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  1. Post edited due to content. qwertyuiop, you have received a PM - Jimlad
  2. qwertyuiop

    Top Gear

    If anyone watched Top Gear on Halloween, you will have seen some of the best road cars in the world. Now, Top Gear usually sucks for a number of reasons: 1) Jeremy Clarkson is like the uncle you see about once a year, usually at christmas, and you just wish he would shut up and/or not recognise you. 2) The **** 'cool wall'. 3) They usually drive the new range of average cars for the average person... no one wants to see that. 4) The presenters ALWAYS have disturbing orgasms on the test track. 5) They have 'celebrities' on every week. It's a car show, no one wants to see egotistical idi
  3. I think it rules, are you going to paint the edges of the spoiler or leave it as it is? Bet that paint job set you back a bit. In my opinion it looks way better now than it did.
  4. Bit late getting back to this. I too would seriously consider a turbo, if I could find insurance under 2k.
  5. Here is another extract from the phone call: Me - So, how many owners has it had? Dude - Erm... good question <heh>, about 3 or 4. Me - ...it has full service history? Dude - Yes, it comes with full service history, flip stereo system, rear spoi- Me - Can't you just check that for owners? Dude - ...I would, but it is at my mothers. Me - The car? Dude - No... the service history. I'm after an N/A, too young to be insured on a turbo, unfortunately.
  6. http://pictures.autotrader.co.uk/ATD_web/s...ia?id=120845281 Looking for an MR2 is tedious as hell, every time I think I've found a possible one, it's about 330 miles away. Anyway, anyone seen this car for sale: UK CAR, M reg, Ferrari Red, 9 months M.O.T, 8 months tax, Full Service History, Alarm, Immobilizer, Alloy Wheels, Expensive CD Flip Stereo and Entertainment System, Electric Windows, Front Fog Lights, Electric Mirrors, Electric Aerial, Leather Upholstery, Manual Transmission, Power Assisted Steering, Rear Spoiler, Remote Central Locking, Twin removable Sunroofs, Sports Seats, Superb Co
  7. Hence, a turbo model should be introduced. Hell, they pretty much designed the shape on a porsche, they should at least stick an engine in to match up.
  8. Haha, shut it. What would you rather have. 1. MK3 or MG (can't remember the name)?... doesn't matter, they're crap anyway. 2. MK3 or Mazda MX5? 3. MK3 or BMW Z3? However, they should cut the price tag and release a turbo model, it would be like a new MK1. Sort of car you can just rag the crap out of, good stuff.
  9. I've just seen a black MR2 MK3 parked up, I've never really thought about it before, but they are actually pretty cool cars. Then when I was driving home, a silver one passed me, and it did look impressive in a different kind of way. They are in another league to them awful MG things. I would buy one over a Mazda MX5 any day of the week and I would also say I prefer them to the BMW Z3. Recently whilst looking through autotrader etc., I've noticed the prices dropping, some of them now similar in price to later revision MKII's. On MR2 sites, these cars are some what overlooked in comparison t
  10. qwertyuiop

    Whats This

    Exactly. I get totally sick of seeing these, they don't even look good.
  11. Thread ressurection. Wow, you went into the future to buy yours?
  12. There's no such thing as cheating. Well...
  13. qwertyuiop

    TRD Kit

    Welcome to page 2 of this intriguing thread... Made up your mind yet Jimlad?
  14. qwertyuiop

    New Pics

    Cool, crystal lights make one hell of a difference.
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