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  1. They can be piggy backed but there's no real point as the Toyota ecu will make corrections which will destroy all but the full throttle tune. The only real way is a mappable ecu, not mines, blitz etc, your best with apexi power FC, Link, Vi-PEC, etc, these are plug and play type mappable ones, you could go further and get a wire in ecu but they are £££££
  2. looks like someones been in touch with Mario lol, their some good products :) not been on here in an age!
  3. Quite alright sir, I'll just be glad to see this up to full power. th one we were working on in work passed it's MOT last week so is now on the road, I'll not picture !Removed! your thread but there's plenty to see on the companies facebook page as I've still to upload some proper ones to photobucket etc GI Motorsport GT-Four build
  4. The pipe itself isn't restrictive to the point of lowering power figures but there is a resonator box in the inner wing (on the 185, not sure on the 205) which restricts airflow, remove that and you'll get more air through. Generally people fit a straight intake to these cars, basically the less bends on the air pipework the higher flow you'll have from less effort, on the 205 it's pretty well designed so I wouldn't say it'd restrict you unless you were aiming above 450bhp
  5. iIRC the st205's you end up over fueling due to the pressure regulator not being able to cope with the extra fuel delivery but I'm not sure if that was proven in any way
  6. Drewl! Very nice sir
  7. Get them to read the fault codes, could be something not plugged in or damaged during the swap. Which garage is it in?
  8. Like it's been said the standard turbo has a ceramic shaft so would shatter with anti lag, a stage 1 hybrid would change that out for a steel shaft making it stronger and newer. The anti lag that you'll have seen on street is just the ignition being cut allowing fuel to make it into the exhaust making pops and bangs. Some evo's do have an air bypass system that allows anti-lag to be activated but it is all mild or else they would be buying new turbo's on a regular basis. Your friend who runs the rally car, although he'll have an aggressive anti-lag he won't be doing many miles in the car so it surviving a few seasons is normal. What your better of doing is getting a standalone ecu and getting a good map on it, a good mapper should be able to make your car pop flames on lift off, if you want pop's and bangs to show off make sure it has a launch control function, we use 'link' systems as it has everything you need without having to buy add on's like you do with motec.
  9. What ecu is in it just now? An st205? If so there is a bodge you can do which fools the ecu into thinking the charge cooler is still there
  10. Can't wait to see this up and running at full power
  11. With the exhaust system you've got there's a chance you'll experience boost creep. The standard ecu can't be mapped, as it's been said a piggy back or plug and play such as a 'Link' aren't in the budget of motecs but can do the job. Another difference between the rc and 205 is the rc still runs an AFM. Where's it going for it's dyno session?
  12. It depends on how you drive it really, Millers do a really good motorsport oil 10w60 CFS fully synthetic, pretty sure the recommended will be 10w40 semi-synthetic but don't quote me on that
  13. If it was the piston rings it would be more present when driving. You can buy some seal regenerator, stick that in your oil as it may just be the oil seals are hardening from lack of use. I'd say either valve stem oil seals or turbo seals weeping slightly
  14. That sounds about right mate, the oil temp sensor should screw into the sandwich plate
  15. WelcOne to the forum, I'd highly recommend changing the clutch whilst your in there, not a fun job to do once let alone twice. If it's already supposedly got an uprated clutch I'd still change it and sell it on
  16. is there a performance chip avaiable for the RAV4 2.2 D4-D? 2008?
  17. I'd check your error codes then look for boost leaks. Any MR2 or GT4 actuator will fit or get an after market adjustable one
  18. you will now have 2psi less boost in 3,4 and 5th gears. the vsv bleeds boost to increase it in later gears
  19. no, you get the lower boost in all gears, the hose to the rear of the engine bleeds boost in 3,4 and 5th gears to increase it. fitting a manual boost controller you'd be best to block it off so boost is stable in all gears. on the same note if money is tight are you sure you want to modify one of these? modifying on a shoestring budget normally ends in a dirty great hole in you pocket
  20. if you haven't bought the tubular manifold yet I'd put the money elsewhere, the standard manifold is good for 400bhp
  21. getting run in gently? lol
  22. The blitz isn't the only ecu option out there, if you go for a piggy back you'll only be able to tune the on boost area's. Personally I'd go standalone, worth every penny. We sell the 'Link' system and cannot fault it
  23. Uk and jam rads are the exact same, if your just looking for a standard replacement TCB (toyota celica breakers) are usually the most competitive in price.
  24. What you need to remember about these cars is they lack torque, which you Mondeo would have had more of. All the power is at the top end of the rev range. Is it smokey at all?
  25. Sounds like its either broken or in need of a service. If your confident take it apart and clean it up, if not I wouldn't