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  1. Thanks, Pete: On reflection, I realise I actually read all the 40-odd pages of posts on the Auris Forum dealing with this subject but have not paid as much attention to those on this Forum as it concerns Prius variants, so I missed yours & only picked up on the potential significance of the brake light issue when I saw Carltona123's thread.
  2. Thanks, Carltona123. While I am aware that pressing the footbrake cancels CC, I hadn't thought that there might not be the necessary connection on a car (such as my Auris HSD T4) that doesn't come with CC installed or as an 'official' option but does have the necessary port behind the steering wheel boss and is otherwise 'identical under the skin' (confirmed by HJ) to higher spec cars (such as the Auris T-Spirit) which do come with CC. I didn't notice any mention of this issue on any of the other posts on this topic (and I think I've read them all !) so many thanks for highlighting something else I should check out before taking the plunge !
  3. Carltona123, Glad you got it sorted. But, excuse my ignorance: why was the brake switch an issue ?. I was under the impression that all that was needed was the CC stalk and the CC cable that connects it to the appropriate port behind the steering wheel/airbag boss, with that port having all the necessary connections into the system electrics etc.
  4. Robert, You need to be more specific about the model you have - for Excels and Icons CC is either standard or a Toyota-recognised option I believe. More generally, the first thing to check would be to see if there's the spare 'female' port behind the steering wheel 'boss' as described earlier in this thread. If there is then it appears, again from earlier posts, that it can be a matter of fitting the cable & control switch & just seeing if it works on the car in question - I don't recall reading of any other way of checking.
  5. My Mini OBD reader arrived and I get a read out on my phone OK. However I'd still welcome advice from others as to what to look for and how to exploit the Torque App's range of capabilities. For example, can it be used to project via the phone readable info onto the windscreen (HUD-like) ?
  6. ..and if you select EV mode within a few seconds after that the engine shouldn't kick in unless the traction battery is very low ( I picked up this tip from another post on the forum in connection with minor movements of the car e.g. on one's drive)
  7. Carltona 123, Have you checked that CC is an 'official' option on the Prius T3 ? The reason I ask is that our local Toyota Dealer has declined to fit CC on our Auris HSD T4 because it is not an 'official' option despite the fact that the car is - as far as CC system requirements are concerned - exactly the same as the T Spirit which does have CC as an option (incidentally there's a long thread on the Auris forum detailing how to retrofit CC oneself which suggests that the airbag isn't really an issue if one follows instructions and many members have done the work themselves without incident). I have concluded that Toyota's marketing strategy is behind this: they want people to go for the more expensive T Spirit in order to get such 'goodies'. For us, it wasn't actually a question of cost: we wanted the better ride quality you get with the T4 and that was more important than CC. However my dealer won't even provide the parts other than for vehicles with a T Spirit VIN and which they are to fit themselves. So I'm stymied at the moment !
  8. We've had our 2010 Auris HSD T4 for only 6 weeks with relatively infrequent usage mostly of trips <10 miles but have experienced no problems to date. We'll only do some 6k miles in a year. Delighted with the little thing and it has much better ride quality & driving position than other Auris Hybrids (we tried them all before buying !).
  9. While I wait for the Mini OBD reader I've ordered to arrive, would those already experienced in the use of such devices care to say what readout options (as offered by e.g. the Torque App) they have found most useful particularly in terms of improving their driving/car ownership experience ?. Also, I note many people have said how helpful these devices have been in cancelling Error Codes: what I don't understand is why would one want to do that - is it because they don't automatically get cancelled when the fault is rectified ?
  10. A T4


    Duffryn, What are the 'wind deflectors' ? - don't remember them being listed as part of the Auris PP. Otherwise: yes, ours has all of the above. BTW: do you know if the Prius T4 is the same 'under the skin' as it were (i.e. wiring loom, ECU etc) as the Prius T Spirit ?. My interest is that I think this is true of the Auris and if it is true of the Prius it would give me more confidence that Cruise Control would work on our T4 if I splashed out on the necessary parts (I know it's got the necessary spare port behind the steering wheel boss for the cc cable to plug into). My dealer won't go beyond saying CC is not an option on the T4 but I think that is just because it's Toyota's marketing strategy to deny that it can be fitted in the hope that more people will buy the more expensive T Spirit in order to get it as an option.
  11. PeteB,"Off course" - or just short-sightedly greedy ? ! BTW: my dealer has declined to fit the parts for me. Yours did - but was any warranty you had compromised ?. And what about the effect on Insurance - presumably your provider upped your premium on the basis of it being a modification rather than a 'recognised' option.
  12. Re Parts-King's comment : "....it is far more likely to be that Toyota GB has decided to take that particular specification in the UK. No option for those wheels on that car for their own reasons (marketing??) " ​Exactly: in the same way that you can't 'officially' add cruise control to the Auris HSD T4 (which we chose for the better ride quality & seating position), you have to buy the more expensive T Spirit to get it even though the two cars are the same 'under the skin' (e.g. the T4 has the necessary connection port behind the steering wheel air bag for the cruise control cable although you either have to make a hole in the lower part of the steering wheel cowl for the CC switch gear to go through or buy a TSpirit lower cowl). So yes Kingo, bl---y marketing !!!
  13. A T4


    Had ours - 'chrome' look version - fitted as part of the Protection Pack we got in a good overall deal and that is secured by double sided tape (can't see any other, additional type of fixing).
  14. The dealer we got our Auris HSD T4 from said he couldn't source a cover. Now I've used it for a bit I do find it a boon and a lot less hassle than using a cargo net. Incidentally, I can't see any 'lip' around it into which such a 'floor' would fit to give a completely flat surface.