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  1. Hi guys. been a while since ive been here but have a quick question. Does anybody know how to physically get the exhaust manifold out through the engine bay? I have all the bolts removed and the manifold free but it just does not fit between the engine and the bulkhead. Car is a MKII avensis 2003 1.8 with the 1zzfe engine. Thanks.
  2. Will give them a call tomorrow, Should change my location on here, i'm now Renfrewshire not Lanarkshire not that there's much difference as most of the main dealers are in and around the city. Thanks for all your advice.
  3. I assumed probably wrongly that all dealers carrying the Arnold Clark name would be the same price and customer service etiquette (or lack of) but i'll try a few others, only tried the Linwood branch but will make some calls tomorrow. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, I should have said that i'm very limited where i am in scotland without travelling too far for factors or dealerships, The main dealer near me is quite bluntly a rip off and want nearly £80 for the bolts, If that's what i have to do then so be it but i'll have a look at Parts-King, I'm fairly new to the forum so haven't noticed that section before so thanks for the heads up.
  5. Hi Guys, Can someone point me in the right direction of where to obtain Head Bolts for a 2003 Avensis T25 1ZZFE in the UK. So far i've taken 2 sets back to EuroCarParts and now on my 3rd set which are too small at the bolt head. I've brought the 10mm 12 point tool to remove the existing head bolts and it fits perfectly but it does not fit the new bolts from the shop, When matched up against my old bolts the head of the new ones is about 2mm smaller although the thread size matches. I'm reluctant to continue with the rebuild because my concern is torquing a smaller bolt the same as the original doesn't sit well with me and the cost of another 12 point tool is the same cost as the bolts themselves which i've already shelled out for. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Couldn't find the relay so had to disconnect the pump connector which in itself took about 30 minutes as 2 of the cover bolts are under the center seat back. Not a hard job just awkward to get to. Just my opinion but the avensis seems to have too many locations for fuses and relays and no clear outline as to which is where. Thanks for your help. Danny
  7. Cheers Waqar, I guess i could also just disconnect the wires from the pump itself as well if all else fails, Sometimes the obvious is staring in my face just cant see it upside down in a foot well.
  8. Hi, Been searching the forum and internet for the location of the Circuit Open relay for the fuel pump. I can not find it. Its a T25 liftback 2003/4 model Right Hand Drive petrol, the technical diagrams show it located on the passenger side next to the fuse box. I see nothing, just open air and wires. Ive tried removing relays one at a time and running the engine and it just will not run out of fuel. Someone must know where it is located... Please help lol. Thanks in advance Danny
  9. Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding vehicle specific tow bar wiring kits hopefully someone can help shed some light on. I've just fitted the tow bar to a 2004 t25 hatchback and about to start the electrical side. I've seen on an auction website a couple of kits, first one is £16 but states in bold letters "saloon model only". After phoning the company they have a kit for the hatchback but it's £88. So first question is what is the major difference between the saloon and hatchback rear lights that warrants £72 difference? I've also found another kit from Germany for the hatchback at £32 but again in bold letters "left hand drive only". So question 2, I appreciate our continental friends have the fog lights on the opposite side of the car to us Brits but if I was to drive to Europe and hire a trailer isn't the plug ISO ie a European standard so what again is the difference in wiring?. Hopefully someone can help me out in this mission. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Guys, Newbie to the forum here but hope someone out there can help me. I'm installing a remote engine start onto our Avensis 1.8 petrol on a 53 plate and have come across a problem. So far with the cables i've attached behind the ignition barrel i can get the engine to start remotely, but the device does not sense that the engine is starting and continues to try and restart a further 4 times and then turns off the engine. There is a wire which the description says is for "AC sensing" and should be wrapped around an AC wire 15 to 20 times. I am guessing this is meaning an Alternating Current rather than Air conditioning sensing to determine whether the engine is running. My problem is Where do i find an AC wire on this avensis???? as it has no coil, distributer etc.... Thanks in advance