but personably I think it will be the clutch master cylinder and for both of these I hope you have deep pockets as either won't be cheap. Your best bet is give this man a call, he's a main dealer parts person but gives discount to us on this site, He is known as Kingo, The Parts King, if you phone ask for John Devlin, if he can't help you I give up so to speak. 01978 720074 The number above is the main switchboard so you will have to be put through to him. He will post many items to you via The Royal Mail or similar. You will just need to give him your reg. number during normal working hours. You are welcome to use my name as a contact. All the best and good luck, Mike.
  20. Hi Ben. This one I see very possible. Rubber bushes are not too expensive so either yourself or a garage to replace them. Incidentally if you take your car to a garage to be mended don't tell them 'I think it's the anti roll bar bushes' but let them diagnose the noise, that way possible problems fall into their lap and not yours. Good luck, Mike.
  21. Hi Anthony. First of all I am feeling proud to of helped you and even more proud that you have got your car working again. At least you know if it happens again you know how to fix it but of course I question if your alarm is 'fit for purpose', i.e. have it removed or replace it for a new one? We are a friendly bunch on here, much more than other Toyota Owners sites and advise is always free so to speak.and ask. All the best mate, Mike.
  22. Hi Kath. This is basically how it works...………………. Several petrol tankers turn up at refinery's, Tesco, Morrisons, BP, Shell and on and on. To start with they all have the same petrol or diesel put into their tankers not forgetting the tankers a sectioned off inside so they can carry different fuels. Then depending on what fuel they want it to be then they put in the 'extra's' , cleaners if you like hence the higher grade fuel, petrol or diesel. Now the cleaner itself does not combust but what it does do is keep the inside of the engine cleaner thus this way it increases the power output. Supermarkets are known to put in the least amount of the cleaners hence their cheaper prices but long term will coke up the engine more. If you have a vehicle that does short runs then the dearer stuff technically should save you money as it keeps the engine cleaner and more efficient, long runs help blow all the carbon out. Many people have 3 tankful's of cheap fuel and then one of the dear stuff giving it a birthday present if you like. Personally I run my Rav on the dearer stuff but my wife uses whatever diesel (Not red) she finds at the pumps so it keeps my engine clean and more efficient and it saves you having to go to Halfords or similar to buy additives in an attempt to clean the engine, but I think if I do it say 3 times a month then it will keep the insides of the engine cleaner but it appears not to increase you mpg, . Hope this helps, Mike.
  23. Hi Excec. The thing that troubles mw about this bearing inner trach is how blue it is, suggesting it has got seriously hot and you are 'lucky' further damage didn't occur. I don't want to get involved whose fault it is you having the wrong parts fitted, and I don't think any would stand up in court, you have just been very unlucky as the job cost you much more than what you expected and only you will end up footing the bill, everyone else will deny responsible. Mike.
  24. Hi Turge. The 2 screw holes are usually 2 very common bolts that a 13mm spanner fits, (8mm I believe) you can buy 2 bolts for a minimum amount, bolts are better than screws, more leverage! Keeps the questions coming and use WD40 or similar on the bolts and anything that looks seized on in your country, lol. Mike.