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  1. That's sad min ! You're a larger than life character on here !!
  2. Happy Birthday Kev ! I hope you had a great day , didn't know it was your 80th !! Ffs
  3. It's just made it so much quieter in general ! Yes , the injectors need calibrating when re fitting !
  4. Sensei , I had to have two injectors replaced on my Rav last year , the problem was a slight diesel knock caused by no pilot injection ! The work was done by a local diesel specialist and the total bill was just over £1000 but it has transformed the car ! I don't know where you're based but the company was "Malvern Diesels" and I can't recommend them highly enough !
  5. jase hutch


    The passenger side mirror is slow to fold in on my Rav , the wifes always been a bit slow !! Lol !!
  6. Welcome Dave , you'll get all the help and advice you might need right here !
  7. Happy Birthday ! Hope you had a good one !!
  8. Yes Kev , they checked it but left it ,probably the best scenario as I'll probably just get a non genuine replacement ! The wife was all for accusing the garage of rifling through the glove box until I pointed out the whereabouts of the pollen filter !Lol !
  9. Well I decided to go for it , took it to Listers at Stratford on Avon yesterday for the fixed price service , persuaded the young lady on the service desk that I really didn't want the wash and vac so they agreed instead to change the fuel filter so long as I paid for the filter , less 10% ! Fair result I thought seeing as I wanted to change it anyway and I would have bought a genuine filter from Mr T ! Two advisories , slight oil leak from the rocker cover gasket which I was unaware of but will have to check out and a dirty pollen filter ! Not too bad on a car which will be ten years old this year !!
  10. Happy Birthday Jamie , hope you had a good one !!!
  11. Not good , I'll keep an eye on them although they're only six months old and still look like new !
  12. Welcome to the club Fiona , I'm sure you'll find all the help you need on here plus its a laugh at times too !!
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