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  1. Happy Birthday Nonfatmarc!

  2. Chris, Thanks for the link... I will have a play with that tomorrow when I can get the file on my phone. I will let you know what I find. Cheers Marc
  3. I use torque with a Bluetooth OBD2 port but it cannot tell you much about the hybrid system, only normal operating bits and bobs like coolant temperature and revs etc. However I have found a video on YouTube which shows what can be achieved if you create your own pid's.... I am looking into how to do them!! Search YouTube for "Prius torque" and look at the videos by Usbseawolf2000 Marc
  4. I have looked into the Lexus 450h but there is no way I can afford one..... Even second hand!! Maybe in a few years? Marc
  5. Hi, I just thought some of you may like to know how I am doing with my Auris HSD. I love the driving style and it suits my trips for work perfectly. Today I filled up near one of our sites, tripped the MPG and mileage meters and proceeded to drive home. The journey included a section across a town centre in stop start traffic and also a 8mile or so section of motorway doing a cruise controlled 70mph...... My results are shown in the picture which I took when stationary on my drive. I didn't look at it until I got home and to say I was gob smacked is a massive understatement!!! I love this car and can not see myself buying anything but hybrid in the future. I just wanted to share my surprise. Kind regards, Marc
  6. Hi all, Well I picked my 2013 Auris up last Saturday and have used it for varying type of trips so far ranging from a 4 mile commute to a 50 mile motorway and I can honestly say that this is the best car I have ever owned!!!!! I decided that I would drive the first tankful 'normally' (i.e. how I drive my 4x4) and just keep an eye on the average MPG reading from time to time..... Well I filled up when the fuel light flashed on Sunday night (as the dealer had put a few gallons in) and I triped the MPG counter and after driving 250 miles or so I am averaging over 60MPG (on the reading - probably less in reality). I am blown away by this as I have not been pandering the car and on occasion gave it the beans to get up to speed on a few fast A roads... I think my journeys are probably ideal for this type of car though as they are mostly A roads with a bit of stop starting and motorways. I love the fact that when cruising in traffic at 30mph the car seems to run purely on the motor... Amazing! I can see what the dealer warned me about now..... He said I would not want a 'normal' car after having a hybrid.... I completely agree! All I need now is for there to be a good 4x4 hybrid that can pull my caravan so that I can get rid of my diesel monster!! Marc
  7. Ken, Mine is not a new one. It's a 62 reg with only 8k on the clock. I look forward to seeing your pictures of your car especially the mud flaps. I will definitely need some as I have to go on building sites for my job so my car gets mud up the sides all the time. Marc
  8. Ken, It's great to hear that you are enjoying your Auris HSD.... I pick mine up on Saturday and I can't wait!!!!! Enjoy. Kind regards, Marc
  9. I looked at 12 and 62 plate Aurii as they come with a large touch screen stereo which incorporates the reversing camera.... Very nice it is too. I ended up plumping for a 62 plate just because it wasn't any extra money over the 12 plate. Marc
  10. Thank you guys for your replies. I will obviously have to wait until I get the car before I can read the owners manual although the brief guide was useful. My dog is only a 15kg max medium sized dog so she would probably fit in the space in the lower boot but it wouldn't be comfy unless I get a mat or similar otherwise I will have to manufacturer some kind of false floor. Thank you for your help although I bet I will have more questions when I get the car...... Can't wait!!!! Marc
  11. Hi, I have just this morning put a deposit down on a 62 reg Auris HSD which I will pick up on the 14th September. I was very impressed during the test drive especially when cruising at 65 MPH on a road and the instantaneous mpg reading showing 74 mpg!! I am very excited and would like to ask a few questions if I may? 1, Is there a copy of the owners manual online (Or can anyone point me towards a PDF version) as I am keen to have a look through it as I am a bit of a geek like that. 2, Does the power display thing, that's in the instrument cluster, show you the state of the battery charge i.e. how much battery is left. As I didn't notice it on my test drive. 3, Does the first gen Auris come with a space saving spare wheel as I have received conflicting information? 4, Is there anything I can buy to make the boot flat. i.e. some kind of false floor? As I have a dog and it would be uncomfortable for her to lay in the current boots lower area. (Picture is of the boot from the car I am buying). Thank you for reading. Kind regards, Marc
  12. Welcome to the Toyota forums Nonfatmarc :)