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  1. Hi from Paul ; have had 4 rav 4s and nothing but great service from them ; would buy another tomorrow if i could afford it...old recalls done fine on my present 12 year old which i love. Always found local Toyota perfectly fair and honest ...Agree with Grumpy and you can add Ford to list as far as i,m concerned... Personally i think you'll end up paying ample whether you buy old or new.....Cheers..
  2. Hi from Paul ... I'm in the same situation..but struggling to find a strap for 2006 xt5. Can anyone help find any of these.........Cheers
  3. Hi from Paul... Hiya Sweeper....First things first - I'm not trying to knock diesels...-with the relatively new dpfs - I simply wouldnt want the thought of a possibly expensive problem with them - there are a few stories popping up about them .....I simply think petrol every time these days for simplicity .... I had a diesel fro new for 3 years and it drove and performed beutifully ....but to nit-pick I'm now on a petrol....the deisel took forever to warm up in cold weather ; petrol very quick....diesel noisey in comparison with petrol which is very very smooth and quieter....but I admit not a lot to choose tween them....Have fun.........
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums dreamingandscheming :)