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  1. Thanks again for the replies, very helpful stuff! The 2litre diesel is very rare around here, a cousin of mine got a 1.4 diesel as far as I know. Wouldn't imagine it would be in any ways quick?!
  2. Thanks for all the replies, very helpful! The fact that it is noisy at 70-80 worries me, I don't do a lot of motorway driving but at the same time I would do some with hospital trips and I don't want something screaming around me, or even worse... the patient! :) Even the wind noise aggravates me some days. Other than that it does sound like a great car, even on fuel economy its not bad. The VRT is about 1400 to bring one in, regarding tax, what cc is the engine? 1798? I had an Accord at one stage and it was just over 2200 which put it into the higher band of tax!
  3. I've read on another forum about issues with 5th and 6th gear being too similar which can be annoying on longer journeys when cruising. Is this true? Is there any fix or is it a real issue? Maybe it's just someone being too picky?
  4. Hey guys, New to the forum, looking for a bit of advice if you can help please! I'm (soon to be) in the market for a new car, as soon as I sell my current one. I've been looking at the Corolla for the last few days and I've more or less made up my mind on it. I'm just looking for opinions on the 1.6 or 1.8 T Sport models. They're fairly rare over here in Ireland so I'd probably be importing but I'm wondering is there much difference between the two in terms of economy? I can't even get a test drive in one over here because they are so few and far between. I'd like the 1.8 for power and just because it is a performance car but at the same time, I'm wondering will it be very thirsty over a 1.6, or even a 1.4? I drive 250-350 miles a week, mostly open road with very little stop start as I'm going from the countryside to the outskirts of a town, even with my diesel car I'm achieving high MPG figures so that should help in a petrol Corolla! Any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Gerry_A :)

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      Thanks! Not quiet a Toyota owner yet...but getting there, hopefully!