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  1. Happy Birthday theoris!

  2. Actually I need someone to help me hack the system and add the map somehow because NNG has the map for iGo.
  3. I am on the Greek site
  4. Hi I am theo I am from Cyprus and I own a toyota avensis t27 2012 model.
  5. Cyprus road map for my touch & go
  6. Hello, i have a new Avensis with touch & Go and i am having a problem with my navi. I am from Cyprus and Toyota doesnt suport my countrys on the system. I search all over the internet to find someone to help me install this map and i was told to search in owners club forums and ask for help. So i am here!.Is anybody who can help me on this? I have asked help from NNG who makes the system for toyota and the send me to Toyota they also can not help. Thanks in advance. P.S. I am willing to pay a resonable price for it.
  7. Hi, just join the club, i am from Cyprus and i need some help for touch & go on my new Avensis. Thanks
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums theoris :)

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