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  1. Hi Exvec, I fitted exactly the same ones Raistin suggested, got 'em off Flea Bay. Took about 10 minutes to do, but the improvement is 1,000%! Got fed up with the twin jet standard fit ones becoming blocked on a regular basis. Had them on the car for over a year now, no problems at all.
  2. Thanks all. As a quick test I disconnected the battery, left it for about 10 minutes, then reconnected. Started the car and the engine light went through the normal check cycle, then extinguished. After about 20 minutes driving, though, on it came again! Engine still running perfectly in every other respect. There's obviously a fault signal being picked up from somewhere, so it's going back tomorrow for a fault code reading. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks again! :)
  3. Hi All, I'm new here so apologies if this topic has been covered off before... but has anyone experienced problems (or indeed benefits) of high octane petrol? I'm running a 2001 Avensis 1.8vvti with 97k on the clock, and it normally runs like a dream. Recently travelled from our home in East Yorkshire down to my parents on the Sussex coast. On the way back, and purely to try it, filled up with Tesco Ultimate 99RON petrol. Very smooth running, and seemed to get 2 to 3 mpg more than usual, but... within about 10 miles of filling up, the engine warning light came on. No option but to carry on (up
  4. Hi All, Just to introduce myself: Sean from East Yorkshire. Joining on behalf of the missus who runs the family 'bus', a 2001 Avensis GS 1.8vvti. She's getting on a bit, used and abused, and a bit frayed around the edges...the car's in great condition though... Gonna have a look around the forum now and get to know the place. Cheers! :D
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums roystonvasey69 :)

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